In the Taishan school, where the gods gather, there is such a goddess with the presence of intelligence and intelligence: she is diligent and diligent in learning tyrants, a serious and active student cadre, and a cheerful and laughing volunteer. Today, a

The five minute charge for two hours is a household name. But what if a 5 second call is two hours? You must be hard to believe, because we have been suffering from a long life. According to reports, recently, Zhejiang University's high quality team has d

After the old man took up his stealth clothes, the body appeared again. Yesterday, experts from Zhejiang University believed that the video was later synthesized. The network transmission video says the homemade quantum invisibility clothing is available.

Recently, there is a group of Curve Wrecker red, they are not only outstanding learning, scientific research, even love and career are more harvest, beyond many people's imagination, dumbass who is seen yilengyileng … … yesterday, Zhejiang U

Outside the written examination, parents are waiting. Say to love your whole life of man, and finally you divorce, is not a lie? Why should a mirror be installed in the elevator? Celebrate a girl's birth is what mean? … … these are the new e

July 22nd, Zhejiang University, the International Research Center for data analysis and management was established in Hangzhou, Gao Hongbing, director of the Research Institute of Ali, employed as a part-time professor at the research center, and delivere

A forest where there is a cicada cicada, where there is a light, behind every torch is a mountain, they left for the right hand flashlight buckets, a flashlight so well, just from the ground to climb out of the cicada glance. In July 3rd, Ling'an village,

Since April, the Taizhou University launched 35, each 3 square meters of postgraduate entrance examination room, they abandoned the bathroom renovation for many years, the total cost of less than 20 thousand. The self-study room facing, launched four read

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