I heard that the recent stars like to capture? This time, on the topic of capture, on the two hot search. Yeah, you're not wrong. Not self, not finishing in the map, no PS, no lighting conditions, passers-by to capture, who will be more beautiful, who is

The day before, with a cargo of Queen Yang Mi and a handsome shape coming out of Shanghai airport, Hoodie from Balenciaga, chaparajos from Unravel, bangalor from Miu Miu, white shoes from Cé line, from Saint L ZAKER sunglasses, personalized recomme

Yesterday morning, "Qi Tan 2" exposed a group of photos. However, after watching this stills netizens are not satisfied, the poster design was a big guy has been tucao. There are fans directly P yourself out a map of ↓ well, how to forget the backgro

Countdown 2017! Most people have been unable to withstand. Anxious to send their own circle of friends in 2017 to encourage or give their own goals. Of course, the stars are no exception! Zhang Xinyu basked in a veil to cover a face to shine on, can this

If you look at the contrast below, do you think the left or the right is sexier? Different people have different aesthetic choices, but the estimate will choose the right straight. This is the answer, are old driver, a beautiful figure of Zhang Ziyi. The

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