This is not the first time we heard that Apple will launch 5 inches models, in October this year, the Nikkei news broke the news that Apple's 5 inches models will use all the glass body. Positioning high-end iPhone 8 will adopt a new design, with OLED sur

On October 18th news, chip maker Qualcomm released three new China processor today in Hongkong, respectively, 653, Qualcomm Xiaolong Xiaolong Xiaolong 626 and 4

Distance iPhone7/Plus series released more and more recently, according to the present disclosure of information, the dual camera will be an important feature of the Plus version. Small make up a brief summary of a bit, and now the phone used a dual camer

2016, although not the first year of the birth of a double camera, but it is definitely a year of concentrated outbreak. Until mid July, at least 360 of our ultimate, LG

Tencent digital news (Bear) as Apple's partner, Foxconn is now added to the exposure iPhone 7 news team. From the photo, we also see the iPhone 7 Plus using a new antenna design, was moved to the top of the corner, while also pre installed Apple's latest

Samsung GalaxyS7 before it was launched not long, but recently there have been news broke GalaxyS8 is being planned, which in addition to the configuration of Niu Bizhi

Glory in May this year brought a 5.7 inch Large Screen Dual Camera flagship glory V8, but the official then also revealed that there will be a smaller screen phone follow-up will be

Recently, there is news that Samsung's new GalaxyS8 is likely to be equipped with a dual lens and 4K resolution screen, than this year's GalaxyS7 upgrade does not

A message from the South Korean media, Samsung began next month for millet, music and other Chinese manufacturers to provide a dual camera module.

Spread iPhone7 will also adopt dual cameras, so we want to double the camera what is the use?

IPhone7Plus/Pro dual camera or due to technical problems in childbirth, New Oriental implementation of artificial intelligence + education.

The second half of 1 NANDFlash out of stock, and will be very short; 2 Chinese Semiconductor Industry Association vice chairman Zhao Weiguo by election; 3 instead of SO

Friends @ done. On micro-blog exposed a group of iPhone7 series camera module and flash spy photos show, iPhone7

LGG5: real high-end machine emperor LG as the first tier manufacturers will always be come up with some new tricks. Therefore, this also created a unique LG mobile phone

The glory of the V8 is the glory of the brand released in 2016 the first flagship product, it has large 5.7-inch high-definition screen, equipped with Hass Unicorn 950 series processor

The topic of mobile photography we have done countless times, after all, the phone such products homogenization has been very serious, and can get the gimmick and highlights are not left

And iPhone7 related rumors, the current user is the most able to discuss the cancellation of the 3.5mm interface and dual camera design. According to well-known analyst Guo

Then, since the iPhone 6S release, rumors about the iPhone 7 has not stopped, so difficult to distinguish between true and false.

Since the debut of HUAWEI P9, we have on the Internet on its double camera lens has a strong interest in the emergence of a number of technical stickers. Actually, for P9 this one

Dual camera will become the mainstream of smart phones, but more than one thousand machines, on the one hand is the technical difficulties, on the other hand in the cost of the problem, which is a point from when

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