Today, another year, I have stored a few pictures in my mobile phone, and a few very interesting pictures, which concatenate all the pictures in the property market this year. Picture Real estate marketing in 2019 becomes boring. But boring marketing may also explain

News on December 18 According to QZ news, on the 17th, some foreign netizens discovered that the well-known social application Wechat in China translated the Canadian flag sent in the chat into he's in prison (he is in prison). its

Author | Source of Cao Rui | Inspur New Consumer (ID: lcxinxiaofei) This year ’s double eleventh year, the scale of goods carried by head KOLs such as Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya has reached the level of billions. This type of personal sales exceeds the quantity of goods carried in individual malls. Ability to make countless brands rush

News on December 10 This morning, the Bank of China Switch has been officially launched for sale at 2099 yuan, the host comes with the "New Super Mario Brother U" trial version, the full version is priced at 299 yuan. After the console was launched, many game media have issued hands-on and evaluation

Yesterday, my favorite hardcore punk, Teacher Luo, had a press conference called Old Man and the Sea. Before the press conference, there was a big V said when the live broadcast. Roger wants to give you the whole world. It scared me to urinate in my pants. As a hardcore fan, I have been sitting at my computer around 7 o'clock to open B

[Yibang Power News] November 18th news, Enterprise WeChat released a new version, adjust or add a number of new features. Billion Power found that the newly released Enterprise WeChat 2.8.17 version optimized the approval application function, and opened the application for approval of application, notification of status change, and application for acquisition.

Recently, Mr. Qin, a young man from Shanghai, is going to see Laozhang. Thinking of seeing Laozhang people to have some gifts, Mr. Qin ordered a gift box with a total price of 239 yuan on the Internet: including 10 kilograms of Chinese cabbage, as well as Shandong green onions, radishes and other foods. I didn’t expect Mr. Qin’s move to be rejected by Laozhang’s, but also by his girlfriend.

How to skip the file transfer assistant and directly sync the mobile phone article to the PC? WeChat gives a new solution. Recently, WeChat PC released a new version of v2.7.1.88, added the function of floating mobile window, you can put the floating window task on the mobile phone and PC side.

This article from the public number: wave studio (ID: WelleStudio163), Author: a light cloud, title figure from: Vision China you do not have the experience: come home from work, ate a leisurely nest on the sofa, turn on the TV intend After chasing two episodes, I suddenly received a WeChat message from my boss.

IT House November 8th News According to the @晓程序 observation report, the public number can directly push the small program card to the fans in the dialog box. According to the report, the current capability seems to be only tested in the service number. The subscription number has not yet been discovered. It is not known whether it is the exclusive service number. Here

If you want to make a fortune, you have to observe the world. Recently, I like to lurk in a WeChat group called Han Dynasty World Government ~ Changle Palace to observe the world. The main purpose of this group is that the group friends and a strange man named Liu Houkun, who claims to be the Emperor of the Han Dynasty, played the family's earth-flavored carnival group on the group. one day

According to Taiwan media reports, a 2-year-old Xu surnamed boy from New Taipei City, with his family and friends on the afternoon of the 3rd, went to the Aowa Forest Recreation Area in Renai Township, Nantou County. However, when the boy walked in the suspension bridge of the park, the suspect was tilted toward the fence because of the unstable center of gravity. As a result, the gap between...

On October 18th, WeChat officially released an announcement called "WeChat External Chain Specification Upgrade, These Changes You Need to Know". The "WeChat External Chain Specification" is not the first revision. The main function is to make some detailed regulations on the external links shared to WeChat. Earlier version

Blue Whale TMT Channel October 29th, at present, a number of netizens responded on Weibo that WeChat payment is unusable, and the payment scenarios include multiple platforms such as US group take-out, Jingdong, Harbin bicycle, and line. Under the supermarket and so on. In this regard, the relevant person in charge of WeChat responded: Payment

IT House October 29th News According to a large number of netizens feedback, WeChat payment failed, the payment displayed an error, the merchant scan code gun failed. ——

In December 26th, the introduction of micro certified police face recognition technology Guangdong Guangzhou city Nansha administrative service center, and issued the first national ID card of WeChat network, can prove that I is my face brush. First of al

Buy a small signal to set up a WeChat group, spread a lot of obscene video, but soon the micro signal is like a ghost, and then change a vest. The reporter learned from the Tongling Public Security Bureau of Anhui province that the local police successful

The existing QQ classic yellow face, from 2003 to now has 14 years of history, because of the huge QQ and WeChat users, this set of expressions have been used up, known as the national level is also not too much. But do you know the historical changes of

WeChat's search function is now increasingly powerful, has launched a number of open field query / purchase function, users can take the initiative to obtain relevant WeChat keyword search public number and content information of interest. Today, the Tenc

Identity cards are very important personal documents, personal important identification documents, the use of scenes is also very extensive: from hotel accommodation, courier receiving and dispatching, municipal business processing and travel by train, ai

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