Kickstarter launched in April 28, 2009. One day later, the congregation raised platform began to sponsor the crossword game project first - Eric Berlin, a total of 163 supporters pledged $2265 to the ZAKER, personalized recommendation hot news, local medi

Love to play the exclusive network compiler, reproduced please indicate the source. Science fiction online game "gene plan" a new development blog update, mainly describes the development team how to continue to enrich the game world. This post describes

Team Ninja creative director Tom Lee told usgamer in an interview said: "Ninja Gaiden" is likely to leave a period of time, but it will not be the fans and creators. Team Ninja now new - ZAKER, personalized recommendation popular news, local authoritative

Author: Byron AtkinsonJones most of the time, I created the game because I can sell the game to support themselves, but sometimes the creation of this game is of great significance to me. For December 20, 2016, I do not seem to do - ZAKER, personalized re

Author: David Amador when I started writing this article I was on my way home. It's been a crazy year and I've spent nearly 4 hours writing these things. I am sorry that this article may be a bit incoherent, because it is a collection of some of my ideas.

Lead: once a year and the global creative event started the ultimate game! As usual, the mysterious topic this year will be announced at the scene, and all participants will need to get the title within 48 hours of the team, project, game planning, art dr

Author: Lynn Hensley Jaimie in the spring of 2016, I interviewed a separate retro horror game voice player role. In the past, I hope to be able to own experience of dubbing, independent developers and other dedicated to their love of the working people to

Sponsored by the Shanghai Oriental Pearl new OmniAd Media Incorporation, Shanghai Xuandong exhibition Culture Communication Co. Ltd., Shanghai Games culture media Co. Ltd. the 2016 family game developers conference today in Shanghai conference center. Mic

343 studios announced on the official website of the weekly studio veteran community update, since the Bungie era is the "halo" series of important members of the development team of Josh Holmes will leave the company to join the independent game developm

3A game, refers to those high budget, high investment promotion and media is highly regarded as the goal of the game is the game player who is one of the most talked about topic. However, former "mysterious sea" series of creative director, is now serving

Author: Silvestre Bari in the creation and distribution of the "kill Mario", as well as in I began to create a game before I have a longer period of transition period. I try to create some of the smaller games, and then they were inspired by the game "und

Playing network exclusive Zhuangao, please do not reprint without permission. South Korean game developer JOYCI

Author: Bycer Josh in the past few years the development of the game should be the greatest development

Lead: support thanks to SIEHK, we have the honor and other media.

Intro: "silver soul" and "Saiki Kusunokio" to the reality of the disaster, the two cartoon

July 28, 2016 afternoon, Shanghai Pudong Kerry Hotel on the third floor of V

"First of all, you should be able to see, the game feels more alternative. "This is Yao Yaowan

Lead: if you want to ask me now, what is the most representative of the game industry's trend of culture, then I will

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