Source: Hindustan Times Overseas Network November 17th Recently, 50 students from two public schools in India experienced symptoms of nausea and vomiting after lunch. Students said they found dead lizards in their food. According to the Hindustan Times, local time Saturday (16th), India

Netease Sports reported on November 10th: This season, the Heat will be retired by the team because of making harm to the team's behavior. Recently, Waiters has made news again, but this time his health is in danger. According to the insider's exposure, during the voyage of the hot charter on Friday, Witness took

Yangzi Evening News Network December 27th (reporter Wan Lingyun, a correspondent of Zhen Zhen), on December 27th morning, a defendant who had been prosecuted by the people's Procuratorate of Zhenjiang City deliberately killed a case. The case was heard at

A skinny bear hobbled along for food and to a few hours after it fell to the ground, because of hunger and death, should be beautiful figure is so sad. This polar bear is very young, but has to suffer from slow and painful death. This film conservation te

According to the "Daily Mail" reported on December 4th, a group of the latest heartbreaking photos to show us how to destroy the plastic garbage is harmful to marine biological marine environment, in these shocking pictures, swallowing a plastic bucket, e

According to the daily mail December 2nd, a more than 80 year old man in the United States has spent 30 years building a bunker bunker in the wilderness and accumulating lots of firearms, grenades and food for fear of the end of the world. Lt, a spokesman

In the general understanding of people, the human body in Asia is thin and small, and the people in Europe and America are more plump. However, a netizen in the United States raised questions about it. In the US version of the knowledge about QUORA, there

According to The dodo website, John is a journalist from Namibia, one day, he went to the Republic of Angola because of his work. By chance, he found a malnourished chimpanzee in a private park. At that time, the chimpanzee was tied to a tree and looked m

According to the Singapore gateway network on November 23rd, in the Arctic region of eastern Russia, a large number of tourists far saw a pile of ice on the shore, but when they approached, they were shocked to find that these ice cubes are actually a lar

For the candidates who are going to take part in the GMAT test, the adjustment of the test state can be said to be an important work about the examination results, absolutely can not be ignored. Everyone has different ways and means to adjust their state.

According to earthtouchnews reports, underwater photographer Jeremy Tucker (Jeremy Tucker) recently in the Western Australia area found a dead humpback whale, he used the UAV aerial photography, unexpectedly found the saltwater crocodile and tiger have a

Liaoyang Gongchangling high school girls bamboo and bamboo, height 1 meters 69, weight 108 pounds, but she has a super good appetite. A meal can eat 135 buns, plus a pot of egg soup. Because love and eat quickly become popular network, become well-known g

The 34 year old Paul Watling from the UK, Chester, when he reached the weight of 26 stone (about 330 pounds). With amazing perseverance, Paul gave up smoking and drinking, and followed a healthy diet. Finally, he successfully lost ZAKER, personalized reco

Can fart set fire? Before micro-blog, there was a taste of news spread widely: it is a fart fame, but this is not sensational. There is also a foreign report, in a bowel surgery, due to electric knife operation short circuit produces electrical sparks, so

The fish weighs 300 kg value of 880 thousand yuan, according to British media reports, Genghai fishery company staff have been in the UK the Hebrides near work, recently the staff in their own fishing, accidentally discovered a 300 kg of tuna, worth 100 t

Recently, Yunnan Kunming female white-collar Liu Xiaomei unit organization physical examination, get the physical examination report, her mood is very down! One of the indicators, the value of up to 678, normal can not exceed 50 ah! She's 13 times more th

Hello, boss? I seem to be suffering from an injury! When overwork begins to sweep through the office, are you in good shape? One of you -- Hugh, not wrong, fat can't really blame you! It's strange that you work too hard!! During the holidays, friends meet

According to the British "sun" reported on September 26th, Vancouver, Canada, a 24 year old female students who love junk food, after losing weight, lost 38 kilograms of weight, to restore beautiful figure. (from: international figures) this female studen

Theresa Doyle, a gray haired retired woman, made a big stir at a funeral last week, the sun reported. It turned out that the grandmother had been breaking into strangers for 14 years, making stories, rubbing, eating, drinking, and holding boxes to wrap up

The plan of the day is in the morning, and the breakfast is really good. Not only can not eat, but also can not eat indiscriminately. Otherwise, it can not only make people stupid, but also cause all kinds of diseases and even induce cancer. First, breakf

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