Data map: The China-Myanmar natural gas pipeline downloads natural gas to the local area through Jiao Piao, Ren'anyu, Mandalay, and Danda substations for direct power plants and industrial users along the line. The picture shows the Mandalay distribution station. (Source: People's Daily Online) Wu Wenkai, Minister of Power and Energy of Myanmar, said that the Ministry of Power of Myanmar has been

Xinhua News Agency News: The military of the Libyan Government of National Unity issued a statement on the 4th that an air raid on a military college in Tripoli, the capital, killed 28 students and injured 18 others.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 4th. The State Council appoints and removes national staff. Zhu Yonglei was appointed Deputy Director of the State Administration of Radio and Television; Luo Huining was appointed Director of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Wang Zhimin's Director of the Liaison Office of the Central...

[Xinhua News Agency Special Feature] About 24 hours after the rocket attack on Baghdad International Airport in the Iraqi capital, members of the Shia militia group, People's Mobilization Group, were again attacked in northern Baghdad on the morning of the 4th. Associated Press reports from an Iraqi security official, People Mobilized

On January 3, 2020, the Third Branch of the Beijing People's Procuratorate, after review, sued the defendant Sun Wenbin to Beijing's Third Intermediate People's Court for intentional murder. The case was concluded by the Beijing Public Security Bureau and was reported to Beijing residents on December 30, 2019.

On January 3, Yang Jiechi, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and director of the Office of the Central Committee for Foreign Affairs, made a telephone conversation with US Secretary of State Pompeo at the appointment. The US side briefed its position on the current situation in the Middle East. Yang Jiechi said that China is highly concerned about the current state of...

In recent days, a piece of news about American companies in China has been screened on overseas media. ▲ Reuters reported screenshots.On December 30, 2019, Tesla's first Model 3 electric vehicles produced in the first overseas super factory were delivered in Shanghai to China and the world's auto market.

A triad group in Liaoyang County, Liaoning Province, has held the grassroots government, embezzled collective property, and destroyed the rural political ecology, becoming a cancer. The criminal case involving the Supreme People's Procuratorate, which was supervised by the Supreme People's Procuratorate, was recently sentenced in the first instance of Liaoyang County Court: Zhang Zhenhai, the...

Foreign media said that European Commission President Ursula Vondelion in an interview with the German "Spiegel" on December 27 criticized U.S. legislation for allowing sanctions on companies involved in the second-tier natural gas pipeline project. According to a report by Deutsche News Agency on December 27,

According to the Korean Central News Agency reported on the 29th, the 5th plenary session of the 7th Central Committee of the Korean Workers' Party held the first day of the meeting on the 28th. It is reported that the topic of this plenary session is to discuss the direction and struggle of the struggle faced by the Korean party and state in the current situation.

A suicide car bomber hit a highway checkpoint in the Somali capital Mogadishu early in the morning, killing 79 people. Somali government spokesman Ismail Mukhtar Omar told Xinhua the same afternoon that the death toll rose to 79 and another 149

Sunflower seeds are a kind of magical snack. Whether it is New Year's Day, party with friends, or even a family living at home, many people like to prepare some sunflower seeds, chat, chat, watch, and stop at once. Can't help what's going on? After all, it ’s because of the seeds

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 27th. The Xinhua News Agency ’s Sports Department identified the top ten international athletes in 2019 as follows: 1. Messi (Argentina, 32 years old, male football player) at the FIFA annual awards ceremony on September 23, Messi beats rival C Ronaldo

Soon they will ask us to stop breathing. Russia ’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zaharova satirized on social media after U.S. President Trump signed the FY 2020 defense authorization bill on December 20. The bill advocates participation in the second-line project of the Northstream Natural Gas Pipeline.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 26. Xinhua News Agency reported that researchers said they found two lizard-like remains in ancient plant residues, revealing the earliest known evidence that limb vertebrates care for cubs. According to the British Guardian website December 23

In fact, the most selfish and despicable are these thugs ... At the Hong Kong Police Press Conference on the afternoon of the 23rd, Jiang Yongxiang, Senior Superintendent of Police Public Relations Division (media liaison and communication), used this sentence to describe the thugs as having beaten people. Burst into the crowd, hoping to do it with innocent citizens or passersby

Recently, a wave of operations on a traditional wedding ceremony by a newlywed in India has been highlighted. According to the Times of India, exchanging garlands is part of India's traditional wedding customs, but the couple at the wedding in Varanasi wore garlands of onions and garlic for each other. Recent onion

According to Xinhua News Agency spokesman You Wenze on the 21st regarding the signing of the FY 2020 National Defense Authorization Act by the U.S., the U.S. ignores China's stated stance on many occasions. China and many other negative China-related clauses, which ignore the facts,

Xinhua News Agency, Changchun, December 21 (Reporter Zhang Boyu, Duan continued) The reporter learned from the Tonghua Municipal Government of Jilin Province that at 9:43 on the 21st, a bus from Shenyang to Linjiang was in Dongchang District of Tonghua City. 206 A traffic accident occurred near the hospital. Vehicle slipped and slipped

More than a month ago, the new book, Dialectical Look at China, by former French Prime Minister Raffarin was published in France, attracting the attention of local media and all sectors of society. In an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency, Raffarin said recently that he wanted to use a new book to provide young people in France with a polygonal mirror to understand China. The picture...

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