Recently, the news that a baby girl from Jilin Songyuan was born with two teeth has attracted attention. The Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the mother of the baby girl, Ms. Bao, that the child had two lower incisors at birth. The doctor told her that the tooth was called a birth tooth. At present, the child has been 21 days old, and the two birth teeth are still growing.

The introverted teenager, one night, suddenly said to his grandfather, vomiting: The blood is bleeding! Grandpa was shocked on the spot. After looking at his grandson's underwear, he quickly sent the child to the hospital... What happened? The teenager stuffed 53 buck balls into the body! 14 years old

Intern Yang Wei Li Xiaohang ZAKER Harbin reporter Li Yongming Han Xuemei October 22, Fuyu County, Qiqihar City. On this day, Yuze, 5, did not go to kindergarten. He yelled at the early morning and recorded a mobile video. Follow me, left hand, right hand, a slow motion, right hand

Many of us have heard of the word in the womb, just listening to it will feel inexplicable pain … … However, you know that there are still fetal dead bodies in the mother's body for many years. Situation …&helli

Do you know? In addition to the brain into the water, the brain will leak! What is the brain leaking? Let's take a look at the world's top 500 female white-collar workers, 29-year-old Ms. Lin is a product manager of a Fortune 500 company in Shenzhen. Her work intensity and pressure are very high. Due to strong work

Modern Express News (Reporter Sun Xuhui) Recently, the First People's Hospital of Suqian City admitted a patient who was mistakenly taking pesticides. The reporter of the modern express newspaper learned that the patient had been looking for water in the middle of the night. He saw a half bottle of cola on the table. He didn’t want to pick it up, but the Coke bottle was not a drink.

Text / If it is the source: Game time VGtime Zhu Xiaomeng is a health care doctor in kindergarten. However, Xiaomeng insisted that the children should call her a teacher, because she wished the teacher more kindness than the Zhufu. She also said: It is not good for the health care doctor to treat the child as a patient. But 1

In Cambodia, a 6-year-old boy has a 10.16 cm crack on his head. As he grows bigger and bigger, the 40-year-old mother is pregnant for 7 months. The doctor warns that there are some problems with the baby's head. There is a small crack in the head that makes the doctor confused, but the parents still

Hello everyone, here is the game of surprise, I am a little brother. Although the younger brother is humble and timid, I have always dreamed of becoming a hero to save the world! But in this peaceful era, this dream is difficult to achieve, so I pin my hopes on the game. Until that year, I met "after tomorrow"

In the "Life" column of Station B, there is a set of videos with high quality but up to 50,000. The video protagonist is a middle-aged man in a pink shirt and black-rimmed glasses. For ten minutes, this man occupies the center of the screen and dances to introduce a Rolls for $2,980.

On November 10, local time, the Gao Yunxiang case entered the thirteenth day. He took a sunglasses and appeared in a suit and was accompanied by a lawyer to arrive at the court. Source: Australia New Express This week is Chinese movie star Gao Yunxiang and another Chinese man Wang Jing suspected of raping a Chinese woman at the Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney last March.

Ms. Li from Chenzhou, Henan Province, found that in her daughter’s eyes, she had a small piece of paper in her eyes in the second grade of elementary school! The family took her to the hospital several times, and the doctor took out dozens of small pieces of paper from her eyes! These pieces of paper were stuffed into the eyes by male students of the same school. It is reported that two young...

Britain's smallest twins Joe Kitts and Ashley Kitts. (Daily Mail) Overseas Network November 11th, the twins born on April 16, 2019, Joe Keates and Ashley Kitts (Ashley)

In March 2018, the world's first complete buttine transplant after more than five years of preparation, with 11 surgeons from John Hopkins Hospital and 35 medical professionals, took 14 Hours, successfully completed! Nearly 20

Jeffrey Purvez (ABC) overseas network November 11th The US federal prosecutor recently sued a Virginia gynaecologist, accusing him of removing the patient's uterus many times without the patient's consent. The US media said that the doctor can be described as a former doctor, at least eight doctors

In March 2018, the world's first complete buttine transplant after more than five years of preparation, with 11 surgeons from John Hopkins Hospital and 35 medical professionals, took 14 Hours, successfully completed! Nearly 20

Recently, Ms. Zhang (a pseudonym) of Changchun City gave a call to the New Culture News. ZAKER Jilin reporter said that the child in her stomach was gone. She believed that it was the responsibility of Changchun Zhongxi Gastroenterology Hospital. The hospital denied Ms. Zhang’s statement. What is the matter? Ms. Zhang said: do free gynecology

Miley recently moved her vocal cord surgery, and her boyfriend reported her safety. Netease Entertainment reported on November 11 that according to Taiwan media reports, 26-year-old American singer Miley Cyrus was admitted to the hospital for surgery due to inflammation of the tonsils in October. Accidentally discovered that the vocal cords are actually

After being deeply troubled by the turmoil, the Children's Rehabilitation Division of the Zhengdasan Affiliated Hospital, which implemented the sealing therapy, has been closed for all. The official website of the hospital has also deleted all the contents of the previous sealing therapy. Many parents said that they suspected that their child was misdiagnosed in the Children's Rehabilitation...

The human survival mobile game "The second season after tomorrow" under the end of the Netease virus was officially launched on November 7. Today, humanity, return to the city! A year ago, the virus was raging, the city fell, and human beings were forced to stay away from the city. Nowadays, the virus has evolved and the world is full of more serious crises than before. only

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