Recently, a variety show - "The actor is in place" was released. The program was to invite four directors and some actors + tutors to conduct group confrontation. The comments of directors and mentors became the biggest point. The directors are very different in personality, Guo Jingming wants to be strong and straightforward, Zhao Wei’s emotional intelligence is high and soft, and Li...

The premiere of the movie "You of the Teenagers" was named as an adult gift by Zeng Guoxiang. Indeed, this ritual belongs to the juvenile, and belongs to him, the second generation of the star who has just entered the age of 40. The coming will always come, no need to go through the twists and turns. On October 22, 2019, I have experienced many times.

Yesterday, actor Li Jingjing issued a message on Weibo that she would withdraw from her career in the end of her 34-year career as a career. She said that she wanted to concentrate on bringing her children. She wrote that starting today, I will quit my acting life with me for thirty-four years, concentrate on bringing children, and be the second career in my life.

Li Jingjing, a 49-year-old actress who once played the role of Zhuang Yu in "Golden Marriage", announced on October 12 that he officially withdrew from the entertainment industry. The reason was to accompany his daughter in Canada. Vancouver accompanied the old drama bones to withdraw from the entertainment circle for many years, Li Jingjing is an old play bone, in many shadows

Less nonsense, look directly at the picture. This is a screenshot of the scene of the Hunan Taiwan Suning Double 11 Party. The artists went on the spot and they just came out of the mine. I am thinking about a hot search? Indeed on ……? ? ? It’s obvious that the light master is acting alone.

Recently, Hollywood has been arguing in quarrels. It’s about such a topic: Is Marvel’s superhero movie a movie? The confessed friends of the square have their own opinions, and they are vying for a red face. The thing is going back to an interview with Empire Magazine in early October. Topic sponsor, American director Martin

Open the first two pictures to wash your eyes, remember this face because the next thing you see will be such a Han like this a few days ago, Wu Yifan released a new song "贰叁" with MV, the heroine is Kimura Koshi, All of the above are screenshots of the MV, except for a lens that can be seen, others are either gray-faced or

Today, some people have shelled the entertainment circle. Not an audience. Not the media. But actor …… I am myself? Hear what he said: Now I actually think that there are some very bad phenomena, that is, there are some directors and producers. The standard of their choice of actors is not the acting of actors.

In the past few days, tens of thousands of people in Japan have participated in a survey and selected a 20-year-old female star in her heart. How intense is the competition? Pick a few candidates and you will know! There is a mixed-race doll Ikeda Yilaisha, and finally the ninth. There are Matsuoka Mio, who appeared in "Question Restaurant", "Little Forest", "Smugglers"

The following article is from the reader, the author of the Cypress source | Reader (ID: duzheweixin) text | Cebe we are alive, not a moment of living, but live for a lifetime. Going home on National Day, it is rare to get together, but old friends are a little depressed. After asking a few times, she said that she participated in the National Day for a few days.

I was laughed at by the screenshot of Wu Yifan's MV. Hahahahahaha! So is this a beautiful man in the costumes playing the flute or in Wu Yifan in the sugar cane? How can there be such a thick flute, can you plug in? Hahahahaha. (There is a netizen science, this is a Korean instrument, it is too inconsistent with our aesthetics.

This, directly shot her as a lie! ? Have made it, Wu Yifan is on the line today. If you have heard anything you have never heard before, you can listen to it again. In addition to Wu Yifan's own new song, this new song is dedicated to the first costume style. Another topic is that the female MV is the female of Kimura Takuya.

"Watching Pioneer 2" was officially announced at this year's Blizzard Carnival, and it was clear that the content of the first generation of "Watching Pioneer" will be integrated into the 2nd generation, players can retain the existing skin, avatar, spray paint, expressions, achievements and so on. In the interview, producer Jeff Kaplan said

After the French Caesar Award, the popular young actress Ayur Hahanel publicly complained that she was constantly sexually harassed by the famous director Christopher • Lukia between 12 and 15 years old. Then the director denied that he did not expect to have more than 30 related people.

The following article comes from beebee planet, author beebee Author: beebee Source: beebee Planet Photos from the network, if infringement please contact delete starring Kris Wu, angel sister, friends said the angel sister finally experience acting on rolling

The most controversial Chinese new drama in these two days, it must be "Sin Dreamer." As the first original Chinese-language drama series of Netfair, the momentum before the broadcast was extremely fierce. The net flight gave the homepage recommendation, and the Douban people wanted to see it. Production team, Taiwan's first post-80s film director Chen Yingrong guide, to create the first HBO

The Venus Dance Group took a group photo in the talk show "Golden Star Show", played the bitch in the drama "dog charm", and served as a judge in the dance program …… multi-faceted development did not affect the original intention of Venus She always positioned herself as a dancer. December 20

The box office broke 800 million! The film "You of the Boys" was released in just 7 days, and the word-of-mouth box office was red--the 7-day consecutive box-office champion; over 300,000 people scored 8.7. The evaluation given by many viewers is: This movie is too far off. The blackboard at the back of the classroom is always

Nowadays, the variety show of "The Actors are in Place" is on the air. Every issue starts, the topic is very hot, and it will definitely introduce a wave of actors to the audience, let the audience know a lot of new generation actors or Re-recognize the actors who were active on the big screen. And this time I want to introduce to you, that is

Starring Kris Wu and Tian Xian's sister, netizens said that Tian Xian's sister finally experienced the performance of the opponent's "To Youth", you are still here" scored 4.1. The "Little Age" four-part score is the lowest, and "Small Age 3: The Golden Age" scores 4.4. ——

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