Foreign media reporter: kiin won in a million contract battle with Chovy ESPN reporter Fionn updated Twitter and praised the AFS team performance yesterday. Kiin wins $ 1 million contract battle with Chovy, AFS looks great and is happy

Tiger flapping December 18th According to ESPN, Vidal chose to go on strike because he missed the start of the country Derby. It is reported that Barcelona midfielder Vidal has retired from training on Tuesday after learning that he will not appear in the start against Real Madrid! ESPN says: Vidalben

ESPN reporter Jacob published his thoughts on Sneaky's situation and believes that his current situation is his fault. The LCS2020 season roster has been finalized and Sneaky is out of work. But fans responded like C9 did something wrong, or put

SKT has thrown sky-high prices to sign the iG order TheShy, which has been confirmed by ESPN. And ESPN said that the buyout price given by SKT is the highest price in LOL history. The news immediately triggered an explosion of LPL player groups, scaring

SKT officially announced that Kkoma officially left the team. With SKT's announcement of the Dawn lineup for the new season, former DWG coach Jin Jingzheng joined the team as the new supervisor, which also fully confirmed the news of Kkoma's departure. On November 27, the SKT official posted

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