On November 7th, a local newspaper in India caused an uproar in the local area. Because this newspaper shot a picture like this: The name of this photo is "Hungry Eyes". The child in the photo is only five or six years old. She is standing in the classroom door and secretly sneaking. Looking at the church

After the death of Chongqing’s uncle, the children cremated the old man and buried him in his home in Shaping, northern Hebei. Recently, when the family opened a cabinet, they found that the old man spent 30,000 yuan in 2013 to buy a burial tomb for himself and his wife, but did not tell his family. Since the old man has already settled into the earth, he is home.

When we are still worried about what we wear every day, a group of mini fashions have begun to share their clothes. The fashion world has a good word, and a lot of bags can't compare with the baby around. The child is the milf Qiangjing suction eye weapon

Some time ago, the national Mother Hu He in micro-blog posted a son Anji practice video, let a person feel distressed and moved. In the video, Anji, with a small hand on the side of tears on the side said: I play bad, play bad, I always play bad. Then, th

Nowadays, a parent who is willing to learn and ask for himself is believed to give the child unconditional love. But in the implementation process, I saw my parents will endure it after the volcano erupted, and later regret guilt; also heard a lot of pare

In two years and five months, she had never seen her son again. That sister shouted downstairs, Liza, children, children were walking. Chen Ping (a pseudonym) like crazy, open family relatives rushed downstairs to peace, ran across the bridge, across has

When everyone a little love to paint, but parents for those not forming paintings or even block the child not take it seriously, at home to scribble. Today we are going to share a few sets of pictures to see how a child who loves painting becomes an artis

Kids to practice a variety of musical instruments, painting or dancing, but really can keep down is not much, most of the children are give up halfway. In fact, this is an adult problem, not a child's problem. Because adults are not clear about their mind

Because the parents do not give money to buy a car, a young couple was that the 10 month old child was kidnapped, trying to get money from their parents. The day before, the couple suspected of fictitious facts disturb public order administrative punishme

It is never too much accustomed to, there are two kinds of habits are not formed, get rid of the two habits, habits and other The more, the better. Which two habits are not formed? One is a habit that does not form a habit, and another is the habit of imp

These two days, a "big trouble" Haidilao woman fire in her restaurant, the waiter poured too slow then smashed the glass, shouted to the waiter also requested: pour 10 cups of water called the 10 waiter all drink … … finally, clothing - ZAKE

The story | Kai tert ID:kaishujianggushi01 in recent days, my son began to frequent lying trees. The little tree is about to be 3 years old and has just gone to the kindergarten for 4 days. When he got up yesterday morning, he hid in a quilt and said to m

When I was a child, my greatest wish was to concentrate all the knowledge that I had to learn all my life into a sugar, and I could be able to become wiser at once. At that time every day to remember a lot of things, really annoying! (I really want to hav

The cold, men will face women's clothes off, chest affectionate … … December 26th at 3 o'clock, the 23 bus station software park bilingual school, a pair of young men and women in the public eye staged hot passion play &he ZAKER, personalize

My cousin is pregnant more than 8 months, soon to be born. During this period, she has always kept nagging in my ear: sister, the child born, if a boy, I must let him practicing taekwondo, the physical exercise of Jiejieshishi; if a girl, I put her when t

There are often more themes of maternal love, while dad is an easy to ignore role. In order to better interpret the father special and delicate love, Snezhana Soosh cartoonist with watercolors, and drew a father to take care of her daughter, brown Han has

We went to Florida for a two week Christmas holiday. Originally intended to write a travelogue and share, but we expect most people to go the route is not the same, it. We are not going to play Orlando Disney, but from the west coast of Tampa (Tampa), Na

If the treatment is successful, the next month in nearly 3 years of Xiaoya can recover from the hospital, one family are looking forward to that day. But a recent bone wear test results came out, Xiaoya and ruthlessly to stay in the hospital. From the age

80 thousand yuan, a pair of couples in Shenzhen sold their 9 - month - old daughter. Before leaving, the child's mother put buyers and accompany their children to Tianjin, the two sides consider on the train again Wednesday feel some regret, in the end wh

Christmas is strong these days, the Christmas atmosphere is strong. The Christmas tree is placed around the mall, the NBA Christmas War is on TV, and the residential property is sent from door to door. Send the kids to the art class. The teacher wearing t

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