2019 is really a disaster-stricken year, but it is clear that it is almost over, and the Korean entertainment industry is back in trouble. A female Doudou fractured her face, hands, and pelvis ... is a member of Wendy in '94, a member of Red Velvet, a female group of SM

In the entertainment industry, there are a lot of artists. Although there are many artists in the entertainment industry, there are very few stars who can really become front-line actors. Often, the stars I see often start with a dragon runner. Started. Only then can I become a big star, but only a few people want to be

The hottest drama now is probably "Qing Yu Nian". I didn't expect that this drama could be so hot. As a big IP adaptation, there must be a lot of original works. If you are an original work, then It can be found that there is one less character in the play, that is, the actor Fan Xian's 妾 室 柳思思. its

Some time ago, Wang Ziwen had to apologize because he was scolded on the small table board on the high-speed rail, and the quality of the celebrity star was raised again. As a result, this wave of discussions has not passed yet, and another nanny came out to reveal that he was doing housework for a female artist named Cao. The artist rarely returned home and mostly filmed outside.

As one of the new Four Little Flowers in the entertainment industry, Zhang Zifeng has also skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. Recently, Zhang Zifeng picked up a new costume drama, and will play a beauty in costume. Netizens immediately couldn't help but be excited, and said that Zhang Zifeng was too modern and his roles were mostly modern.

Whether it is an actress in the entertainment industry or a male star, they all like makeup, and the skin is very good, especially the male star, not only long handsome, but also the skin is so good. So what are their true values? Wu Yifan himself has a high face value and a good figure, and is well liked by fans. Sometimes he also puts

This year, everyone did not eat less melon in the Korean entertainment industry. Regardless of the scandal or good news, many celebrities' names have been hotly searched for many days, causing a lot of attention and discussion. So who are the hottest entertainment celebrities in Korea in 2019? How about it? On November 29, a South Korean website conducted a poll

Speaking of this topic, I believe that everyone is still very interested. Everyone also knows that the entertainment industry is a colorful place. In this one, you can find your own interesting things about stars. In the entertainment industry, there are less than one person. He debuted at the age of 1 and partnered with Jackie Chan in "Baby Project", now 1

It seems that the entertainers of the last century will always leave the audience with a deeper and better impression. They always know how to advance and retreat, and will slowly fade out of the entertainment circle and live the life they want after they have achieved their achievements. Li Yingai is just such a person & amp; hellip; Amei is most impressed with her is that people,

Recently, bad news has spread in the Korean entertainment industry. The 27-year-old Korean male artist Che Inhe was found dead at home. In just 50 days, this is already the third young South Korean artist who died suddenly. I can't help but sigh, what happened to the Korean entertainment industry? Some people even say that the Korean entertainment industry seems to be trapped

CCTV program unveiled suicide spell in Korean entertainment industry Netease Entertainment reported on December 9 On the evening of December 8th, CCTV News Channel ’s in-depth report column “World Weekly” broadcasted a special program on suicide magic in Korea entertainment industry. The show states that in just 50 days, three Korean artists

In July this year, Ren Dahua was stabbed by a man with a mental disorder while participating in a business event in Zhongshan City, and his right hand was severely scratched. However, after Ren Dahua understood the man's situation, he said that he would not pursue the matter. He said: Actually, I don't think anything matters, as long as people

Without warning, without signs, without preparation, Zhang Liang also announced that he had divorced his wife, Kou Jing. In this year-end entertainment circle full of all kinds of negative news, the news of divorce is undoubtedly added to the shadow of darkness. The morning before yesterday, Zhang Liang suddenly tweeted that he didn't want to occupy public information resources, but still had...

The memory of many people who mentioned that Chen Hao stayed at the corner of the "Pink Girl" in 2003, and actresses who raised their hands and acted in style were rarely seen in the entertainment industry in recent years. A few days ago, Chen Hao was photographed with her whole family, only to know that she was already the mother of three children and married to a rich businessman's husband 1

Xia Wei, once a popular female artist in the Taiwan variety show, has worked with Taiwanese entertainment circles such as Zhang Fei and Wang Weizhong, and has been in the variety show of "The Big Brother" in the three places. I can often see the figure of Xia Wei. Xia Wei was able to quickly become popular in Taiwan’s variety show.

New year's day of 12306 train tickets on sale, users of the country ushered in the 99 to eighty-one ticket verification code link. Today, Chinese railway began new year's Day train ticket pre-sale amounting to less than half the results open grab 12306 is

At the beginning of November 2017, a financial company warning: people using the client Liu's identity information to apply for 35 thousand yuan net cash loan in the company, then Liu complained that the loan department of stolen identity information. Acc

[global network reported] according to Japan's "Chiba daily" reported on December 5th, through the Japanese counties of Chiba city of Sichuan Edogawa River recently because of frequent accident of a large number of discarded oyster oyster shell. Locals cl

Author Dong Xin | today is the 5th anniversary implementation of the provisions of the central eight. A sentence is called eight rules to change China, how to change? What has changed? This time, the CPC has given three kinds of answers. The Swiss annual

This article reprinted from the public No. ten Yuanjun micro signal: shiyuan_jun recent's big show, Ming Xi fall, this is the first fall on Weimishi. Xi Mengyao sends micro-blog, countless stars leave a message for support, and many fans cheer, "you're gr

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