According to the Guangdong Heyuan City Public Security Bureau announced that in August 7th, the police according to the users to report clues in the park, a city seized 7 suspected of soliciting prostitution illegal workers.

On the morning of July 21st 6, Lintong Public Security Bureau police organization in Xi'an City, combined with the business sector to Huaqing, train station, Mount Li, terracotta, oblique mouth police station area MLM dens to focus on clean-up, clean-up M

In February this year, police seized 2 tons of finished ice on a fishing boat in Guangdong Lufeng City Jiazi Hong Kong, the amount of drugs seized in China is very rare.

June 7th evening, 22 year old girl go out for a walk not to return, this matter affects everyone's heart. The afternoon of June 15th, the Keqiao police lock key suspects Yang (51 years old, Henan people), then deploy 15 elite forces to 1050 kilometers out

In late June 8th 21 when Xu Jia Zhen, Ergalesaihan Tengger economic and Technological Development Zone, a major accident occurred, causing the death of a 68 year old woman. In the accident occurred second days after 12 noon, one from the Tengeryn traffic

Lin Jincheng in Guangzhou police issued a "Poker warrant" is listed as "the A", the Department of No. third wanted. For Jin Cheng Lin suicide was killed by a passer - by Chen, Chen and his wife and daughter also requires compensation for Lin Jincheng deat

[Gansu: net exposure of male and female students exposed to violence in the suspect has been arrested 22 days, a period of more than 1 minutes of school violence in the online video spread. 23, @ Gansu Provincial Department of Education issued a bulletin:

After oral subpoena to Metro police investigation, Zhang x Fen, clock x constitution and other 6 people of prostitution whoring confessed, public security organs shall be given public security punishment of detention. Field all suspected of harboring pros

Safety airbag is passengers last security. However, there are criminals in order to high profits, even selling fake airbag. Last year on October 18, project group and get a clue, Jo asked Ju in October 21 recently completed a batch of counterfeit brand ba

Guangdong Jiangmen public station reported, recently, members of the public to reflect, in Jianghai District Silver Sand Market near the residential area, no matter in the daytime or at night, a class "f Street station," openly solicit business. In the vi

Luliang County Public Security Bureau narcotics brigade cracked together large armed drug trafficking cases, arrested drug trafficking suspects and seized heroin 157 block, after weighing weight 70.541 kg seized drug money 89.945 million yuan of.

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