Local time on October 7th morning 9 when naval escort fleet twenty-third Xiangtan ship, Zhoushan ship and Chaohu ship slowly by Port Klang, Malaysia officially started on the 700 million overseas Chinese country friendly visit for 5 days.

"The Cossacks", and a "age of Empires" almost the same old RTS series, produced by Ukraine GSC Game World, in the 2005 issue of the 2 generations have been quietly. In 2016, the "3" back. In - ZAKER, personalized recommendation popular news, local authori

The morning of August 10th, the Navy held a farewell ceremony at a military port in Qingdao, welcomed by the destroyer "Harbin", "Handan" missile frigate, "Dongping Lake" offshore supply ship consisting of twenty-fourth naval escort fleet, in Somalia, the

July 31st is the Russian Navy's Day (the last Sunday in July). When

To meet a single row board drill five match, team defeat in small grams of the opposite case, the two front

Suddenly, the LSPL summer season came to seventh weeks, in order to get red teams going crazy

VS Snake RNG first game not only because of the results on both sides

Kamikaze attack attack attack after the war became the precursor to saturation, carry missiles and even nuclear

Data figure: ignore the Japan Coast Guard ship cruise never to yield an inch of ground troops in the Diaoyu Islands original title: China armed

Local time on June 25th morning, participate in the Pacific rim of Sino US Navy -2016 exercise 7 ships to Hawaii during rough seas fleet movement training organization. (special correspondent Li Tang) HD: "Pacific -2016" in Sino US sports training team or

According to Indonesia's TV Metro reported in June 25th, the liberation army of the South China Sea ship

Local time on May 16, 16 when 30 points, to South Africa, an official goodwill visit to the member of the Central Military Commission, navy commander, Admiral Wu Shengli, made a special trip to is located in the city of Cape Town, simonstown naval base, c

South Sea Fleet offshore training organization of vessel formation under the conditions of actual integrated logistics supply drills, through their raids, small enemy attack and other practical aspects, temper force offshore integrated logistics support c

Third SUP vs G2 group phase match report to today's third games

I think the most edge of the tour in the most extreme position of the output spectrum (harassment), RW injury

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