2017 is coming to an end, and the application for studying abroad in 2018 is ready. Some popular universities in UK have updated the Enrollment Requirements of Chinese students. Some universities have offered hot courses and scholarships, so as to underst

The personal statement is the highlight of essays, write well can become all offer gains exclusive tips, write well may become a stumbling block before the finishing touches. How to make a personal statement color, attract eyeball is the admissions office

China has been studying China rot destination for students is one of the favorite, not only here in Cambridge, well-known, far and near Oxford, as well as the old red brick school six worldwide. In England, York University in Yorkshire, is also a top UK u

A temperature Education Exhibition in Shanghai in October, autumn, cool. At this time Britain must be the prelude of Christmas; and the American earth is just like a fairy tale, the world is golden and gorgeous...... At the moment of Australia are to enjo

Albert shocked the American Chinese female student Zhang Yingying kidnapped disappearance has yet to fall, although caught the suspect refused to plead guilty, but he refused to disclose the whereabouts of Zhang Yingying. At present, Zhang Yingying's fami

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