Beijing time On the evening of November 17, 2019, the Austrian women's singles semi-final was held between Guoping teenager Qian Tianyi and the Japanese table tennis player Ito Meicheng. Qian Tianyi played well in this open match, winning the two masters of Liu Shiwen and Honda Hina, and broke into the semi-final, and won the championship in the national table tennis men's singles.

G2 Elimination SKT Advance to the finals of the Finals of the League of Legends Global Finals, LEC's top seed G2 After four games, defeated LCK top seed SKT 3:1 to the final. Next week they will be with LPL top seed F

The S9 Global Finals quarter-finals were officially closed in the early morning of October 28th. The final four teams that entered the semi-finals were predicted by the S9 World Championship theme song Nirvana, namely IG, SKT, G2 and FPX. On the evening after the end of the game, L-ZAKER, personalized recommendation of popular news, local authoritative media information

In March 21st, the Manila masters invitational tournament competition Chinese District budget have been carried out on the fourth day, VG.J and iG Wings were eliminated and the final winner LFY joined forces with two rOtk BurNIng, former teammate also aga

Estuary town of Rudong County of Jiangsu Province, Nantong City, king of primary school, the ordinary village primary school, recently became the focus of attention. In the 2017RoboRAVE Asian Open International Robot Contest, by the 4 King primary school

The first single tiger arena after a fierce competition contest preliminaries, semi-finals, will usher in the final top battle! The final showdown between master as commander, the lineup is of course the audience one of the most concern. It is reported th

2016 "storm hero" Gold Club World Cup is for group phase from November 26th -28, December 1st -12 month 4 days, the 8 teams will be the division of Beijing water cube (National Swimming Center), common for the Storm King title and 30 - ZAKER, personalized

Sponsored by VSPN, the final full title sponsor of the unified ice Black Tea IGL 2016 International Game Alliance, today in Shanghai International Sports Center (formerly Expo Park Africa Pavilion) held. Events for a period of 2 days, respectively, in Nov

With the details to tell you how to make TI6 champion

The beginning of May 1st, PPTV will launch a heavy sports tournament PPTV "dry cargo issue", with 40 days in the championship before the opening, take you back to

(source: Dongming basketball training camp) Qing Dong Pu Shishi Basketball Association was established and the sixth "Dongming Cup" basketball tournament last night, four village, Liantang, Yu Pu Dong pu,

China Billiards Association official website news the evening of August 27, 2016, a woman in Pudong city the world 9 ball Chinese open semifinals in Han Yu and Wang Xiaotong

The day before, Brazil women's football, volleyball, handball, women's water polo four Guozihao team defeat across the board; a day later, Neymar led Brazil team with a hearty

Ramos save the Real Madrid Real Madrid in Europe seems to have been accustomed to the breathtaking way to win, they like a magician, always in the P countdown, in

8 years ago he was a member of Chelsea, now in the Olympic 200 metres final with Boulter racing".

Rio Olympic Games in August 10th to re burn, to look at today's Rio Olympic medal table today's weightlifting arena on the two flag flying over the rio. Tomorrow weightlifting competition

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Beijing time in the morning of August 7th, the Rio Olympic swimming competition, the man 400

The Rio Olympic Games, the men's 10 meter air pistol final finish, Chinese Pang player

Beijing time in the morning of August 7th, the Rio Olympic swimming competition, the man 400

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