Want to make funny film attract hits before, must also assess your risk! The day before, a British social media blogger for the film, fantasized about a new theme of a self-made model head, with a plastic bag over his head into the microwave oven, let fri

Samba parenting 2017-11-02 Club Cherrie Ying said the share of light air sharing is caring, and not in the original funny ZAKER, personalized recommendation and hot news, the local authority of the media information

A child with a classmate, I prevailed, and put him down on the ground, then my classmate said, pausing to say, "I want to pull, I say" Baba ", who ran a grandson who", and that is where I, ha ha, no I think.

There is a radio show, the song that day, the host received a phone call from a prison staff, he said: "I have a very good friend, today out of prison, I am particularly pleased for him, for his song to me today,

Women have two advantages, but there is a loophole; men do not have the advantage, but there is a strong point; men often seize the two advantages of women, with their own strengths to make up for loopholes in women, this is called perfect. Why are men sm

According to the "Daily Mail" reported on August 29th, the recent misunderstanding of the funny dislocation as popular outside the net, users have uploaded their collection for many years funny, misplaced photos, there are users that laugh crazy. The phot

You are a scientist, conscientious, and dedicate your whole youth to scientific research. Study on the new in order to be different for you, with no predecessors who have, and well founded, there are pictures and the truth. Congratulations, your research

In November 22nd, actor Shirley SNS released a set of photos, attracted many fans comments.   in the photo, Shirley leans to the front of the camera, the eyes are bright, and the skin is white.

As everyone knows, after Faye Wong unfailingly, concerts will hardly communicate with their audience, not to mention the conference. Six years ago, Faye Wong held a round of the tour conference, only to say

Fellow sailors home (h.163.com) of small partners, but also remember the 1

In June 14th, Guan Xiaotong drying out a set of graduation, and the words: "just graduated, I wish you more and better"

In June 14th, Guan Xiaotong drying out a set of graduation, and the words: "just graduated, I wish you more and better"

Tencent entertainment news recently, Zhang Yuqi with a retro print dress with a playful high horse tail appeared in an event. Gentle and beautiful at the same time also revealed a valiant style, a pair of slender legs ceiling countless eyes, quite a lot o

In May 19th, Zihan Chen and her boyfriend Dai Xiangyu announced licensing. A group of two wacky wedding exposure, sweet interaction of love.

Charlotte Camp Milch (CHARLOTTEKEMPMUHL) is a famous model, is also the son of Sean Lennon John Lennon

On the afternoon of May 1, Deng Chao Po out their taking pictures with the Zheng Kai, Luhan's gym, and with the text: "from bottom to top, practicing in front of their own to practice after perfect themselves to practice of waste their. From bottom to top

Q: if you were Nicholas Tse, would you forgive Cecilia Cheung? A: you're only Nicholas Tse! Question 2: in your pocket only 2 dollars, how to solve the three??? Answer: buy

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