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Digital Bros, the parent company of game publisher 505 Games, just announced its first quarter of the 2019 fiscal year (2019.7~2019.9). The financial report showed that the first quarter revenue increased significantly, mainly due to "Control" and "Red Mark:

Recently, the Japanese game magazine "Fami Tong" scored a full score of 40 for "Death Stranded." However, some netizens began to question whether the scores of Famitsu are hydrated. One of their reasons is that the former editor of Famitsu, Hiroshi Hiroshi, also appeared in the game. "

--- This translation from IGN editor Jonathon Dornbush's latest comment - before the release of "Death Stranded", the player's biggest concern is whether this island's first work from Konami will create a brand new of

Hello everyone, here is the game of surprise, I am your brother. "Death stranded" can be said to be the most topical game at present, due to the influence of producer Kojima Hideo, this courier game turned into a master of goods, the stock of the claws in the game has risen one after another! Believe that the player is only

The highly anticipated "Death Stranded" has been officially unlocked. To celebrate the launch of "Death Stranded", PlayStation officially announced that it will present a set of PSN avatars for Bridges Baby/Bridge Baby at PSN Hong Kong.

From the media evaluation on November 1 to the ban, and then officially on November 8, the players personally started, the evaluation of "Death Stranded" has been polarized, and its quality is mixed. In the latest PlayStation Access show, Kojima Show

Everyone, friends, friends, good evening, "Daily Bus Daily Travel" will summarize the hot game information for the players and friends. Let’s take a look at the information in today’s information circle when you are at rest and after work. Also log in to the Steam and Epic stores on the PC side.

The PC version of Death Stranded is now available for pre-sales on the Epic Game Mall and Steam platform. Today, some players found that although the game will be displayed in the store in the summer of 2020, if you choose to give other players a game in the Steam shopping cart,

In addition to the national shopping and carnival festival, the annual double eleven is also the peak period of express delivery, and the busy streets of the couriers can be seen in the streets and alleys. However, a few days ago, the official microblog of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau quoted a section of the current game of the deadly game "Death Stranded".

This article gives you an overview of the special terms of death stranding. Some players are not very clear, so let's take a look. Death stranded: HA's Bridget accidentally killed Sam in his baby's time, while KA's Bridget revived his baby's time in the shoal

There is a picture of the truth, no picture to say an egg! Hello everyone, here is a new game that is updated every Monday. I am a little brother! It’s time for us to look at the game and watch the game. There is not much nonsense, the picture above! "Death Stranded": Let's send the courier to build the infrastructure together! Game platform: PS4/PC everyone's express is stranded

Not long ago, 505 Games announced that it was responsible for the release of the PC version of "Death Stranded", when Kojima Studio also sent a tweet to celebrate. Now this book has been pre-ordered on the Epic Games platform and the Steam platform. Basic price of the game

"Death Stranded" is still available for sale in a few days, but Hideo Kojima has begun to explore what to do in the future. In the "BBC Documentary" produced by the BBC, the program group visited the small island studio and communicated with the island. Kojima said that the island studio future

"Death Stranded" is now on sale, along with a lot of discussion from players, and of course many other people create content. Recently, a video producer named "NCHProductions" opened his mind and made a "Yao Xi stranded" with Yao Xi as the main character, from the video

The PS4/PS4 Pro screen is compared to Kojima Hideo's "Death Stranded", which is about to be unlocked. I don't know if you are ready. Recently, foreign media IGN produced a video comparing the images of Death Stranded on PS4 and PS4 Pro.

Death Stranded is now officially available on the PS4 platform. To celebrate the release of the game, PlayStation Hong Kong has released six free personal avatars based on BB's various emotions. Enter the code at PSN Hong Kong Store [5GM6 - 8FNK - 2LH

Hello everyone, I am Dr. X. The new week has started again. What fun new games will be waiting for us this week? Let’s take a look. [This week's hot update] Focus: "Apex Hero" will open the double group mode. However, the limited time mode recently "Apex Hero" is official

Everyone, friends, friends, good evening, "Daily Bus Daily Travel" will summarize the hot game information for the players and friends. Let’s take a look at the information in today’s information circle during your break and off-hours. The promo publicly focused on the protagonist Sam Bridges Sony official

"Death Stranded" is on sale soon, Hideo Kojima recently accepted an interview with the BBC and talked about the connection between some global political events and "Abandoned Death." Hideo Kojima said that through the Internet, contemporary people are more likely to connect with each other than ever before, but the reality is that people

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