To say who is more popular recently, then the war must be counted. In "Oh, my Emperor's Majesty", Xiao Tang's Beitang ink dyed himself proved himself with his own strength. He was very handsome in the drama. Many people were circled when they saw the shape of Xiao War. The powder is gone, some netizens even said that they don’t know

Xiao Zhan Xiao Zhan pays attention to Weibo member NetEase Entertainment November 11th reported on November 11th, many fans found that Xiao war soon followed the Weibo members, double eleven is the carnival day that everyone buys and buys, did not expect Xiao war chose a half-price recharge Weibo member, and the image of the thrifty family was established.

Xiao Zhan, the character of the work, the brand of Xiao, the back of the game, the back of the game, Netease Entertainment, November 7th reported on November 6th, "The rest of the life, please advise" officially, on the morning of the 7th, Xiao Zhan sent a text to bid farewell to the role, Lao Gu, envy your all! Say goodbye in the late autumn, will meet again next year! At the same time, he...

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