[Yifeng middle school a female student falls dead police ruled out homicide] in December 23rd, Jiangxi Yifeng police informed together falls dead event: Yifeng high school student Liu in the 22 day morning, was found in the school dormitory before the fal

A car, starting with the driver of the 3 people, in a strange way is, to reach the destination, two passengers in the car were accidentally killed, but the driver is not serious. A middle-aged couple in a car accident died of poisoning is the 33 year old

Modern Express News (correspondent Liu Yao, rain researcher) stops and stays at the parking key when parking. It can not leave the child alone in the car. Simple principle is understood by everyone, but some owners do not. Li Mousong, a man in Nanjing, is

In February of this year, nine people in Shandong and Zibo Zhoucun met with their colleagues, Li and so on. When they ate, they drank a lot of wine. After dinner, they were drunkenness, but Zhang insisted on driving away by himself. After that, Zhang's re

At 8 a.m. on December 10th, a woman fell from the 11 floor in Xi'an. Li Guowu, a patrolling security guard, saw the scene immediately and went to pick up the woman. But he was knocked down in an instant, and two people died. Yesterday, the Beijing Youth n

This morning, according to a five Xi'an Road, Beijiao Fengcheng shopping mall owners reflect, they send the event falls together. When all media reporters from the city express arrived at the five road of Fengcheng, Beijiao, Xi'an, there had been a warnin

Because Qianfen, December 3rd at 3 pm, Chengdu Shuangliu Huangjia Lee and friends organize workers, opened the ancestral history of about 100 years. Lee found that there were a big coffin on the ancestral line. Near relatives and other workers who heard t

In December 8th, the Xiaoxiang Morning newspaper reporter contacted the extreme Yong Ning family to confirm the news that he had died a month ago. In the afternoon, the reporter learned from the police that at 6:50 on November 9, 2017, the police station

A traffic accident happened on the people's road in Yanliang District of Xi'an early this morning. A car caught fire after being hit. According to the photos taken by witnesses, we could see that the accident vehicle started a big fire. After the accident

Modern express /ZAKER commentator. Cashmere recently, Mr. Zhu received Tangshan City sent a notice of the respondent court ". A year ago, he saw a motorcycle crash, of which one of the motorcyclists escaped. Mr. Zhu immediately drove up. I didn't think of

Just because a network with what you look, Lee Kang and the two men from the bickering be strangers to each other, triggering a melee. The feeling had lost Lee to retrieve face, get home from the army back to thorn place, ginger even stabbed several knive

The cave landform is complex in Guangxi News Network - contemporary life news according to the Guangxi news channel, new media reports, in November 30th, the media reported the Chengxiang town of Wuming District of Nanning City Lianxing village in a cave

[reporter / Wang Meimei co ordinate / Ji Xin] yesterday (December 2nd), Da Bai news was learned from many channels. Sun Tongxue, a freshman in University of International Business and Economics, was separated from the hospital at 23:13 on December 1st at

Recently, a Chongqing woman ran across the road, just a van running through here, the woman hit the body and fell into the bottom, the next second, the woman's head and neck will be run over the wheel, at a crucial moment when the driver brakes stopped! T

The United States of Las Vegas at the beginning of the October shootings occurred, more than 500 people dead, a 52 year old man Roy McClellan a lucky escape, didn't expect after 1 and a half months later, he died in a car accident in the highway. The acci

A boy from Norway got off the bus and ran across the road when he met a heavy truck coming at high speed. At a crucial moment on the occasion, the little boy rushed their truck rolling over, want not to want to turn into the car in front of the lateral ac

On the road, a car suddenly opened the door, passing by the young cyclist can not avoid, hit the fall. No thought, a rear plate Trailer came, and once again collided with the teenager, the teenager finally died. Recently, the tragic incident in Xiaoshan,

At that time, Mr. Qu's family four were sleeping on the bed, unexpectedly suddenly started the fire. Mr. Qu's family four were rescued after the fire, the injury is very serious. Mr. Qu's three year old son and one year old daughter were seriously injured

At 9 a.m. on November 3rd, 5 minutes and 21 seconds of the "most beautiful girl" video exploded the circle of friends in Zunyi. A girl wearing a blue coat in the video, fell on his knees in the street, a sudden illness faint man doing CPR, after repeated

Data figure: the mission of Afghan security forces soldiers in Kabul in August 26, Xinhua (reporter on behalf of he) 26 Afghan media quoted security sources, reported that 25 occurred in the capital Kabul mosque attacks have killed more than 30 people, at

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