With your hard work, the worst result is not too late. The grandmother of National Grandmother "Qing Yu Nian" has an advanced on-demand finale. Behind the scenes, Boss is beyond everyone's expectations. Behind the scenes The second Prince's plot setting is novel and reasonable, and the protagonist's acting is impeccable. The whole play

Crying, crying silently & amp; hellip; & amp; hellip; In the play, Luo Jin contributed a variety of crying methods. Tormented in the play, the prince Xiao Jinquan played by Luo Jin cried

"The Uncharted" live-action movie has changed director. After director Dan Trachtenberg left the project team in August of this year, Sony Pictures hired the director of Hornet, Travis Knight, to direct the film. But within a few months, the director

The following article comes from the film factory, author of director: Director Source: Film Factory Photos from the network, if infringement please contact delete missed, no doubt a lot of people a lifetime of regret. One chose to leave decisively because he wanted to complete the other; one was forced to let go because he didn't feel the love at that time. Like that sentence

It's time to face it up. Movie winter. This year's hot words, regulars on the topic list, when these two words collided with the film and television industry, it was an overwhelming Xiao Suo breath. Group performances are not filming, and they are shooting together. The startup rate of the Hengdian film and television base has dropped. This year, the number of filming and production of TV...

(Originally titled: TV blind date guest source survey) Beijing Business Daily reported on December 29th. Although various variety shows have emerged endlessly and rapidly iterated in recent years, they have not been able to shake the audience's rigid demand for blind date programs. Faced with various guests, about

Shake your hands? Thousands of celebrity addresses accidentally leaked by the British government Yang Shuyi The British government accidentally leaked the addresses of more than 1,000 dignitaries and celebrities online, including music superstar Elton John and Oscar film director Sam Mendes. British Cabinet Office apologizes on 28th, set about taking

Many celebrities have died in 2019. Many stars from the scientific community, the literary and artistic circles, and the business community have fallen. On them, we witness the demise of the times and let us remember them who were once stars. Yu Min, the father of China's hydrogen bomb, was 93 years old. Pei Mingming, Chinese-American Architect

The trailer for Kyoto Animation ’s latest theatrical movie, The Violet Eternal Garden, The Legend of Forever and the Automated Doll, has been released in Japan, and it is officially announced that the film will be released on the mainland on January 10, 2020. Video address `` Violet Eternal Garden Gaiden Forever and Robot

The hit of the TV series "Ying Yu Nian" has made many characters in the play frequently appear on the hot search list, such as the cute Guo Baokun in the play, this role can be called a funny role in the play, self-proclaimed talent, as a result, poetry was directly led by the hero Fan Xian spike, what makes people even more irritable is that he was also beaten by Fan Xian

Guo Baokun, the son of the Book of Rites in the hit drama "Qing Yu Nian", can be regarded as the funny part of the play, and he has contributed many funny shows. Guo Jingkun's player, Jia Jinghui, is a very powerful actor. His first work debut was "Mei Lanfang" directed by Chen Kaige. On December 25th, Jia Jinghui picked up

Friends who are familiar with Sister Bao should know that Sister Bao is a loyal fan of Charlize Theron. I like Theon not because of anything else, but because she has the capital to eat on her face, but she must use acting to conquer the audience. In many word-of-mouth works, he even hesitated to destroy himself. (Source: listal) and

Despite being 58 years old, Chen Chong still made no secret of his nostalgia for idealism. She thinks that old is not terrible, terrible is rotten, and it is the forgetting of ideals. Maturity is only superficial, and she still retains a sense of innocence deep inside. Such women are sexy and brave. October 2019

crooked? Is the director of Sweet Crit? I would like to invite Ning to see what is the real sweet crit. This morning, an intriguing entry was searched for-Weiting Chen and Chu Xi Animation

"Manslaughter" really exploded! 3 days box office 200 million +, Douban score 7.7, this year's big hit, is currently spreading the screen of friends in the circle of friends. Although the remake is from the Indian film "Manslaughter Concealing the Diary", it made the audience shout that this is the most enjoyable and cool domestic crime film this year. Even once

crooked? Is the director of Sweet Crit? I would like to invite Ning to see what is the real sweet crit. This morning, an intriguing entry was searched for-Weiting Chen and Chu Xi Animation

Zhou Yangqing was awarded a painting by the director of "Cherry Maruko" Green). Zhou Yang

Netease Entertainment special report on December 17th On December 16th, E Jingwen won the new actor of the year when attending an event. When she received the award, she admitted her distress without filming, and stated that as a new film and television newcomer, she knew her position and hoped Directors can find a good show and have less trouble

Endless! Do you guys chase the finale of "The Actor Please Be In Place"? After sitting for N hours at the scene, I felt my throat screaming for dumb palms, and the whole person seemed to be hollowed out. As soon as I recovered my vitality, I couldn't wait to chat Seen without delay live. Although the lively red carpet is nothing

Editor's note: This article was sourced from DT Finance and reproduced with permission from Venture State. I haven't filmed for 8 months this year. Di Lierba said on a variety show in August. Similarly, Huo Jianhua, the idol of the previous generation, would jokingly say at home that I was unemployed for a long time. Ming Dao is also participating

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