Recall that 20 years ago, when we were kids, certainly not on my parents said these words: I feel strange number number, you give me the police took away your care! You're not a mother, you've got it from a stinky ditch! You don't take care of your mother

I wrote an article about long teeth before, but many mothers told me in the message area that my baby had no long teeth and was worried. Would you like to eat calcium or see a doctor. Even my mother brought out to the children to eat some food, let him hu

[observer network comprehensive report] recently, a grandfather in Zhoukou, Henan, took a video of the triplets to go to school. According to media reports, the grandfather with a rope holding the triplets street, three little short legs walk neatly, ador

Some parents have no time, so they have to let their elders take their children. As a result, it was found that our children were developed to the kind of people we most hate. Why education for children prone to bear children first look at the old people'

You get angry, children's world is Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles. The sense of security in his little mind was destroyed, and the great fear enveloped his heart. My mother was not me, I was not a good child... He wept to use it to redeem you, or b

It's a very lucky thing to have twin babies. Fiona from Paris is the winner of this life. As a fashionable and spicy mom, she is not only good at dressing herself, but also for twin daughters Sienna and Mila dressed up like ZAKER -- personalized recommend

For mothers, with a baby is hard and happy but excessive toil may let you attend this day care sumianchaotian is the mothers of normal cause skin finally getting worse dull and wrinkles are all come so, don't busy as an excuse to do not let the time consu

IKEA's recall of 17 million 300 thousand drawer cabinets in North America has attracted attention recently because of the death of a boy who was dumped in the drawer in May this year. According to IKEA news, the product recall area is limited to the Unite

A young couple in Missouri state has been prosecuted for a serious crime of child abuse. They are suspected of bringing a four month old boy boy into a microwave oven to heat it, causing severe burns. According to the daily mail of November 30th, 4 - ZAKE

The giant panda Hantaikeju appearance by global public's favorite. As a national treasure of China, they can be treated by the national guests wherever they go. In 2011, panda and sun arrived in England in the northern city of Edinburgh, local residents l

Boys | ID:breedboy01 has a mother in the circle of friends to share their own ah is said! I had just been killed in the last second, and the next second in my arms, I called my mother. Children always forgive their parents so easily. If you're a coworker

Escape, American students: a chess playing can play the song, said English twisters back got ancient Pipa; fled dad, a standard Polytechnic male: love reading love music to accompany the baby, can write articles will be compiled code, is currently StarCra

Scientific discovery, childhood parents accompany children to play, let the children feel happy, to promote brain development is very good, and children in the future all aspects of ability will be stronger, but also can deepen parent-child communication,

Doctor, my dysmenorrhea, you help me check, you are not dysmenorrhea, you are born! Impossible! I'm not pregnant at all! … … on the afternoon of 14 this month, a woman named dysmenorrhea was accompanied by her husband to visit the Guangzhou

When it comes to a lot of mother child snacks, immediately hand shook his head, as snacks such as Lang hu. Eating snacks is bad for your health. Eating snacks doesn't eat well...... Because of such and such reasons, now a lot of parents do not give childr

Most of them have been expecting the baby since they got pregnant, and they are busy preparing all kinds of articles for daily use and toys for their babies. But baby supplies are various, how should choose the applicable? Today Xiaobian for treasure moth

In a world famous general education below junior college pays attention to click on the title the | Zhang Yiyun of Georgia Institute of Technology PhD in psychology, this article from the "parents" to do a book without a higher IQ EQ in vain when I was yo

It is said that people born at different times have different characteristics. Want to know the child's personality, quickly check your baby's birth hour, see what is different! 1 midnight (23:00 ~ 00:59) wit optimism, like nature itself charm! People bor

A variety of suitcase designed for infants and young children, Valeto allows you to easily take your baby to travel, although the children are very cute, but travel with them may be a challenge. After all, just their diapers are enough to fill the suitcas

Some time ago, the Nobel prize in physiology or medicine announced in 2017, the award-winning research is biological clock, popular point is: stay up late. The award-winning news, a doctor said that this biological clock research is to remind us: at the r

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