Text | Zinc Scale Deng Xiaojin Xu Wei On September 6, 2019, Netease sold its cross-border e-commerce platform Netease koala to Alibaba for $2 billion. But in the Netease koala business talk less than three months, Netease has opened a cloud reading and network

Someone forgets their bank card password, but no one will forget the 4399 URL. This website has been huddled in the corner of the Chinese Internet since 2004, and there is no point in improving the progress of the Internet until today.

Although the 16-inch MacBook Pro comes with a new keyboard, Apple Phil Schiller says the controversial butterfly keyboard will continue to exist. Phil Schiller, vice president of global marketing at Apple, said the new 16

IT Home November 13 news Apple has just officially launched a 16-inch MacBook Pro notebook; no development meeting, suddenly on the line. Soon after, engadget and The Verge brought Apple

In Mexico, drug cartels are unscrupulously murdered due to ineffective work in government departments. Recently, 10 garbage bags were found on a highway in Mexico, which was filled with broken bodies. The murderer also commented on provoking government officials. Comprehensive foreign media reported on November 13th, local time Saturday (

As we have seen, in the past three days, successive large-scale violence has pushed Hong Kong into an extremely dangerous situation. The mobs slammed traffic, set fire in the subway, burned ordinary citizens, beat the campus, attacked mainland students … … these bottom-line behaviors, let’s

Just two days after the 21st birthday, Tencent handed over the first answer to the new year – the 2019 quarterly report. The report period of this financial report ended on September 30, which coincides with the first anniversary of Tencent's announcement of organizational restructuring. On the same day of the transaction, Tencent also ushered in a new pair in the Hong Kong stock market.

On November 13, Tencent announced its Q3 results. Tencent's revenue in the third quarter was 97.2 billion yuan, up 21% year-on-year and 9% quarter-on-quarter. The profit for the period was RMB 20.97 billion, a decrease of 10% year-on-year and a decrease of 15% from the previous quarter. The net profit margin was 2 in the same period last year.

On November 12th, a circle of friends sent by a policeman from the Yuanzhou Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Yichun City, Jiangxi Province became popular. The police loaned a colleague to a colleague, and the colleague made a loan but it was delayed. Therefore, the police will send a loan to the circle of friends to collect debts and laugh at netizens. User commented that it must be alarmed

Recently, Hong Kong actress Guo Junni participated in a charity run. She has a light makeup, wearing a white T-shirt and jeans, which looks full of youth and vitality. Many netizens said that they could not see Guo Yanni at the age of 45. Her skin condition is very good, which proves that she usually pays attention to maintenance. Unconsciously, Guo Xiaoni debuted

The fairy god sister, again on the hot search. A look, Hollywood? It’s not small. We must know that the predecessors Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi and other stars, did not know how much effort they spent on playing the next world, but there were very few latecomers. Entering Hollywood, for domestic female stars, it is still difficult to add. And Liu Yifei, first got shocked

Netease Entertainment reported on November 13 that in October last year, Taiwanese musician Yuan Weiren accidentally fell in Shanghai when he recorded a program, causing a cerebral hemorrhage. Although the operation was very successful, he was later checked for tumors in his brain. After fighting for more than a few days after death, The condition gradually improved. According to Taiwan media...

Wenhui News Dagong Wenhui full media report: Hong Kong today (13th) many universities decided to cancel the rest of the semester. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology stated that all classes were cancelled and the courses were changed to online teaching. The examination arrangements were made separately by the teacher. Hong Kong Baptist University said that all classes were...

According to CNBC, Alibaba plans to issue 500 million shares of common stock in Hong Kong, plus 75 million over-allotment shares, and plans to raise about $13 billion.

On November 7th, the student of the City University of Hong Kong and the “anti-China messenger spokesperson” Shao Yong accepted an interview with a German media. When the host asked questions about the use of violent rationality, Shao Yong’s eyes were hiding and hiding incoherently. The host also questioned, "You can't even look at my face and condemn this.

Recently, a group of photos of Chen Daoming's attendance at the event revealed that he was already full of white hair, and there were also a lot of facial wrinkles, and he couldn't recognize it for a long time. Chen Daoming is 64 years old this year. This time, the appearance of white hair is too obvious, and the image of the black hair that appeared before everyone is different.

Cecilia Cheung NetEase Entertainment reported on November 13 that according to Hong Kong media reports, artist Cecilia Cheung opened a fashion store in Central to engage in a personal brand. As a boss, she spent a lot of thoughts. She was photographed many times before she went to Central to open a store and also sold as a seller. Things are very powerful! Today, Cecilia Cheung also personally...

On November 11th, another star was investigated by the police for sex scandals. Kim Tae-hwan, a 36-year-old male star in South Korea, was once sued on September 24 for allegedly doing similar sexual acts within the vehicle. He also refused to accept the summons. The scandal of this Korean entertainment industry

Recently, a video of a close encounter between a rose and a male star has flowed out. The photographing of the rose was very professional and professional, and the opposite male star was shy and red-faced because of this intimate play, and the staff on the sidelines were happy. Source: Tencent News Editor: Xiaozhao

The once-reputed Mango Taiwan stylist actually rolled over. The makeup was hard to say, and Xie Na’s eyeliner was alive and moving towards Deng Yu’s direction; Wang Han’s face was black and shiny, as if Bao Qingtian had no moon. Of course, the biggest culprit should be the lighting engineer. Under the death of the light, let alone the host, the stars have turned over the car one by one.

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