The manned capsule is a product to be tested in an extreme environment. If practice proves that it can withstand the challenge, it fully proves the strength of China's manufacturing. Recently, China's self-developed 10000 meters deep sea submersible manne

According to CCTV network reported, 22 am, filling China's own research and development of bio aviation kerosene flight, landed smoothly in Chicago, the United states. Surprisingly, this flight of bio aviation coal is based on waste cooking oil, which is

December 22nd 3:22, China's Jiuquan satellite launch center with the Long March two Ding Yunzai rocket successfully launched the global carbon dioxide monitoring scientific experiment satellite (referred to as carbon satellite) launch. The launch of carbo

According to Japanese media reports, in order to cope with the global greenhouse effect, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, recently decided to the Japanese Ministry of the environment, from the beginning of the year in the thermal power station for new tec

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