There are 15 days to celebrate the New Year! Now families also began to raise a variety of tastes especially special purchases for the Spring Festival seeds more is necessary in special purchases for the Spring Festival but we note! Not all special purcha

Chutianjinbao news (reporter Zhou Shoujiang correspondent Kong Lingxue Wang Jichao) parents with a 10 month old baby in a hotel for dinner, a waitress excuse to help take care of the children, the children walk away. Yesterday (8 days) the child abduction

On the evening of 20, Harbin a baby at home biting mobile phone charging line play, who knows actually bitten lips after electric wire, exposed electrical burn in burn department, Harbin fifth hospital outpatient treatment in a timely manner. The hospital

June 20, 2016, Chongqing Children's Hospital, intensive care unit

The morning of May 17, a see one eye is haunting events occurred in a district north of the city of Xi'an, a baby boy suddenly from the upstairs crashed in a residential building in the District of 4th floor, causing the child died on the spot, in the nam

In May 1, 2016, Hunan County of Pingjiang Province, South Town Village a

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