There are always a few crashes involving good men, and it is no surprise that everyone is used to them. But it is rare that this brother collapsed so thoroughly. Who is he? It was Jiang Youbai, who once set Kangxi's second highest ratings in history. In these years, it was Yan Yan who collapsed first. The host of Kangxi

As the saying goes, often walking by the river, how can we not wet shoes? According to the Daily Mail on December 29, British Prime Minister Boris has recently been exposed to a secret relationship with a businesswoman when he was mayor of London many years ago. Interestingly, it was not the other person who exploded the bombshell, it was the businesswoman herself

Tang Yifei ’s domineering rebirth rumor Tang Yifei (data map) Netease Entertainment reported on December 30. On December 30, Tang Yifei ’s domineering rebirth rumor, she uploaded a picture of her son ’s funny headshot filter and wrote: This is a TV series! accept

Netease Entertainment reported on December 20 On December 19, Tang Yifei returned to the social networking site and posted a post saying that he had been subjected to online violence. Her husband, Ling Xiaosu, said he did not protect himself, and he blamed himself. Subsequently, five articles were issued in succession, stating that he did not speak secretly and would pay legal responsibility...

Ding Zigao, son Ding Zigao, and Yang Qianyi Netease Entertainment reported on December 19 According to Hong Kong media reports, Ding Zigao personally revealed the mystery of not fighting with his wife Yang Qianzhen. He said: It is impossible, but not serious, to have no quarrel with each other for ten years. I am unhappy and angry, everyone will spread out immediately, I will be at work

I did n’t find it. This year, there are only 0 and countless XX sentence patterns. What kind of domestic violence, what kind of drug abuse, what derailment? All big and small star events can be seamlessly applied perfectly. In the last ten days of the end of the year, I did not expect Tao Ye to come out again to smash his performance. Is he trying to do his best?

On December 13th, some netizens commented on Ma Rong's Weibo: Wang Baoqiang has a girlfriend. Unexpectedly, Ma Rong's dissatisfaction was agitated instantly, and the netizen was furious: I bought a meat bun yesterday, took a bite, and found that I dumped it in the trash and was eaten by the dog. Is it a waste? Taunt Wang Baoqiang

The following article comes from Entertainment Ji, the author 8 Ji Taodi was shot again. This time I was photographed and sang K with three beautiful women. When one of the girls was sent home, the two were alone behind the pillars, and they seemed quite close. When he got out of the car, he also took hold of the girl's hand, and he behaved very intimately.

On December 7, Beijing time, according to US media reports, Kohler-Kardashian has forgiven Tristan-Thompson for derailing his sister Kelly-Jenna's girlfriend Yodi Woods, and Kohler also posted on social media Long chicken soup. In this chicken soup article, Kohler wrote

Two days ago, the net red lu Yichao announced on Weibo that she would divorce her husband Ge Cheng, and the man would go out of the house and raise his daughter independently. She said that her husband Ge Cheng was derailed during his pregnancy. He did not believe that he had spoken for her husband before, but after finding out that derailment was true, he decided to talk with the man after his...

Netease Entertainment reported on December 6 that Li Xiaolu and Jiang Jinfu's new drama "You love me so much, I want to take it seriously" will be aired in 2020. Netizens taunted like a tide: extreme popularity, popular top traffic stars both deducted And domestic violence! On the 6th, some netizens reported that they were informed

The gun shot the head bird, and the latest stars are all holding their tails to be human, so hot search has become the world of Internet celebrities. Derailment, domestic violence, and remarriage are staged in turns. In that chamber, Ah Qin and the former boyfriend of Zhan and his small forest ended the vigorous tug-of-war; in this box, it seemed that the drama of Xiaosan Hammer was started...

The following article originated from the time I was shocked. The author shocked the uncle author / shocked uncle. An interesting person. Have you seen Deng Chao's "The Breakup Master"? Breakup masters understand the weaknesses of men and women in love, and make suggestions for the feelings of others. As long as he shoots, there is no way to break up. Break up with

Another day full of question marks in my head. Zhang Liang and Kou Jing are divorced: it's the same dad we know every day. He sent it at 7:40 in the morning, probably too anxious, and wrote the wrong divorce year & amp; darr; 200117 at the beginning ... It really is not this year and never divorce

Recently hot search was apologized. There was a famous network red Liu Yang who made a apology and went to the top to search. △ Don't ask, Sir didn't know that Jiang Yiyan admits it today, his attitude is sincere, and he has a wave of writing across the border. How's the effect? Can only say …&hell

NetEase Entertainment reported on November 21st that after Liu Yang and the third party and the semi-Tibetan forest successively issued a document admitting the derailment, Auntie re-issued a long article saying that Liu Yang had recently discovered that Liu Yang had derailed many times, saying that Liu Yang had been in the first 15 years. She hooked up all kinds of girls, more than once...

I haven't seen a hot explosion on the hot search for a long time, even Lin Zhiling's marriage is just boiling... Who is Liu Yang? Who is Auntie? Just these two names, they occupy six hot searches. From the point of view of hot search, the two of them broke up. After careful understanding, I found that this was not so simple. Net red love and hate. Simple to come

Net red semi-Tibetan forest issued a apology, half-Tibet forest appeared in Liu Yang video Netease Entertainment November 20 reported on November 19, fashion bloggers, net red aunt announced on Weibo and Liu Yang broke up, but also the other side derailed The evidence map, the reason for the break-up is that the man has derailed his own years of mutual relations.

On November 20th, Beijing time, according to the US gossip media report, the Cavaliers starting center Tristan Thompson recently combined with Kohler Kardashian, Thompson was exposed to rumors, this time the derailment target is a 24-speed American woman Rapper Megan-Pitt (Me

Netease Entertainment reported on November 19th, on November 19th, Net Auntie announced that he broke up with Liu Yang on Weibo unilaterally, and also exposed the evidence of the other party's derailment. The reason for the breakup was that the man derailed his friends who had been with each other for many years. The female suspect is a semi-Tibet forest. Just last week, Auntie was in the small

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