Clubs and players who have achieved good results in e-sports can naturally attract more fans. FPX As a non-old club, before the world competition, the number of fans is not too much, but this time it is a world champion, naturally attracting a lot of fans, players will also be affected

Abstract In the industry, it is generally believed that the problems caused by the various brush traffic displayed by Weibo at the current time node expose the dilemma encountered by this old-fashioned social product in trying to break through the bottleneck. It is necessary to tell the outside world new stories. Blue whale TMT reporter New moon has been because

Hello everyone, I am Dr. X. In the just-concluded S9 World Championship, the Chinese team FPX won the championship, and the former king, China's anti-Korean's number one enemy SKT stopped the semi-finals. As the soul of SKT, an old friend and old rival of Chinese players Faker

Image Source @视觉中国文 | The large-scale discussion on Wang Sicong's re-entry into the public view has basically come to an end. The intuitive feeling is that the media really intends to squeeze Wang Sicong out of a drop, the first wave of heat is Weibo zero, the second wave is Lao Lai Shantou, the third wave is group

S10 expects at least six cities to jointly host the S9 Global Finals, followed by the S10 Global Finals. Next year, the World Tournament will be settled in China and Shanghai will be the final venue. After the end of the World Tournament, the rabbit game was also interviewed by the CEO of the fist game Nicolo, the world

Recently, the Shenyang City College opened an elective course for e-sports. Yesterday, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that the school opened the first elective course of e-sports at the School of Journalism and Communication in March 2019, with 160 students. According to Li Gangjie, Dean of School of Journalism and Communication, Shenyang City University

With the continuous deepening of the League of Legends S9, the championship is just around the corner, and e-sports has once again become the focus of the public. Today's e-sports are unprecedentedly popular in the world and have become the official sports certification of the International Olympic Committee. China's e-sports have come all the way, from budding to rising, to

2019 League of Legends Global Finals Semifinal, G2 eliminated SKT at home 3-1 to enter the final. SKT stopped the semi-finals and created the worst S-sport record in the history of the team. In this issue, the Koreans will take you to see the Korean netizens’ competition for SKT and G2.

[17173 News report, please indicate the source] Recently, Wargaming publicly announced the theme song and promotional video of the Twister Cup in the World of Tanks World Championships held in Minsk, Belarus on the 9th of this month. "World of Tanks

In recent years, with the increase of the game audience, video games as a new leisure and entertainment interaction mode, its quality and popularity are also increasing. The fiery music of the game adaptation of "World of Warcraft" and "Detective Pikachu" has also proved the market potential of the game. In this case

Image source @unsplash文|ECO 氪体, author|李想 "I am very good here, um, not tired, nothing hangs. Bye bye." At 10 o'clock in the evening, hang up after a short conversation with the mother. Hao Zhai stared at the illuminated mobile phone screen for a long while, put down the phone, ready to return to training

On July 23 this year, ASUS officially released the ROG game mobile phone 2, regardless of design or configuration are top-level existence, set a new benchmark in the industry, after the sale is also very popular, Jingdong Mall comments close to 40,000, the rate of praise is 90% . ROG game phone

The 8th League of Legends National University League officially opened! League of Legends National College League (LCL) is the hall of all the equestrian dream students eager to watch the event. It has been seven years since the first session, and it has been more than seven years. The colleges and universities even claimed the title of the canyon and walked out of the Letm.

Article source: Aha video love, really is the only reason. Previously, the e-sports party once wrote an article about the basic situation of women's e-sports: Chinese women's e-sports: love and persistence against the trend of business; today, we further bring a story about women's e-sports —& ;m——

Abstract: We are not trying to grab business with Internet cafes, but relying on venues to build our own e-sports ecosystem. Text| WeChat public number (ID:passagegroup), author|Luo Ruiqi at the beginning of October, the main road of the Indiranagar district of Bangalore

As we all know, the most savage pig in the All-League League is PDD. After the professional player retired and successfully transformed into a main broadcast, PDD's personal charm has conquered countless fans. Today he is a recognized brother of fighting fish, and he was recently invited to participate in the variety show. This show is a show of talk show type.

[17173 News report, please indicate the source] Recently, the Hanbok "Lost Ark" opened the e-sports contest. The lost Ark Invitational introduction page introduced the competition to be held on November 9th. This competition will be invited as the official esports game of "The Lost Ark".

WeWork Sign up for the Play By We brand to enter the eSports field, which can rent their office to host game events. Text | Ellie's listing of WeWork last week accepted its $9.5 billion bailout plan for its largest shareholder Softbank Group. Received

Today, the Korean League of Legends professional player Kanavi has made the latest progress. The Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has responded to the Korean Parliament and believes that it has no right to investigate the matter and will formulate relevant protection policies in the future. South Korea's parliament on the 21st ordered the Department of Culture and Sports to...

Hello everyone, here is the game of surprise, I am scared younger brother! What should a professional e-sports player be like? Wind and rain before the game? How many people cheered in the stadium? After the game, wearing a national flag... This is almost the brilliance of e-sports in the eyes of most players! But this year, the e-sports circle turned out to be a legendary "Tekken"

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