There is an old saying, "Don't speak, don't sleep" & amp; darr; & amp; darr; means you can't do nothing when you eat and don't talk when you sleep. (Anyway, DV ca n’t do it) But why do you do this? Because it is not only easy to affect appetite, but also to harm physical and mental health & amp; darr;

2020 is coming. Diagnosing and treating diseases through high-tech, robots and other methods is the expectation of human beings in the new decade. Now artificial intelligence has made some progress in detecting diseases. According to the British "Guardian" reported on January 1, an artificial intelligence program developed by Google

On December 29, a woman in Tampa, Florida, USA led a pet dog out of the elevator. She did not notice that the traction rope was still in the car. After the elevator door was closed, the dog was pulled into the air instantly. To suffocate. Fortunately, Dr. Mohamed & amp; middot; Awad

A mother named Kiara Stroud in Georgia, USA bought an AirPod for a 7-year-old son as a Christmas gift. I did not expect that my son swallowed the headset two days later! According to ABC News on January 1,

Mr. Li of Xiamen recently felt dizziness, sore throat, cough, thought that he had a cold, and went to the community health service center to check the doctor and found that it was not so simple and quietly deducted his medical insurance card. Mr. Li, who was discharged from hospital yesterday, talked about the treatment experience Say you're too lucky. What the hell is going on? He thought

Recently, the 65-year-old Li was overjoyed. He found himself having presbyopia for many years and suddenly healed! Finally, the reading glasses can be thrown away. Goose & amp; hellip; & amp; hellip; The doctor said something that scared him! Lao Li used to have reading glasses before reading newspapers, but recently, when witnessing miracles,

About 7,226 words in Li Hua ’s post-surgery. Estimated reading time: 19 minutes. Author | Liu Fang Edit | Li Hua, 46, from Panshi Town, Qiyang County, Yuhua, Hunan Province. The wish is simple: to see the mother ’s face, even though the mother is in the house every day. Around him. But he couldn't look up. His head is folded,

According to a report by the British "Daily Mail" on December 31, 2019, a miracle happened to a woman in the United States. After being convicted of brain death, she was awake after 7 months of coma! The woman's name is Ketysha Brabson, 31 years old, and she is the mother of two children.

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on the 30th, recently, a 13-year-old Brazilian girl died unexpectedly during childbirth, and even more shocking is that her biological father had sexually abused her for 4 years. On the 11th local time, the 13-year-old female student named Lovana suffered serious illness.

Recently, the training video of Guizhou Armed Police fighter Guo Guangxing received more than 9,000 likes and more than 100 comments on Douyin. When he enlisted, Guo Guangxing weighed 180 pounds. He assured the monitor that he must be thinner than 160 pounds within 3 months. 7 months later,

In 2019, many interesting medical cases were reported. Although these case reports describe the condition of individual patients, they are not as authoritative as rigorous large-scale scientific research. But these reports can help us better understand rare diseases or find unusual signs of common diseases.

On December 21st, Mr. Lei, who lives in Qingyuan, Guangdong, took his six-year-old daughter Xiaoyi (pseudonym) to the local Baptist Hospital for medical treatment. At that time, the child's stomach was uncomfortable. The doctor diagnosed gastroenteritis and gave Xiaoyi an injection and medicine. However, after treatment, Xiaoyi's condition not only did not improve, but also continued to grow.

In 2019, many interesting medical cases were reported. Although these case reports describe the condition of individual patients, they are not as authoritative as rigorous large-scale scientific research. But these reports can help us better understand rare diseases or find unusual signs of common diseases.

According to the US Fox News, a Romanian woman with pancreatic cancer was burned to death last week due to improper operation by a doctor. It is reported that a 66-year-old patient was sterilized by a surgeon at a hospital in Bucharest on December 22.

On December 28, Wang Xia, a retired doctor of the Department of Ultrasound in the Shapingba District Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in Chongqing, told the media that since the hospital moved to a temporary premises in a residential area in 2008, more than 10 colleagues have developed cancer. Doctor Wang Xia believes that when the hospital launched the X-ray radiography business, the safety

Christmas Eve in 2019 is an unsafe night. A family member of a patient deliberately killed Dr. Yang Wen, who was working in the emergency department of Beijing Civil Aviation General Hospital. The murderer's brutality was appalling. The National Health and Medical Commission responded on the 28th and stressed that this incident is not a so-called medical dispute, but a very serious one.

This article is reproduced from: China News Weekly, author: Li Ruijia United States who face a constant stream of, but most of the time she plays the role of a doctor is discouraging, I think the mandibular angle grinding mill face-lift. Dr. Jiang Yanan received a WeChat from an old customer during the busy face-to-face consultation. Below is a recent photo. girl

At 6 o'clock on December 24th, a family member injury incident occurred in the Civil Aviation General Hospital of Chaoyang District, Beijing. Yang Wen, deputy chief physician of the emergency department of the hospital, suffered a malignant injury to a patient's family during normal diagnosis and treatment, causing a neck Serious injury. At present, the suspect has been arrested. Doctor on duty...

On the 24th, Yang Wen, a doctor of Beijing Civil Aviation General Hospital, was killed by a patient's family during the diagnosis and treatment. While expressing indignation at violence, everyone joined in discussions on how to prevent violent injuries and medical incidents. In fact, the violent medical injury incident is a global pain point.

Nowadays, the emergency department of the hospital is busy as usual, and the medical staff work step by step. Only when Yang Wen is mentioned, many people will have red eyes. ▲ Sister Sun Wenbin, the killer, was interviewed: his brother was not working, and his mother paid him living wages. Beijing News our video produced (ID: wevideo) Civil Aviation General Hospital injuries

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