Has recently been fierce battle in the "call of duty" World War II multiplayer soldiers, you have not felt the role of upgrading faster than the first few multiplayer mode much faster? A normal fight, a little bit normal, can directly ascend to the first

Yesterday, Activision announced that the world's sales revenue for the first weekend of the World War II mission was $500 million, equivalent to two times the revenue from the previous mission call endless war. At the same time, this work also created a P

3 this month, Activision officially on sale's "call of duty" series of the latest sequel to "call of duty 14: World War II" (Call of Duty:WWII) recently, Activision official said, "call of duty 14: World War II" in the first week of sales, sales in the fi

Since the call of mission black operations 2, the call of Duty series has gone farther and farther on the road of future war. Although after several works fairly well, but can continue to play the game player is not enough, this phenomenon in the "call of

"Call of Duty World War II" has just met with players from all over the world. The heavy return of World War II has been praised by many players. Today, Activision brought good news for us: as long as people can experience the game in November 17th before

After the September October bombing, the lineup of November Games was slightly dull, but there were still a lot of works worth playing. Therefore, you should not be taken lightly, quickly cover your wallet, while watching and pick. Call of Duty: World War

SONY announced a lot of content at the conference before the Paris game week this morning. Among them, as part of the conference presentation, the upcoming call of Duty: World War II also brings a new trailer, and the first map DLC resistance news. Resist

"Call of duty" the upcoming World War II, Activision has been to various regions of the audit committee of the game review, but in Australia has been a little obstacle, because of a personality in the game harassment lens, Activision had to call on the Au

Today, developers Sledgehammer and publishers have announced a new "call of Duty: World War II" story trailer. This trailer focuses on the story mode part of the game, where the player's main character, RonaldRedDaniels, is from the farm - ZAKER, personal

Activision officially issued a "call of Duty: trailer" World War II, the film shows the bonus multiplayer game player can get the order. Game on the first day, the game player can choose the initial pre weapons right. That is to say, pre order players can

"The first round of the Beta test call of duty" the World War II ended early this morning, according to the content of the test for game player feedback, sledgehammer studio will be before the sale of "World War II" to change the call of duty the followin

"Call of Duty World War II" Beta test officially in PS4 Hong Kong clothing store shelves, all players can advance preload, mall address click [COD]. "Call of Duty World War II" Beta beta version of unknown capacity, if you open PS4 to download friends, yo

"Call of duty" of World War II, the first round of the Beta testing activities will open in the PS4 platform during the period from August 25th to August 28th, this time in "call of duty" World War II test we can play to the new content of what? Yesterday

"Call of duty" World War II Beta test to open soon, hammer studios announced reward element of the Beta test. Players involved in the Beta test will receive a multiplayer Beta battle pack containing a Beta helmet, a ZAKER, personalized recommendation news

Before the printing has been spread "modern warfare" heavy plate from the end of last year to sell a single, "call of duty" to offer endless war now, we can see the game player gossip and official rumor almost every month. The last one was at the beginnin

It's amazing that at this year's E3 show, Activision has not released any single player model of "call of war, World War II," but instead puts all its weight on the multiplayer model. After the SONY conference released a preview of the multiplayer mode, t

According to many current rumours, call of Duty: World War II is likely to land on Nintendo's new host, Nintendo Switch. The first is "online system" call of duty "now allows the game player link to your Nintendo account, this option before the" call of d

Following the PSN U.S. clothing yesterday began to black five discount activities, PSN service also opened today, the black five discount, web store address click here. The name of the game user price member user price Titan heaven 2 Standard Edition 255.

This reflects the success of the watch pioneer launch, as well as the strength of multiple combinations of products, including

Maybe you do not know, just 8 years ago, we almost can play to the ancient Rome as a

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