In new network on 31 March, according to the Ministry website news, February 15th to March 18th, the Ministry of environmental protection jointly with Beijing, Tianjin and other 6 provinces (city) composed of 18 inspection teams to Beijing City, 18 key ci

JINGWAH news yesterday, Beijing still shrouded in the haze of orange and orange double heavy air pollution warning, showing a "heavy haze southeast northwest light" trend, the southern region yesterday morning visibility only at 1-3 km. 2, Tianjin City En

In October 3, the Central Meteorological Station in October 3rd 06 continue to publish haze yellow warning: expected in October 3rd 08 to 4, 08, Beijing, Western Hebei, Shaanxi in some areas with moderate haze, local severe haze. 3 - ZAKER, personalized r

According to Chinese the voice of "news" reported yesterday morning, Hebei Langfang Wen'an suddenly released a eleven "during the implementation of the single motor vehicle limit line notice", attracted a lot of questions. The engineer said, such as the c

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