In the early morning of December 12, Beijing time, Juventus is about to usher in the final match of the UEFA Champions League group stage with Leverkusen. Today, Juventus routinely conducted pre-match training. Unexpectedly, the team's number one superstar Ronaldo made a joke. In Juve's passing training, Cristiano Ronaldo received a ball from his teammate, but I don't know what

Not long after joining Paris, Neymar regretted it. Now, a similar scene repeats itself in Cristiano Ronaldo. The Spanish "ABC" reported that Ronaldo told some former Real Madrid teammates that he regretted leaving the Bernabeu. According to Ronaldo, if he stays at Real Madrid, the golden ball of last year and this year

C What kind of way should Luo find? C Luo scored, but Juventus lost. Buffon's eyes were lonely on the bench, Higuain's face was blank, this is the true portrayal of the Zebra Legion in Olympia, Rome. In fact, the first player to take the initiative in the game was Juventus.

6-5, which is the most inadequate explanation for the Golden Globe Awards. The Messi won Van Dyck with a rare advantage over the years, completing the Golden Globe Award and the World Footballer C Ronaldo's 6-5 over. What will happen when the balance between Merrows is broken

Netease Sports reported on December 3: At the Golden Globe Awards ceremony this year, Ronaldo did not appear. Cristiano Ronaldo only got the bronze ball, which is the first time in nine years that he missed the top two in the golden ball rankings. C Ronaldo last missed the top two of the Golden Globe, and it goes back to 2010, when

Van Dyke teased C Ronaldo before the Golden Globe Awards ceremony, the information about who can win the prize has been leaked, Messi has no doubt about the trophy. Van Dyke and Ronaldo are Messi's competitors. The Dutch attended the awards ceremony, but Ronaldo was absent from the Serie A best player awards ceremony, which is worth mentioning.

Cristiano Ronaldo is absolutely one of his most familiar rivals Atletico Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo has become the focus of Atletico Madrid. In the game, Ronaldo suffered three shocks and the scene was very bleak. In the 16th minute of a kick kick by mistake, Cristiano Ronaldo almost suffered an injury. During a save, because the sprint speed is too fast too

Juventus won Atletico 1-0, but Ronaldo's performance tonight can only be described as mediocre. Tonight, Cristiano Ronaldo had only one shot in the game, and also hit a plane. This shot can also directly reflect the decline of Ronaldo's physical fitness. Cristiano Ronaldo's only shot in the game, appeared in the 60th

You don't really think that these two balls are more powerful evidence? Surrey, have you seen it? C Luo scored two consecutive national team goals in the national team, including a hat trick, the national team scored directly to the 100 goals. C Luo himself will certainly not make such a statement publicly, but the banner fans of various media outlets shouted

Data Map: C Ronaldo and Golden Globe, former Real Madrid goalkeeper Casillas said that it would be illogical if this year's Golden Globe Award is given to Cristiano Ronaldo. Kathy’s statement on December 2nd, the winner of the annual Golden Globe Award will be announced. In the 30-person shortlist, Messi and Van Dyck are considered popular.

Tigers on November 18th Portugal 2-0 victory over Luxembourg, successfully advanced to the European Cup, C Ronaldo scored the second goal of the team, the national team scored 99 goals. According to Squawka's statistics, C Ronaldo is the best scorer in the history of the Portuguese national team, leading the first

C Luo is injured in the end? Whether C Luo’s body is hurt or not is now a big mystery. Even C Luo himself constantly changed his mind, saying that there was a problem for a while, and that there was no problem for a while. Italian journalist Palmier questioned C: C Ronald’s physical condition reversed, C Ronaldo now

For the Portuguese fans, this is a near-perfect night. The team defeated Luxembourg 2-0 in the final of the European Cup qualifiers, pushing Serbia to advance to the European Cup finals. At the end of the game, C Luo also scored a goal, continuing the good shape of the recent national team game.

Fannie and C. Ronald French star Saha, who played for Manchester United, revealed that Dutch striker Van Nistelrooy had been in training with Cristiano Ronaldo and let the latter cry. In Manchester United, Saha and Fanny have been teammates for two years and have worked with C Ronaldo for four years. Recalling the situation of the year, Saha said: Is Fanny?

In this morning's European Cup qualifier, Portugal 6-0 victory over Lithuania, C Luo completed the hat trick. He was in a good mood after the game and he made a joke with the fans. When C and his teammates left the stadium, they found a fan who was sneaked in the car. When Luo was three years old, he rushed to grab the mobile phone.

C Luo Dai hair band style Portugal 6-0 Lithuania, C Luo performed well, he played a hat trick to help the team win. In addition to scoring, C Ronaldo also contributed a very funny moment in this game. C Luo Dai hair with an instant game, C Luo's forehead always has a few hairs,

On November 4th, in Juventus's derby against Turin, C Ronaldo was shot in the penalty area by the opponent Armando Izo, and he felt incredible. C Luo passed by Izo, but had very slight physical contact with the other side, but Izo’s pain fell to the ground, "The Sun

On October 31st, Beijing time, the Spanish media “Daily Sports Daily” reported that the Portuguese star C Luo had issued 49 ins in the past year and received a reward of 43 million euros. According to Buzz Bingo statistics (data source Ins

On October 31st, the Italian hostess Lily said on the show that she wanted to see C Ronald's nakedness. Lily said bluntly on the RAI radio show: If I don't wear C Ronaldo, I won't say that this kind of landscape doesn't look good. That scene must be great! I

The battle between Juventus and Genoa was extremely dramatic at the last moment. The starring role of this drama is Juventus C Ronaldo. At 92 minutes, Ronaldo's lore goal was blown off. After 3 minutes, Cristiano Ronaldo scored a controversial penalty. With a score of 1-1, the two teams entered

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