Recently there is a popular saying: people sitting at home, the pot from heaven is obviously what you didn't do a scapegoat man rather baffling recently, a netizen in Yiwu Yi suffered a very suck thing: you hit me, I have other parents fell fracture arm p

It's not easy to take a baby, go out and be careful. In September 2, 2017, Yangpu District Laoguan Binjiang Bailian brother shop, a boy running around the corner, hit the waiter to send the hot pot, the neck, chest and arm burns. 3 months later, both side

It's not easy to take a baby, go out and be careful. In September 2, 2017, Yangpu District Laoguan Binjiang Bailian brother shop, a boy running around the corner, hit the waiter to send the hot pot, the neck, chest and arm burns. 3 months later, both side

Do not underestimate the child's mother pit because the strength of one not careful you may be red this is not a Zhejiang primary school examination question sentence maxed out my circle of friends many cosmetics, mother becomes beautiful mother: Well, yo

A primary school in Hangzhou Xiaoshan Guali, a grade 5 boy accidentally scratched classmate, classmate's father rushed to the school after that as the son of air, the boy a cuff and kick, the boy was beaten black and blue, nose fracture. Parents of both s

It's not easy for the children now. In December 4th 5 pm, the public Mr. Liu because errands, take the metro line two train from Yuanjialing station, just last time soon, Mr. Liu found himself not far ahead, a little girl wearing a pink coat, even prostra

Children are our future. In the near future, the nursery rhymes of child abuse in red, yellow and blue kindergartens and more children to steal and robbing children have attracted much attention. The people's network seeking truth column has taken stock o

My wife had a car accident, and the child helped me take care of it! The afternoon of November 30th, who lives in Hangzhou Qiaosi Wang meng! A strange man on the road gave her a child and ran! Ms. Wang has been waiting for two hours, the child's father ha

Although the enrollment of West Point has been severe enough, 1/5 of the students who choose to enroll each year have quit. A large portion of the 1/5 students opt out at the end of the freshman year, because in this year they will go through the most fam

According to the Daily Mail reported on November 23rd, Michael Simpson, 34, is a businessman from Dorset Dorset, england. He and his wife had two children, and the two had a quarrel recently after they traveled to china. Simpson -- ZAKER, personalized rec

In November 24th, actor Rong Yang issued a paper on her, a 4 year old girl's childhood experience, triggering netizens hot discussion. Micro-blog full text: she was reminded of one of her secrets when everyone was shocked by the three colors of the night.

Circle of friends is undoubtedly the hottest topic throughout the 22nd anniversary big show. In particular, the unexpected fall, let her career is facing a not small crisis. In this case, retire in her own words. Now some say this too, after all, really w

News conference at noon on November 18th in Hangzhou, the most exciting Yanan Road, there was a shocking scene, a woman holding a child is running counter to the traffic flow! And the child in her arms was only 8 months old! What is the situation? Who's c

Saito Mayumi hid her baby body in her home, pictured in her apartment, and after a recent murder of 9 people in Kanagawa, and a vicious case in the family, a shocking incident of 20 years of mother and child remains in the Japanese society. 21, Japan - ZA

There is a book called ID:youshucc | parents and children, but is nourishing. I thought I was paying everything for you, until finally found that the completion of the original is my own. After 01 friends attended the funeral of Grandpa, told me a story,

Speaking of Li Xinru, you may not have any impression. But speaking of the forest. Oh, it's her. Yes, yes, today eight sister to say is she, nine years ago, "ugly invincible" let her fire all over the river. The first explosion + + + glasses buckteeth obe

In the alley of Huaihe Road Pedestrian Street in Anhui city of Hefei Province, there are several big and small hotels. But one of them has become the focus of recent attention because of a white board hanging inside the store. The board with three people

Live at home on the world's elite class "through the Department of new media courses below click on the title of junior college | junior college on the recommendation for children aged 9-13 million reading club reading philosophy" a lot of people do not k

There is a TV news a few days ago: a single mother bear bitter hardships raised his son, son graduated from college soon found work. But he often quit the job for less than a month, always complaining about the heavy work, getting up early in the morning,

This morning at about 8, Huadu District Shiling sunshine road falls incident occurred, a 3 year old boy from the sunshine road a rental apartment on the 6 floor balcony falls, died on the spot. The falls, medical staff immediately went to the rescue. Acco

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