Wang Junkai Changsha birthday Wang Junkai Changsha variable shy boy boy Wang Junkai Changsha birthday birthday become shy shy variable boy2016 in September 21st, Hunan province Changsha City, TFboys member Wang Junkai held in the 17 year old birthday part

South Korean Foreign Ministry sources 3, said the Japanese self defense force was established on the occasion of the 62 anniversary of the Japanese Embassy in South Korea plans to hold relevant commemorative activities in Seoul next week. South Korean "Ko

Today, Xinyi Zhang Yuan Hong also disclosed a wave of wedding photos, with the hand of the gift is also exposed. It is reported that Yuanhong and zhangxinyi for play affinity, during the filming of "melancholy Princess" familiar with each other, "the trut

According to the Anhui Business Daily News. After the birthday party on some drink, the longevity of the horse all does not feel happy, with friends offer to on the road looking for a fight for fun. The horse was not able to catch up with so and so, had t

Tencent entertainment news April 19th, Zheng Kai updated micro-blog, sun out of the thirty year old birthday party

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