Forty is not to be confused, and fifty is to know destiny. The famous saying of Confucius should be rewritten. What is the meaning of life? In the context of population aging, this problem is no longer limited to philosophical thinking, not only the spiritual question of self-transcendence, but also a medical problem that is closely related to health and longevity. The determination of the...

Swedish environmental girl Greta Tumberg and her father Swant Tumberg (GETTY) overseas website December 30. The 16-year-old Swedish girl Greta Tumberg This year it attracted much attention and became

Original title: Changan Ford 30-year-old engineer crashed, family members who have suffered from depression: Ca n’t read news from 120 working groups More than 80% of those alumni

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 15th. Want to eat sweets when you are unhappy? I'm afraid I'll take it easy. A recent study released by the University of Kansas in the United States showed that intake of too much sugar may exacerbate depression symptoms. University of Kansas researchers say in winter news that depression is depression

Netease Entertainment reported on December 15 On December 14, the well-known host Zhang Da suddenly posted a post late at night: Cannot be defeated by depression, it is not difficult to see between the lines that he is deeply troubled by depression. Zhang Dada's post late at night scared many netizens, and everyone gave him encouragement:

It is said that Qiao Loli made his face for the first time? The reporter who interviewed her wrote: She refused the appointment half a month ago because she had to eat emmm to lose weight, and it looked like she was a bit fat indeed? ? What is the specific situation? Let Xiaobian take everyone to review the Qiao Loli incident. His Excellency Joe Biluo in Betta

Jiang Nan, who was once the richest man on the list of rich Chinese writers, has suffered from depression in his novels for a long time. He is actively recovering during this time and will return to readers in the future. Jiang Nan said that he has been bothered by insomnia and depression for a long time, and he has already found that he has suffered from depression.

Gymnastics queen Byers stepped onto the platform recently, completing a turn 720 tossing backwards for two weeks. Netizens lamented that diving. You have no opponents in gymnastics. Looking back at the World Gymnastics Championships in 2019, Byers alone won the four individual event championships of women's all-around, vaulting, free exercise and balance beam.

Hi everyone, this is Dr. X. Today, Dr. X wants to show you a game called Heart Gate produced by seven college students. In fact, Dr. X has already told you a lot about the legendary story of college students playing games. But the story of Heart Gate is a little different. Focus depression

Behind the depression message on Weibo Shudong, someone is using AI to protect them. Source: Dr. X (ID: doctorx666) A few days ago I was bored and started to clean up my phone address book. Familiar name. Let her be called Xiaoyi. in

On the evening of November 19th, Wang Xiaomin, a 24-year-old NPC graduate, lost contact in the vicinity of Fangguyuan District, Fengtai District. Today (November 24) morning, Ms. Wang’s sister, Ms. Wang, told the Red Star journalist that the police had filed a case investigation but had not found a clue to her sister. These two days

On November 15th, Elva Hsiao published a message on Weibo: Let us celebrate our 20th anniversary! On the road of life, the difference is not where you went, but who you are with to celebrate the 20th anniversary of your debut, but also promoted your new specialization.

"During depression can not be implanted." On November 13, Xiao Feng, who was implanted in the Ruili poetry hair transplant medical beauty clinic in Qingyang District, Chengdu, was rejected by the clinic doctor for such reasons one second before the operation. However, at this time, Xiao Feng had filled in the materials, paid the fees, and changed clothes. More importantly, one

Netease Entertainment reported on November 13 Recently, a video of Zhao Yihan was interviewed online. In the video, Zhao Yihan reveals his heart and says that he has been living in the eyes of others and living in the minds of others. She is totally different from others in her imagination. Zhao Yihan said that I imagined myself.

Xinhua News Agency, Sydney, November 11 (Guo Yang Yin Yanan) Researchers from Murdoch University in Australia recently published a paper in the British Journal of Neuropharmacology, saying that saffron extract is better when combined with antidepressants. Antidepressant effect, but the researchers also said that this is only

Do not buy a double eleven discount is blood loss? This is actually a normal loss aversion psychology. However, in order to get the right meal, the merchants will also struggle to use the loss and aversion. In the overwhelming preferential and interest-free period, can you still hold yourself? Double eleven can't help but buy and buy? Impulsive consumption

Intern Tang Jiayue ZAKER Harbin reporter Zhu Hong Last month, the news of the death of Korean female star Shirley due to depression caused people to focus on the disease of depression again. Recently, the reporter visited the first special hospital in Harbin, doctors have the same sigh, these years, more and more young patients

Recently, actor Hotazza was attacked by many netizens using false speculations because he was exposed to major depression on Weibo. Then many big V bloggers also stood up to speak for her. Now, the subject matter of special people in the movie market is gradually increasing, from autism to campus.

Because of the time of eating melon, this topic has always been quite controversial, so I am really hesitant. In the end, I have to write about the matter of heat, but I always feel that it is necessary to write, because I mentioned this thing last time. At that time, I was spit out once, and I didn't make it clear at the time. So let’s talk about it again.

After the Korean star Shirley committed suicide, the topic of how celebrities encounter cyber violence has become popular. On November 2nd, in the "Biography", the actor who loves to dare to hate Ning Guiren is hot, and on Weibo, a large number of netizens advertise their own embarrassment and bad comments. She said: (Look) Humanity can be dark and ugly.

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