Doinb became a local player. During this transfer period, many professional players 'live broadcast rooms have become places for eating melon players to find clues, and indeed there are many transfer messages that are transmitted from players' live broadcast rooms, such as FPX. Khan and TES.Karsa. Doin

Doinb live broadcast broke that the FPX new mid-single transfer period has passed a little over half, although some teams are still playing the radon contest, players can still detect personnel changes from clues. Recently, Khan appeared on Doinb's live broadcast, and the indirect official announced the joining of Hanzi. Player

Khan's Doinb live broadcast interactive LOL transfer period is nearing its end. Although many teams in the LPL are still in a state of suffocation, combined with some breaking news on the Internet, the big players in the market have basically been finalized. Currently, Only clubs left

The LPL winter transfer period is coming to an end, and the Demasia Cup, the last major event of the year from December 21st to 29th, will also meet with the summoners friends. At that time, each participating team has basically completed the transfer period operation, and will play in the Demasia Cup with a new lineup.

Version Five Black lineup is highly recommended. In the very fast-paced version of the preseason game, players are adapting to this version with their different game understandings. In addition to single-row and double-row players, many players Play 5V5 on the flexible platoon, match five black or team platoon, feel different travel

Recently, foreign media published "G2 Esports’ GrabbZ: We established our top teams as contenders, and winning will naturally

As we all know, FPX's team culture is the most unique team in the entire LPL league. It can be said that the communication among the team members in the team is all fragrant, and it is also very interesting to be a dad's stalk in accordance with the performance of the game. In the interview, I dare to say that I often ridicule teammates to give views

The LPL Team of the Year is released. The annual LPL awards ceremony is a grand gathering. This awards ceremony is a recognition of outstanding players and a summary of the past year. And each year's awards ceremony will select the three gold-rich awards, that is, the best lineup of the year, the annual MV

The winter turn of LPL is coming to an end. Although LPL Yusanjia has been suffocating, but from the outside world's actual hammer news, in fact, Yusanjia has not been substantially strengthened, while other LPL teams have received Qualitative improvement and just won the S9 World Championship

It ’s been half a month since the FPX champion avatar landed on PBEFPX to win the S9 World Championship. The little friends have enjoyed a lot of benefits because of the little Phoenix winning the championship, especially the white 1 choice 2 skin, although many people have bad luck. Imagine being able to do something like that

ESPN was informed that Khan is about to sign a contract with world champion FPX. After receiving invitations from NA, South Korea, and China, the 23-year-old player decided to join the FPX, which has just won the world championship.

Xiaotian said that Saohua was banned by Liu Qingsong. FPX continued to play Saohua after winning the championship, and the team's yin and yang abilities were significantly improved. Now the players are not satisfied and only attack each other in the interview, and the battlefield is transferred to the live broadcast room and Weibo. Recently, Xiaotian made a fist in the live broadcast room of...

The FPX championship event continues! LOL Mall half price, buy is to earn! To celebrate FPX's victory in the S9 competition, this year's championship celebration is a great gift: FPX Champion Skin Chest and FPX Champion Summoner icon treasure chest, pumping

Hello everyone, I am Dr. X. We are again champions. On November 10th, FPX won the championship in the finals of Paris, 3:0 cleanly defeated G2. This game ended on time and ten minutes away from the double eleven, giving players, fans, and horses

Doinb unexpectedly revealed that the renewal agreement FPX quickly became the top team after the introduction of Doinb and Tian this year. This year, it won the league title and the S championship, which also added more fans to the FPX team. It is reasonable to say that FPX maintains the original

Xiaotian's self-protection consciousness is full. In the S9 Global Finals, FPX defeated G2 with a score of 3-0 and reached the top of the world. After winning the championship, the dynamics of FPX players are also concerned. Recently, some netizens discovered that FPX’s playing wild Tian cleared their own micro

3:0! With this clean score, declare the FPX team from LPL to officially win the 2019 League of Legends Global Finals! Yes, this year's championship trophy is still back after iG won the S championship last year. Arrived at LPL!

FPX Champion Skin Exposure After a dreamy night, everyone is most concerned about the problem of champion skin. The media of all parties understand the ideas of the players. In the post-match interviews, they repeatedly asked the players about the problems and to see which skins the FPX players are going to pick. In ratio

The new version of the five-way Eco-Like World has already ended with the FPX championship. The LPL has returned to the finals trophy and has taken back the LPL. Affected by the tactics of the World FPX, the overall game rhythm has also changed. Let us analyze the 9.22 version

On the evening of November 10th, the 2019 "League of Legends" global finals came to an end at the AccorHotels Stadium in Paris, France. After three innings, the LPL team FPX defeated the LEC team G2 3-0 and won the global championship. First time

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