Where there is a battlefield, there is victory. "Soul of the Gun" cross-service battlefield supports cross-server players to manually duel. The winner is the king and the loser is the pirate. He speaks with victory and defeat, and treats all kinds of dissatisfaction! Click the Start Match button, and the system will automatically match you with players with similar online strength. After the...

Obviously, the new and old players are not at the same time when they contact the dusk series. The launch time of the three works of Aixia, Aishka, Roggie, and Xia Li has a certain span, and the PS3, PSV, the original version and the PLUS version experience There is also a big difference, which has not been said to be a big ticket launched in the past 8 years

Today, when social media is highly developed, being a celebrity blogger is the fastest way to become famous. As long as you have a unique skill, even just a pet in your family, sharing it may attract a large group of fans. Follow, anyway, as long as you can achieve the attention of bloggers, then you have already been on this road

Good evening, all players and friends. The "Game Bus Daily Tour" will summarize the hot game information of the day for players and friends. During your rest and off hours, let us take a look at those things in the information circle today. PSN store will leak again Final Fantasy 7R demo version coming soon? Recently, Play

The Three Kingdoms Kills Thousands of Miles A Guide for Novice Riders. Do you know any changes to the updated rules for riding a thousand miles? Let's take a look at the analysis of the rules for riding a thousand miles in the Three Kingdoms. Basic rules forbidden range: Zuo Ci, Yu Ji, Queen Guo, Xue Zong, Xia Houba, SP He Qi, Yu Ji, Wang Yun, SP Bulu

A few days ago, I saw an interesting question in Zhihu: Does the action in the fighting game have practical value? In the highest praise under this question, the respondent used Standing as an example to link "The King of Fighters" with reality. As a player who has been exposed to European historical swordsmanship from "Glory of Honor" and a family of soldiers

What is the siege and beast system? What is the latest use of the game's latest siege and beast system? Let's take a look at the introduction of the siege and beast system The War Beast System is linked to the New Foreign Envoy, and the conditions for the opening of the New Foreign Envoy are: Clearance of 220-level copy of Dong Zhuo + Research [Western Region

The following is an introduction to the method of obtaining tomorrow's ark gel. Gel is a very important material that can be used to strengthen various props. So how to obtain it? Let's take a look. Tomorrow's Ark gel acquisition method Uses: A high-strength plastic material. Can be used for a variety of strengthening occasions

[17173 News report, please indicate the source for reprint] Recently, NEXON's new mobile game "Counterside" (tentative translation: dual world) has begun pre-registration and released a new promotional video. Through this publicity video, you can see the game ’s

This article brings to you the introduction of the dark lineage Genesis boss boss warfare. Different bosses have their own unique attack methods. To successfully pass the level, we must first understand their characteristics. Let ’s take a look at Dasao ’s style together. Darkblood Genesis Grandmaster boss fight

In the latest update of "Total War: Warhammer 2", we have arrived in the southern continent near the east of the vast ocean. In the ascetic lands surrounding the Yellow Sands, we have joined the Skaven legend assassin, the death master Snich, for the night of the 13th Council. The Lord follows the origin of a mysterious power. At the same time, a sea of ​​fear emerged

With 2019 coming to an end, major media sites have begun year-end summaries. This is not even the famous American news media "Time Weekly" came to make fun, announced their selection of the top 10 games from 2010 to 2019, let's take a look. (The following rankings are not

In "Happy Feelings", in order to win the battle, in addition to good cooperation, hardware is also very important, a high enough combat power is also a necessary condition for victory. The fighting power is mainly character fighting power and pet fighting power. Pets are their best assistants, so you know that in addition to giving your pets a lot of skills

Foreword everyone, I am Tormentors from Deathwing. Since the equipment of the green word can't keep up with this season, I started to change the anger master to try it last month, and found that the effect is good, and I have been playing like this, so I need to be careful to everyone. Of course, I hope to welcome the big brothers to communicate

This article brings you a recommendation from virologists tomorrow. Virologists are a new sub-professional launched in the second season after tomorrow. They have the ability to make serum and use diffusers. So how to add more? Virologists add points after tomorrow 1. Virologists introduce virologists with

As early as when the official website of the League of Legends announced the content of Xana in October, it was mentioned in the article that it was time to add new content after the Nuo hand. This new hero will grow in the fight, and he will Laugh, then fight back violently, releasing stored anger on the enemy's face

Fandom game community ZERO announced the latest real-world demo of its Oriental Project Fandom game "Fantasy Valkyrie" (Fantasy の ヴ ァ ル キ ュ ー レ). The video address "Fantasy Valkyrie" is a 3D flying barrage shooting game where players can play fantasy

[17173 News report, please indicate the source for reprint] On December 4, Hanbok "The Lost Ark" with the opening of the official operation, updated the new professional Holy Knight and Holy Land Payton Video of Paladin introduction.

"Boiled Three Kingdoms" recently launched a new gameplay-the MG system. Players upgrade their medals with merit obtained in various time-limited activities to unlock the MG skills. New skills will bring players stronger PK BUFF! Level five stars to advance to the next medal. The merits can be from some limited time

This article brings you destiny 2 Career choice recommendation, introduction of full-career branches, interested players to take a look. Titan suits are easy to pile up with higher toughness attributes, making you more meaty (but only a few) compared to other professions. Wei An's body makes you look very strong

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