"The best advantage of collective projects is helping each other, supporting each other, and making up for each other. & Amp; hellip; & amp; hellip; Especially big. "What to do if I don't play football well? Female long queue

"When I first entered the national team, I was dumbfounded. I wouldn't know anything except smashing." Recently, the speech of Chinese female volleyball player Zhu Ting on the show "Lesson" made the host Sabanin many times. Shock "Sabenin bluntly" This is not equivalent to a basketball player saying, & amp; lsquo; I

Xinhua News Agency, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, December 9th: It's not just a Zhu Ting who missed the World Cup. Seen from the World Cup, Xinhua News Agency reporters Wei Wei, Xia Liang, and Zhang Zewei played in Italy on the 8th. The powerful dialogue between the two giants of Turkey and Turkey ended, in this gold-rich

In the second team of the Women's Volleyball World Cup, the Tianjin women's volleyball team almost reversed with a 2-0 lead. Although they finally won 3-2, the general Zhu Ting retired in the third game due to a right wrist injury and became a match. After the maximum focus. According to media reports, Zhu Ting was crying because of the pain. according to

The highly anticipated Tianjin Women's Volleyball Team in the current World Cup, stumbled in the first two group matches, the first game was won by two games in the first game, and was reversed by Italy's Novara in three consecutive games. Another 2-0 lead almost came over again. In the game, the Tianjin team's offense was criticized, and the second pass

The 2019 Women's Volleyball World Cup kicked off in Shaoxing, Zhejiang. The Tianjin team led by Group B Zhu Ting faced the Champions League champion Novara in Italy. The Tianjin team lost three games in a row after winning the first two games. The total score was 2-3, which was reversed and missed. The scores in the five games were 25-17, 25-15, 18-2.

Zhu Ting and Huang Xiaoming are in the same box on November 29th, Beijing time. Today is the 25th birthday of Zhu Ting, the long line of Chinese women. Zhu Ting's idol and well-known actor Huang Xiaoming also recorded a video for Zhu Ting Qingsheng. Zhu Ting began to like Huang Xiaoming for "The Condor Heroes", and it has been almost 13 years now!

Chinese female queuing leader Zhu Ting is currently preparing for the Super League with her teammates. Zhu Ting took a photo of her with teammate Yao Di on the social network, and also said that she was a cold and thin person. Zhu Ting and Yao Di in the photo both wore black T-shirts printed with zhuper spike, and

According to CCTV sports news, a few days ago, Chinese female queue leader Zhu Ting appeared in Beijing and participated in the recording of the CCTV1 program "Opening a talk". At the scene of the show, Zhu Ting also interacted with the famous host Sabinin, which was interesting. When Sabinin met Zhu Ting who was higher than himself, the netizen bluntly said:

In the women's volleyball league of the new season, among the 14 teams participating in the competition, the highest attention of the fans is undoubtedly Tianjin. Why is this so? This is because the Tianjin women's volleyball team not only has many active national players, but also the world's first main attack Zhu Ting and the national team hope star Li Yingying. What is the state of the two...

As the Chinese women's platoon leader, Zhu Ting, the world's first female bust, is the focus of attention. She is 1.98 meters tall and she only stands by Yao Ming until she looks like a bird. Since helping the Chinese women's volleyball team win the women's volleyball World Cup on September 29, Zhu Ting has also had a relaxing time,

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