Xu Liang responded to the fake ball on January 5, Beijing time. In 2005, the famous comedian Zhao Benshan acquired Liaoning Football, which became a major focus of Chinese football. However, Uncle Benshan failed to solve the chaos of Liaoning Football. Instead, he poured a layer of oil on the fire . In the 2005 season, Liaozu had 0-5 misery

Recently, Zhao Benshan's family portrait was exposed. In the photo, Zhao Benshan and his wife Ma Lijuan are sitting in the middle, with his son and daughter on both sides. Uncle Ben Shan, 62, has white hair, is wearing orange clothes, has a rosy complexion, and looks in good condition. His low-key wife, Ma Lijuan, also appeared in the same frame. She was wearing black clothes.

"I have a friend in the Northeast, he ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha" On the vast land of China, there is such a magical area. This land always has a mysterious color. This color is between black and white, but not as chaotic as gray; stuck in the intersection of warm and cold colors

Recently, the news of a resident's family in Daqing suspected of killing duck treasure spread widely, attracting many people to watch, and some people wanted to buy it at a high price & amp; hellip; & amp; hellip; The monarch sharpened his knife early and prepared to kill the chickens and ducks.

Recently, Hong Kong media reported that Zhao Benshan’s daughter had a daily price of 100,000 yuan. The Zhao Zhao in the photo faced the full lunch box at the table and was eating with gusto. Although I can't see what I eat in the photo, I really want to express my envy: the breakfast of others is so full of flowers, think about myself.

Dapeng, Liuyan and Zhao Benshan Dapeng and Zhao Benshan Netease Entertainment reported on October 31st, on the evening of October 30th, Dapeng took photos with Weibo Sun and Zhao Benshan, Liu Yan, and “Beneficiary” directors, and matched the text: Just like me Master's mouthful of sauerkraut! In the photo, Dapeng holds the camera

Recently, some netizens have exposed a video of Zhao Benshan’s son Zhao Yinan. In the video, Zhao Yinan is in an indoor basketball hall, with a few friends, wearing a military coat, wearing a northeast Lei Feng hat on his head, imitating the posture of the old Zhao Benshan walking in the essay, the miraculous movements are all in place. True to your own life

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