According to UDN (United News Network), Apple plans to release a new high-end gaming computer at WWDC 2020, which may be a MacBook or iMac. This gaming notebook or all-in-one is priced at $ 5,000, and

In the Weibo annual character selection list, e-sports star Jane proudly (game ID: Uzi) surpassed Wang Yibo, Xiao Zhan and other popular stars and ranked first in the list. As of press time, Jane was proud to have received more than 120 million votes, and Wang Yibo, the second leader on the list, had more than 2.12 million votes. In addition to Jane's pride, eSports

Recently, Ke Jie appeared on the "Tucao Conference" again. In the show, he not only vowed that his income is not as good as that of e-sports players, but also ridiculed that Wang Sicong was restricted from spending. The main coffee in this issue is the domestic e-sports anchor PDD. Ke Jie first talked about e-sports: In fact, playing e-sports is also very tiring, making hard money, sitting for...

With the dual gigabit network as the engine, the mobile finals of the Hunan E-Sports Championship Hunan Championship was released on December 15th. The 28 players who symbolized the strongest power of the E-sports Hunan Army were heading towards the 2019 China Mobile in the Golden Hall of Wanda Plaza, Kaifu District, Changsha. E-sports contest Hunan

Recently, May has eaten a love melon that surpasses her younger sister. This melon is quite wonderful! On December 6th, the e-sports god Bacchus revealed in the live broadcast that Yang Chao's ex-boyfriend was the former coach of the WE team, hiro. The reason why he was so impressed with Yang Chao is that Yang Chao often used to play in their base.

If the Blue Whale TMT reporter's crescent moon was not a sudden force on the live broadcast of e-sports, some people have not even realized that this company, which is tightly tied to the second dimension, has now traveled on the road to e-sports So deep. On December 6, Station B announced that it would receive

Since the creation of the Flash Wolves "League of Legends" team in 2013, in these 2,000 days, we have been fighting every game, with the determination to win, with the most difficult and hard will to break through numerous The level began with the LMS winning seven consecutive games. However, facing big

TGA2019 has officially started today, and the major award winners have already settled. Let's see it together! Best Role Playing Game "Elysian Disco" (ZA / UM) Best Strategy Game "Fire Emblem: Wind Flower Snow Moon" Best Fighting Game "Nintendo Super Smash Bros." Best of the Year

International Olympic Summit Two Ways to Explore E-sports Blue Ocean The 2019 WUCG Global Finals and ICC Invitational Tournament, jointly sponsored by the World University Student E-sports League (WUCG) and the League of Legends Global College Champions Cup (ICC), will be held on the 12th.

Yang Beyond Bacchus live broadcast news Bacchus live broadcast news Netease Entertainment reported on December 9 On December 9th, Yang Chaobo posted a post on Weibo: Thank you everyone for your love of Beyond. Sincerely say sorry to Chaoyue sister, we will always accompany you to grow up! Suspected response to previous gaming

The 2019 China Mobile E-sports Competition Guangdong Qualifier officially opened on November 15th. E-sports enthusiasts from all over Guangdong gathered in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shantou, Huizhou and other cities to register and compete for qualifications. A few days ago, the Guangdong qualifiers have all ended, after 17 days of fighting

Click on the △ blue text to follow us and add a star to retain the pie. "We want to make LPL the most professional, influential and commercial value sports event in China, and become a pioneer, pioneer and leader in the e-sports industry. . "At the launch conference of Tengjing Sports in 2019, Tengjing Sports Joint C

Hello everyone, this is Zheng Jing game, I am Zheng Jing boy. Recently, my brother was playing "My Origins". As a large-scale MMORPG mobile game, my brother was unexpectedly hanged by the big brothers. When I was at the 20th level and was riding around a golden pig, the top-ups in the same level were already riding dragon

Image source @ 视 中国 文 | Sports industry ecosystem "We want to make LPL the most professional, influential and commercial value sports event in China, and become a pioneer, pioneer and leader in the e-sports industry." Jin Yibo set up this when Tengjing Sports established the press conference

According to the Beijing News, Barrage Video Website B has acquired the exclusive live streaming rights for the LOL Global Finals in China for three years from S10 to S12 for 800 million yuan. Other companies participating in the auction also have domestic first-line live broadcast platforms such as Kushou, Douyu, and Huya. It is understood that this is domestic

Hello everyone, this is Zheng Jing game, I am Zheng Jing boy. 2019 is a very shocking year for everyone who cares about e-sports. In addition to our major e-sports projects once again winning the world championship, it is also a year of endless female professional players! And these female players standing on the world stage

Jing · I can! On November 29, under the guidance of the Propaganda Department of the CPC Hainan Provincial Party Committee, the Tourism and Cultural Radio, Television and Sports Department of Hainan Province, and the Industry and Information Technology Department of Hainan Province, hosted by Tencent E-sports, co-hosted by Hainan Ecological Software Park, and jointly operated by NEOTV, Chief...

E-sports Shanghai Masters "League of Legends" Masters Invitational: Faker came to the scene to win the championship on November 29, 2019 The second day of the e-sports Shanghai Masters "League of Legends" Masters Invitational at Jing'an Sports Center, Jing'an District, Shanghai- Gymnasium. After

[17173 News reports, please indicate the source for reprint] Recently, South Korean e-sports platform operating company EJN has released statistical data analyzing the ratings data of e-sports events held in South Korea in the third quarter of this year. It is reported that the statistics of the ratings data of this e-sports event cover

2019 League of Legends All-Star Event Overview The 2019 All-Star Party is about to begin. See the full list of participants and the event schedule below. Basic Content December 6-8, Beijing Time | 8 AM Las Vegas HyperX Es

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