There is a week to celebrate the new year!!! Small partners are not have a holiday? However, Xiao Bian also struggle in the first line of work. Here give everyone a happy new year, wish you a chicken! LPL, LCK - [League] both defeated the whole class war

On the hearthstone legend server explosion, I believe we all know. This may be the history of the game is not much of a major upheaval, continuous maintenance for 50 hours, so that players have speculated that there is no major problem. A variety of data

Hearthstone legend operations team has just released the hearthstone legend server failure players, the following is the full text of the announcement: Dear hearthstone players: Thank you very much for the patience to wait. We last night (Beijing time on

The national strength met in the game, "" with their hearthstone friend love each stage of autumn breeze and nine tail snow in the last weekend has just completed their wedding, they all like new, happy and sweet. In the gap between the wedding, we took t

Welcome to the small stove, here as long as everything about the furnace, as long as you are interested in, we all chat. The arrival of the new year, "the game hearthstone legend" also come in a throng, from gold to the finals for the two days of Sino US

The contest is carried out like a raging fire, the first game in the Chinese team deliver the goods with a 5:3 victory over the opponent, the card group second game players have been announced, let us preview! EStaJasonZOmegaZeroXhope donkey pigeon weak c

Tonight 18:00 Sino US competition begins like a raging fire of card players are released out, we work together to study (Chao): This is the wave of the players card group overview, in brackets is the card with the black technology group. Chakki: Dragon (H

The main contents of the furnace stone director BB and director Ben Brode designer Ayala Q & a summary, designer Dean Ayala live Q & a summary of 1 main contents: - a small part of the novice novice directly from teaching into the ladder, and the majority

Recently, there was something bothering me. I can feel that this is a very important thing for me, but in addition to me, no one seems to be very concerned about this, as if this problem does not exist...... And that's what makes me feel confused and pain

Priest void 0 spell your opponent to draw two cards. Change your hero ability to 2 damage. If you have already used the void shape, it will cause 3 damage. With 3 2/2 spy fee battlecry: found a rival in your library card, your rival ZAKER, personalized re

Hello everyone, this is river. As we all know, hearthstone legend has never been the devil in the history of the card group, even if the return of the environment before the devil blowing a very loud surgery, in the strict sense, but also the devil's zoo

Hearthstone legend who died of a background card of the wing, the Black Dragon King scenes can be really many! Death hearthstone wings in the stage, whether it is me... Is the power of avatar! Lines, or bring the desktop Cleanup tool, even discarding ligh

Seaman home exclusive Zhuangao, author Sumsoar, please do not reprint without authorization. "Hearthstone" garkisen a dragon and a tiger in combat on the line, ladder environment, Qinghai, temporarily occupied the ladder, Prince cup of nations won a mirac

You do it by 3/3/4 as a standard figure, no more than half of 3/4/4 loss fee, then you calculate all creatures lose half fee only, no relationship between the change of biological strength do not know from what time, 3/3/4,4/4/5 is a lot of people defined

Savage strike was 3 fee AOE, sweeping across the court. Blizzard does not want to give Druids quality AOE. But I think this card is cut to completely destroy. This card is the only one with the force of the attack and the Druid card. My aim is to have the

Hearthstone Inn Winter Festival night scene first inning showdown, shooting dwarf Black against fabric fog monk Xu Fu when the first snow fell on Black's big dwarf Xunshan on the nose, he knows he can finally relax for a moment. More snow is falling slowl

A year later, your buddies are in preparing for the final exams? Remember each exam prep time late, the cat felt faint. If the "9 heroes" in the hearthstone legend in the final exam, what would it look like? The priest: Exam most easily -- ZAKER, personal

A version of the generation of God, with the arrival of many of the previous version of the garkisen God now can only eat ash, while the original second orange has become an existing mainstream card. Today to give you a 10 neutral orange inventory Gadgetz

Delicious homemade Octopus game player iron beloved hearthstone box, and recorded his journey to make the box, see from the foreign masterpiece game player to buy their own materials and tools to learn a little bit, take a year and finally completed, let

NetEase produced the legend box has been a lot of rock players to get a lot of attention and love. In order to continuously meet the needs of users as the goal, the furnace of the new Mystery Box card automatic exclusion function, the function has been fo

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