On December 9, Niu Moujie, a 20-year-old vocational school student, left his school with his girlfriend's father, Xu Mou. Two days later, Niu Moujie's family was informed by the police that Niu Moujie died in Building No. 1 in Chaoyang Xinyuan, Beijing. A fire broke out at the accident site, and his body was found in the fire. Niu Moujie took a photo with his girlfriend before his death (Interview

The following is an introduction to the entry method of the death cell test version. How to enter the death cell test b? Let's take a look. Dead cell test version entry method list The test version has a test and b test respectively; a test is equivalent to a demo of new content, often BUG, ​​delete

On December 14, an elderly man in Liubei, Guangxi, was killed in a car crash with three cars. All three cars escaped. The police opened a case for investigation and issued a reward notice. On December 25th, @ 北 流 公安 announced on Weibo that the last person who escaped from a traffic accident in Baima Town, Beiliu City 12.14

Screenshot of Korean media report (Korea Law Broadcasting News) A ridiculous case occurred in South Korea in 2018. After a man saw a drunk strange woman, he forced him into a car for sexual assault. The woman died unexpectedly. On the 20th, the Seoul High Court made a second-instance decision.

Screenshot of Korean media report (Korea Law Broadcasting News) A ridiculous case occurred in South Korea in 2018. After a man saw a drunk strange woman, he forced him into a car for sexual assault. The woman died unexpectedly. On the 20th, the Seoul High Court made a second-instance decision.

Freshmen fell to the ground during a physical test; high school girl died of a sudden fall; 14-year-old junior high school student passed away during the physical test & amp; hellip; & amp; hellip; Accidental death. Apart from regret, we should also reflect on this.

Modern Express (Reporter Yan Junchen) On December 17, the official website of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development recently released an accident report on Huayang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. The contents of the report showed that the site of the incident was located in the Rugao Greenland · Zhongshan Platinum Residence project site in Rugao, Rugao...

Yesterday (December 15) at 19:00, due to rain and snow, the road was slippery and frozen, causing the small lane (within about 1.5 kilometers) of the former Maiwanggou Bridge in the northern half of the Lianhuo Expressway K795. There were a number of traffic accidents, causing 3 People were injured. In addition, due to poor sight at night, the scene 5

At 8: 3 pm on December 12, a small car collided with a large truck at the intersection of Huaiqiling and Henglong Bridge on the intercity trunk road in the mountainous area of ​​Yiyang. The front of the car was seriously damaged, and 3 people were trapped. The scene of the accident, a large red truck stopped at the intersection, the black car's head was stuck in the large red truck

On December 12, 2019, the People's Procuratorate of Yulin City reviewed and decided to investigate the crimes of Xue Moumou and Hui Moumou who were detained due to their misconduct in accordance with the law. On December 13, they decided to criminally detain them. . Basic facts: 2019

At about 3:40 pm on the 13th, Qilu Evening News Qilu received a report from the public that at the Jinan Zoo in Tianqiao District, a maintenance worker had an accident while repairing amusement equipment, and died on the spot. At 5 pm, the reporter rushed to the Jinan Zoo and entered through the north gate of the park.

Xiao Gao Hegang, the creator of the "Bullet On the Break" series, announced his latest work today, called "Death Come True." , The producer is Shinsuke Umeda, and the creative director is Shusuke Kamada.

On the 5th local time, a 23-year-old gang rape victim in Uttar Pradesh, India, was retaliated by petrol while she was testifying in court. Her body burned as much as 90%, and she died in a hospital in the capital New Delhi on the 6th. The incident caused great outrage among local people.

The latest situation of the collapse of the sewage tank in Haining, Zhejiang: According to the latest news, 9 people have been killed so far, and 4 other seriously injured have been treated in the hospital. As of 3 a.m. on December 4th, all missing persons were found and the scene was still being cleaned up. Source: People's Daily

According to the British "The Sun" reported on December 1, local time, in Van Buren, Indiana (close to the Canadian border), a 65-year-old man set a trap in his home to prevent robbery and theft November 28) Thanksgiving

Above: Olivia's car In 2018, a car was found in a lake in the United States, sitting in a car that had been dead for 9 months. Recently, the US court published information about the deceased. Comprehensive foreign media reported on November 22, July 31, 2018

BEIJING, Nov. 24 (Xinhuanet) According to foreign media reports, on the afternoon of the 23rd local time, the US authorities said that a train in Palm Beach County, Florida, collided with a car, killing at least three people. Barbera, a spokesperson for the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, said (when the accident occurred)

A 10-year-old girl from Kerala, India, was bitten by a snake during class. Although she immediately informed the teacher, the teacher insisted that she should finish her class and refused to help her. As a result, the girl’s entire calf was severely blacked out during class, and she died in the middle of her medical treatment. Local time on the 20th, around 3:30 pm,

The private refuge in "Death Stranded" is very useful. Many players are not very clear about the role of private refuge. Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to the role of private refuge for players, hoping to help everyone. Let's take a look. The resources in the built private shelter are independent.

On the evening of November 4, 2018, Xing Fang (a pseudonym) and her husband Qiu Fei (a pseudonym) set up a banquet at home to entertain friends. Both of them had alcohol. After the friend left, Qiu Fei fell asleep because of sleepiness, and the mobile phone fell to the side. Just after Xing Fang took care of the housework and entered the bedroom, he accidentally found Qiu Fei and others to text...

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