In December 26th, the introduction of micro certified police face recognition technology Guangdong Guangzhou city Nansha administrative service center, and issued the first national ID card of WeChat network, can prove that I is my face brush. First of al

Buy a small signal to set up a WeChat group, spread a lot of obscene video, but soon the micro signal is like a ghost, and then change a vest. The reporter learned from the Tongling Public Security Bureau of Anhui province that the local police successful

The existing QQ classic yellow face, from 2003 to now has 14 years of history, because of the huge QQ and WeChat users, this set of expressions have been used up, known as the national level is also not too much. But do you know the historical changes of

WeChat's search function is now increasingly powerful, has launched a number of open field query / purchase function, users can take the initiative to obtain relevant WeChat keyword search public number and content information of interest. Today, the Tenc

Identity cards are very important personal documents, personal important identification documents, the use of scenes is also very extensive: from hotel accommodation, courier receiving and dispatching, municipal business processing and travel by train, ai

Figure: from visual Chinese recently, the major card chess game is startling fear, for fear of accidentally by the police came to the door. In less than a month, two companies have been investigated and dealt with by the police in the field of edge card g

Born in February 29, 2009? You were born on the same day the donations were ordered to stop from homicide, even to No. 37 in the circle of friends once you were born on the same day the network fund-raising activities, today is Shenzhen Municipal Bureau o

Recently, many users have been fed back to micro-blog, and their WeChat accounts have been sealed by WeChat official. According to the pictures provided by netizens, all the reasons for the closure are "the unofficial WeChat client installed at the moment

In 2017 there is a week about the past, nearly a year, companies are beginning to red envelopes, for example, Alipay opened a payment scan code to receive red envelopes activities under the line, while WeChat pay do not lonely, also open the envelopes pay

Early this morning, friends was all @ WeChat official news scraper, are in the official WeChat give your head a Christmas hat, said the festival is the best marketing, but with the end of the end of the approaching, participation enthusiasm is extremely h

Recently, Ms. Wang, who lived in Beijiao, Xi'an, was particularly angry, mainly because his friends and relatives received the same message about her. Ms. Wang, a citizen of Xi'an (a pseudonym): this message is very disgusting, especially insulting to peo

[TechWeb report] December 22nd news, recently, netizens on the Internet showed that WeChat officials were rectifying some users' behavior of opening accounts with third party software. Many netizens were blocked by micro-blog's Tucao. WeChat center gives

Today, the circle of friends is given me a Christmas hat! @ the official WeChat scraper and you will find many friends head, wearing a red christmas hat some Christmas hat in the crotch. Some of them are green. Do you think it is true? Of course, it is tr

Recently, there is always a reader asking us: is it true that the micro signal can be changed? How do you change it? As we all know, the micro signal is the only voucher of the WeChat account, which can not be changed once it is set up. However, after the

This article is from the legal daily survey motivation for a period of time, all kinds of incidents about photographing. At the moment of the increasing strength of personal privacy protection, what is the occurrence of photographing events? The law expre

According to the news from China, at present, China Railway has achieved online booking, WeChat payment, self help station entry and Internet ordering, and will gradually implement brushing face. Huang Min, deputy general manager of the China Railway Corp

In 2017, there were two key words in the mobile phone industry: comprehensive screen and artificial intelligence. The high proportion of the screen screen makes the 2017 smart mobile phone sector achieved the biggest difference in appearance innovation in

The exciting moment came at last. After the complete disappearance of WeChat, we can finally change the WeChat ID! This is the following ↓ I believe a lot of people have found it. However, the netizen said: at present the latest version of WeChat 6.6

For each student, after driving test a few months of study hard to obtain a driver's license is to make people very happy. In order to solve the Shenzhen driving test demand of the situation, Shenzhen Che Kwun by introducing social services, business driv

[observer network TMT reports] WeChat IOS has updated version 6.6.0 recently. Users can modify micro signals after upgrading, but there is only one chance to modify them. The Android version is not yet open yet. Once, WeChat ID could not be changed as soo

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