Recently, a university student in Nanjing on the way back to the dorm, wearing a skirt out of the shadows.

Information times (reporter Duan Yaxiong) college entrance examination is being pushed forward, part of Dongguan

In the college entrance examination, Ren Yu Xiao exam 669 points, he said, with their prediction results have a gap, "I intend to report the money or the National People's Congress, partial economic and financial direction." Qi Shao Ch'ung college entranc

Southern Metropolis Daily News June 17th (reporter Xu Peipei) 6 days

Students feel very fear, because they can see the room number. Hope the relevant departments to deal with as soon as possible"

Luoyang Normal University, Henan Institute of political science and public administration with the bedroom entrance examination union 8

On May 11th news, University power, broken network is actually very common phenomenon, but

May 10th news, for the average student, in addition to the daily living expenses,

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