The temperature is getting lower and lower. It's cold and tired to go home last day. When the baby is resorted to the foot soaking basin! A Chinese wolfberry, a yam, hot gas transpiration really wonderful! Well, give you a new stem: 90 already &hellip &he

Don't be afraid, you'll have the operation when you wake up and wake up. "We'll do the operation well, you can rest assured," "what's going on now." In the early morning of December 19th, a special operation was carried out in the provincial hospital of t

Nine years, the people of Tianjin Wang Huankai mind has been repeatedly playing a terrible cold frame picture -- his wife Zhang Jinhua alone, loss of consciousness, lying in the Beijing Chaoyang District, a beauty salon bed, still unfinished operation fac

3 year old boy accidentally smashed a wardrobe mirror, instantly sharp fragments cut off the child's nose, nasal meat mother pick up dropped went to the hospital to run … … after emergency surgery, broken nose is to pick up the doctor. In De

After big investigative reporter Xiao Haitao reported: the doctor was united with drug sell drugs to earn rebates. After the designated drugstore doctor in Miluo People's Hospital and Miluo Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine has been exposed after b

Queen Elizabeth's hospital recently revealed a scandal. A surgeon was revealed several years ago when he was undergoing a liver transplant for a patient. He signed a label on the liver and was accused of physical injury. According to the Broadcasting Brit

Modern Express News (correspondents Qian Liping reporter Gao Da) 11 year old girl Ling Ling (the pseudonym) looks beautiful, has a long hair. Can I often stomach pain, face is very thin, the family have not been too concerned. Until recently, Lingling beg

The patient's arrears, the doctor pays the bill? Recently, a new method to recover the arrears with the people's Hospital of Ganyu District of Jiangsu city in Lianyungang Province, the heat transfer in the network, the provisions of the hospital: 70% pati

Modern Express News (correspondent Yang Pu reporter Cai Mengying) the little guy is sure to be hungry, I have milk! Eat me! In the morning of December 5th, a newly born boy was abandoned in the bathroom of Nanjing integrated traditional Chinese and Wester

As the saying goes, no sand can be seen in the eyes, but it is very uncomfortable. But a few months ago, a grandmother in Haining (a pseudonym) had not entered a grain of rice in her eyes. I didn't go to see a doctor. After more than 2 months to go to the

Doctor, we see very sacred occupation, heal the sick, the doctors. Looking forward to this profession, not everyone can be engaged in this profession. Recently, Ji'nan police arrested a suspect, he posing as a doctor, actually stem from the Piancaipianse.

Beijing Youth Daily reported on December 4th that online sales were covered by the official seal of the hospital. The seller began to upgrade services and began selling the complete set of laboratory tests and diagnostic certificates. ZAKER, personalized

Remember the shocking thing that happened in Shaanxi in August 31st this year? A pregnant woman in a hospital in Yulin, Shaanxi, called for pain and missed the &hellip after the failure of caesarean birth. &hellip, and the story happened in Kunming, also

According to cover news reported in December 2nd, November 29th, a netizen posted a message at micro-blog, said the Ganyu District People's Hospital of Jiangsu city in Lianyungang Province in recent 15 years in arrears from March to August 17 patients to

The time of sina's US stock's dispatch in the eastern part of the United States at 16:00 on November 28th (Beijing time November 29th 05:00), the Dow rose 255.93 points, or 1.09%, reported 23836.71 points; the S & P 500 index increased 25.62 -- ZAKER, per

On the evening of November 22nd, the 78 year old man, Peng Lao and his wife, visited the The Inn Boutique in Hefei, Anhui, near Yuxi Road, Hefei, Anhui. Peng Lao said that at 1 a.m. on the 23 day, he was bitten by a mouse at the tip of his nose in a sleep

Today, Xiao Bei gave everyone a fresh object. This is not a mini double stick, but a standard pen for students! At first glance, the design is creative, capable of assembling, splitting, writing, and being a toy, but it's a similar pen that almost killed

When you go to school, do you ever get sleepy when you go to class? In fact, this may be a disease. Reporters learned from the first hospital in Changsha, the hospital neurology recently admitted a 17 year old patient, a class sleepy. Doctors found that h

In the regular hospital surgery is rarely andrology hospital packed into the name of the beautification of the patient lying on the operating table surgery package crazy male reporter / week peaks of this article first appeared in the 830th issue of "News

The picture shows Ren Xiaoping's interview with Xinhua in the laboratory. Pictured, located in Harbin Medical University medical centers in the laboratory, Ren Xiaoping students in the experiment. In the interview, Ren Xiaoping's students are doing experi

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