In May 20th, Xiao Qing (pseudonym) was sent to the Provincial Maternal and child health care hospital. It was 10 hours at night, and she was found to have been suffocated for 6 hours. At that time her little face was pale, her breathing was weak, and she

Pregnancy is worthy of a whole family happy event, of course, this period is also accompanied by many hardships and difficulty; conceived from the moment, nausea and vomiting, edema and a series of pregnancy problems ensued, worried about your baby health

The police have found upstairs throw under the child's mother, a lot of doubts will in turn unlock. At 9 a.m. on December 14th, in a district near Beichen Avenue in Xi'an, a newborn baby was thrown down from the floor and landed on the lawn. When the resi

Every night is my favorite picture book chat time with Qingbao baby. Today, our story is Disney's little princess series. It is love inside the little princess, that she is not only beautiful, interesting, or a Zhicuojiugai, brave and bear little monkey.

Psychology research think: love cry are not necessarily those vulnerable people, reading books or movies will cry, at the crucial moment than those who don't cry people will firm much. People who cry do not represent unhappiness. Instead, people who do no

Rotavirus - an article | mother ran the impaction of food, the source of all diseases in children saying that want children, three points of hunger and cold. If you want the baby to be safe and healthy, you should not eat too much, eat too much, and don't

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way… … little friends recently walked in the shopping malls, can they feel a strong Christmas breath? Yes, one year - ZAKER, personalized recommendation of popular news, local authority media inform

The baby's head is soft in its head, and it doesn't seem to be able to touch it. Even some older people say that the part can't be touched, or the baby will not speak. What happened? How can a normal physiological phenomenon be said to be so exaggerated?

In the choice of diapers for the baby, many mothers will encounter such a situation: both want diapers thin air, also hope to have good characteristics of soft absorbent etc. However, buy a home, mom found himself always perfectly missed diapers most want

Many mothers feel that they are a little irritation to the baby's hoarding skin lotion and dare not continue to use it. Waste silver not to say, but also let the baby's skin streaking, become dry chap. In fact, a lot of high quality baby lotion is based o

Every man will have some changes when he marries. Some of them will be better and gentler. But most of the women's voice is that men get married before they become premarital. After giving birth to children, he should have all of them. But when women have

Christmas is coming. What kind of holiday should I have for the baby? If -- if there is enough time; -- feeling pretty enough; -- if the baby looked forward to friends to play, then, want to give the baby a Christmas Party ~ - ZAKER, personalized recommen

In the last few months, I believe everyone has a feeling that the weekend without "where dad goes" is incomplete. Now the program is already ending, we use 100 Tulai to record the laughter and tears of memorable moments! Record the unforgettable journey b

Mommy letter Uncle is good, I am a stay-at-home mom, love your baby to cook, now winter, want to give the baby porridge, and formula ~ - ZAKER, personalized news the local authority of the media information.

The birth of a newborn baby is a big event. According to tradition, friends and relatives will visit the parturient and see the newborn baby. In this part, the gift is absolutely necessary. Maybe someone would say why it is so troublesome. It is okay to b

A baby sleeping thing, estimated that many mothers have lost the words to say. In general, babies are gradually getting into the habit of sleeping all night from the age of half. It can be said that the baby that can sleep all night early, is called the b

When winter comes, friends of all kinds of the sun with the baby out of the picture, people can not help but want to keep pace with their baby, also have a say go driving away, to see snow, see yellow leaves, see the different world … … howe

The last century at the end of 80s, the scientists found that DHA is a major element of nervous system cell growth and maintenance, have important effect on infant intelligence and vision development since then, DHA has received the WHO (WHO) recommendati

Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way, the annual Christmas is coming. Are mothers carefully choosing all kinds of gifts for babies, dolls, robots, cars... But, Mom - ZAKER, personalized recommendation of hot news, local authority media informati

As the growth and growth of nutrients increase, the baby is 6 months of age to add supplementary food, when the baby's feeding began to become complicated. Mothers must be very concerned about the characteristics of babies of different months of age and w

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