Netease Entertainment reported on November 7th that on November 7th, Carina Lau praised the audience in an interview with the media and said: You must go to see the teenager, this time I am surprised by the actor, he impressed me. Very deep, I don’t know that he is the first movie, and this one

"Youth of You" box office broke 1 billion Netease Entertainment November 2 reported according to cat's eye data, the movie "Youth" starring Zhou Dongyu and Yi Qianqian at the 15th and 43rd day of the ninth day, the total box office exceeded 1 billion , became the 72nd part of the history of Chinese film breaking 10

"Youth of You" Beijing Youth Daily reported on October 29 that the things you didn't know about the teenagers were more than 200 million at the box office on the first day, the box office was close to 600 million in the first weekend, and the Douban score reached 8.5 points …… Just passed

On October 28th, Zhou Dongyu exposed an unpublished old photo of the inch on the oasis, and a playful text: the old photo, the new one. It was originally because of the "Youth of You" story, Zhou Dongyu shaved his head, and because he needed to keep the film secret, so he wore a half-year wig to attend various activities,

Su Qin (? - 284 BC), the word from home, Luoyang (now Henan Luoyang) people, the Warring States period, the famous strategist, strategist and diplomat. I actually like Zhang Yi, by a nozzle can be lobbied for, I thought, in fact, is also seen in the

The results of the power list last week announced that Ma Yun ranked the top of the list with 35% of support. Ma Yun: 35%; Ma Huateng: 21%; Liu Qiangdong: 18%; Yang Yuanqing: 8%; Sun Hongbin: 8%; Ding Lei: 6%; Wang Jianlin: 4%. visited "Fanghua" one Satur

Reported in July 21, 2016, "Mom, I don't want to go to school!" "Why, son?" 'cause I don't think I can live long." This sensible, well behaved child named Wen Tao, who lives in the new town of Yanzhou District of Shandong Yi Luo village in Jining city. He

Due to the use of hormone drugs, very strong small Tao body hair. Newspaper reporter Yue Yinyin photo these days

Home is good, here is the Tong people, because of the weather in Wuhan ash often explode, last week experienced a three days of false pleasure, of course, this Saturday, still have to make up for the. Well, don't talk nonsense

New York, local time on May 26th, "the game of rights" actor Amelia Clark (Clarke Emilia) appeared BBC TV station to promote the new film "Before You Me".

Based on its return to the nature of social orientation, exploration has been recognized by DST and Yuri. Hopes to explore more innovative, not only to bring more fun young people to socialize, but also to bring the super stable social industry pattern of

Visual china news Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, before the day, Sun Li dressed in a red dress to attend an event, small dew

Micro-blog screenshot NetEase entertainment April 23rd report 23 evening, Liu Ruoyingnan

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