Bandai Namwon Palace released the latest game demo of "Dragon Ball Z: DRAGON BALL Z KAKAROT". This video mainly shows the exploration and battle part of the main character Vegeta. Let's take a look. Dragon Ball Z: Caroline Pack

At the Blizzard Carnival this year, the new commander of the "StarCraft 2" cooperation mission, Aktos Mengsk, is expected to be launched in late November. Your emperor asks you to be loyal to Akturus Mengsk. All well-being citizens need to do their best to defend our empire.

[17173 news report, please indicate the source] Reprinted "Glaft Stone Legend" new game bat war chess Today has fully started the beta test. How do you win this new model on the starting line? The following small series will list the strong rankings of the heroes in the current game for everyone.

The new issue of Famitsu magazine reveals more information about the New Cherry Blossoms, and introduces new characters including the heroine Tiangong Ying parents and the World War Memorial Group. The new role president G (CV: set up Ryotaro) World Trade Union (WLOF) general affairs

Hello everyone, here is the game of surprise, I am a little brother. Although the younger brother is humble and timid, I have always dreamed of becoming a hero to save the world! But in this peaceful era, this dream is difficult to achieve, so I pin my hopes on the game. Until that year, I met "after tomorrow"

Larryan Studio announced that "Dynamics: Original Sin 2" latest DLC gift bag "order and magic" at the same time landing PS4 / Xbox One / Switch / PC / Mac, completely free, will be automatically downloaded to the game. "Order and Magic" will pack

The Ta's "Miracle Rebirth: Dream Knight" has different exciting activities for players to participate every day. The battle rules of these activities are different, so that players can get different activities every day. The Battle of Bakas is one of the most popular events among players, not only because of its generous event awards.

On November 9th, the "Fantasy Westward Journey" mobile game youth festival Hangzhou Station came to a successful conclusion. At the Shangri-La Hotel in Hangzhou, members of the "Fantasy Westward Journey" mobile game development team brought players to the game to update the content. A new round of combat adjustment is about to strike, and the Shenwei Group’s pet limit will also be promoted to

The vast three realms, heroes come out! "Fantasy Westward Journey" computer version of the famous three world new service Sun and Moon Tonghui will be on November 8th, 2019 at noon 12:00 shocked debut. In this server, the various strong players will gather here to participate in the novice contest. Simultaneously

The human survival mobile game "The second season after tomorrow" under the end of the Netease virus was officially launched on November 7. Today, humanity, return to the city! A year ago, the virus was raging, the city fell, and human beings were forced to stay away from the city. Nowadays, the virus has evolved and the world is full of more serious crises than before. only

Intern Xiaojin has not bought paper towels for three months. Every time he eats, he will take out a paper towel printed with people's flow surgery and gently wipe his mouth. No one knows what he experienced. When I passed the Shengjing Hospital, I took the paper towel that the man distributed. This is both an affirmation of his work and a reconciliation with his wallet. but me

"Life and death sniper" limit competition play a comprehensive upgrade, open the black team to eat chicken, about? The new extreme battle (team) mode is on the line, and quickly join the friends to fight side by side, each team supports up to 4 teammates! Update Optimization 1: Join the team play, players can pass the following

Everyone, friends, friends, good evening, "Daily Bus Daily Travel" will summarize the hot game information for the players and friends during your break and off-hours. Let's take a look at the information in today's information circle. Diablo 4 》Barbarian latest test walking arsenal outside the media Game Inf

I believe that many soul teachers have already enjoyed the rich combat power brought by the 羁绊 system and the addition of very high-level attributes. Then there is not much to say today, we will focus on the analysis of the "Douro mainland" system, and if there are still small partners who are not knowing how to get their partners, they should listen carefully.

1v1 is not enough? 3v3 is not addictive? 10v10 will not come? "Gun Soul" cross-service army competition, more exciting, more happy! Quickly join the legion, and the brothers of the legion to fight side by side! Registration time: 10:10 on the 9th of each month 00 to 11 23:

Atlus held a live broadcast of the 5th series of the goddess of the night, and introduced a lot of new information about the unparalleled action game "Goddess 5S". The latest preview and demo live demo Moljana communication (drama introduction) Shibuya rumor new role "Goddess of the smell 5S" story

In today's live event, developer Atlus announced a live demonstration of its new work, "Goddess of the Goddess 5: Ghost Pioneer", showing the Joker and Sophia battle scenes and details to the players. Let's take a look. Your browser does not support this video.

In the live broadcast event, Sega announced a new real-life demonstration of the new series "Ru Long": "Light and Dark Going", showing the players a lot of game scenes, as well as the cinema and karaoke in the game. Let's take a look at two entertainment facilities. Your browser does not support this video broadcast.

Buy or Buy The column is intended for shopping guides, providing game descriptions, game version information, and evaluations of games by some foreign media. The game introduction "Persona5 The Royal" (hereinafter referred to as P5R), is "Goddess of Different Records 5" (referred to as P5)

The basic action teaching kickboxing (1) positive stance (defensive): legs open, parallel, slightly bent knees, shoulders, parallel legislation crosstraining waist droop relaxed, arms bend on the chest, arm perpendicular to the ground, two boxing in the l

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