Tong Yao deleted the melon microblog Tongyao NetEase Entertainment reported on January 4 On January 3, some netizens found that the actor Tong Yao watched an article about Wei Liya Chen Sicheng Lei Jiayin on Weibo, and Tong Yao then deleted this Weibo dynamic. It is reported that Tong Yao used to be

The following article is from Entertainment Yu Ji, author 8 Ji recently Baby participated in a lot of variety, the purpose is very clear: wash himself. But... the reason is darker. The reason is very simple. Ms. Baby can play her own face too. For example, Baby takes her assistant, the latest

Hello everyone, I am Xu Yuanshuo. Before I was very eager to publish the retired article, and the club did not discuss it and uploaded it. Because I was in a state of sensibility at that time, I was so anxious to do this. I have not apologized to the DRX club for this part. I want to apologize to the club through this article. No

Last December 10, 2017, the European industry (an accident) accident that day, I was working in ZTE after ten years, from ZTE turnover for 70 days. This day was ZTE's payday, and it was on this day that I took the first month of unemployment insurance fro

This article is a commercial weekly App payment article, which is forbidden to reprint. Changes of intergenerational relations are affecting consumer behavior of the millennial generation is difficult to obtain satisfaction in November through the shoppin

Recently, the Shanghai police received an alarm call from Mr. Yan, who said he was kidnapped at home for many days. The police survey found that there was a loan trap designed for a year long! Because the so-called loan is just a cover, the core purpose i

You are greedy for the interest, and what others value is your principal. This is a joke, but now that the most ruthless Ji language. This time, it was actually a listed company. Today, in twenty-first Century, the economic report published an article on

Zhi Gu Jun language: this may be a very important trend change in the current economic field. Its influence on social wealth is no less than that in past years. The author judges that the rural land will be melted and leveraged in the next few years. When

Chi Jun language: we have a secret truth: China middle has three big illusion -- think of themselves have certain assets that they can sleep without any anxiety; there is a certain social status, speak influential; think that hard work will be successful.

In December 20th, the 360 company's water drop live product team issued a announcement that the water droplet direct seeding was stopped from day after day because of the internal business adjustment. 360 smart cameras will focus on providing reliable sec

Recently, an article entitled "the China rich village debt of 38 billion 900 million villages in Huaxi Village what experience the best in all the land?" article in the online fermentation, the article said, Huaxi Village was the best in all the land now

Beijing daily news (reporter Xiao Wei Zhao Chaoyue) the evening of December 22nd, Juewei food announcement, a wholly owned subsidiary of Changsha Juewei Food Marketing Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company) due to network advertisement content

Recently, a public number quoted Huaxi Village's 2016 debt about 30000000000 data, saying it was in urgent need of a transition to re - heat the subject in the first half of the year. The media also searched for new data in 2017 and followed up. Although

"I raise you", since the film "the king of comedy", this sentence has become a classic in the eyes of the people. Now, more and more women are likely to become the subject of this sentence. Though men are still the main undertakers in the matter of "who i

Our village can be said to be the epitome of this society. At first glance, life seems to be the same as usual. But after careful observation, the change has penetrated into every aspect of life, and we are also very pleased to call these changes progress

4 trillion big cake in the lease market, after all, the big big Tencent. After the Alibaba hand in hand to Hangzhou official, Jingdong support the Beijing rental platform, Tencent also to join the rental platform! Is the battle of the tycoons in the renti

The picture comes from two events in China last month to make the car market back into the public view. In November 30th, Jingdong announced the completion of the acquisition of the car exhaust port, will create an integrated platform for the automotive a

[compilation / observer network Xu Qianang] has been reported. Chinese instant noodles is one of the preferred food stomach. But in the past 3 years, China's instant noodle market has shrunk. According to the data of the world instant noodles Association

In November 23rd, China's Djibouti security base organization officers and soldiers in Djibouti carried out artillery shooting training. The figure is that the wheeled armored assault vehicle is actually projectile piercing. (Hongkong South China Morning

[China Times Network] Lv Fangrui, a reporter of Beijing times (public number: ChinaTimes), reported 3 mobile phone numbers in Beijing, and bought it at 400 thousand high prices. After being transferred, he was secretly sold to others by the seller. Mr. Ch

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