From the "king of glory" lit Mobile Games market to the "Jedi" wilderness survival "action" and other online games cause the whole network to eat chicken (game terminology, refers to the victory in 2017), Chinese network game market explosion frequent, in

Now many people have played video games. Now there is a new type of electronic pet game, which is completely different from the past. Although this cat is not a real cat, it is a small game called CryptoKitties, which is based on the ZAKER of the etheric

The 18 year old boy, Xiao Wang, lying on the bed all day, was not watching TV or playing games, and not going out for more than two months. Speaking of his nephew, Xiao Wang, Wang Da brother has a headache. When Xiao Wang was five or six years old, his pa

Beijing Beijing, December 8 Xinhua (reporter Song Yusheng) 15 years later, when the model 95 miniature Forbidden City after the Soviet Union Yijun with their team came to the the Imperial Palace exhibition, he put his feelings for the Imperial Palace due

After repeated ambiguities and final official propaganda, the Tencent was officially launched into the bosom of the phenomenon of "Jedi survival". The chicken is decided to eat, but the chicken is still a question of how to eat. The first is the Battle Ro

Namco Bandai recently announced officially in the Chinese area to carry out IP licensing business. Including "IP" Master cooperation Taiko series, "Tekken" series, "legend" series, "soul of darkness" series, "bee" series, "battle" "cat and mouse" etc.. Co

Today, Hashimoto Shinji of Square Enix revealed new trends in the "Final Fantasy" series. Next year they will return to their first heart and bring new "final fantasies" to players all over the world. Since the sale of Final Fantasy 15, Square Enix has be

"Ren Wang complete edition" or "Ren Wang" PC version has been on sale for 20 days. Although there has been a lot of discussion in announcing the landing of PC, the sales volume of Ren Wang is still good. Steamspy Statistics - ZAKER, personalized recommend

A month ago, the animation "dry thing sister!" Small R "due to the occurrence of third buried in a UI game screen and drag queen theme game" girl fields "highly similar and accused of plagiarism, and in terms of game developers after her now, at the time

SIE Shanghai today announced that the PS4 exclusive game developed by Guerrilla Games, the platinum version of horizon zero, will be officially launched on the mainland in December 5th, priced at 329 yuan. "The horizon zero dawn white gold" ZAKER, persona

SIEH announced today that it will launch the PS4 Multi Packs Series in Hongkong from November 30, 2017, which will include a number of popular PS4 games that have already been sold. The first launch was the two game Dual Pack ZAKER bundle, and personalize

SIEJA today announced that the PS3 exclusive game, the devil spirit, will be closed online in February 28, 2018 2009 at 5 p.m. (Beijing time 4 p.m.). SIEJA has been informed in the notification - ZAKER, personalized recommendation of popular news, local a

Both the engraved version of the game host, or the new host platform is keen to launch retro games, in the game world seems retro is a topic that never stops. If the NES, SNES and game 16 is not classic, that in the UK recently released a game console, be

In November 26th, the 2017 TUPT tour chess championship finals were held in Beijing by the game makers of chess and card game. Li Peng, Deputy Secretary General of the Chinese Chess Association, and Secretary General of the Beijing Network Culture Associa

The glory of tecmo announced today, will increase the mouse support for the Steam version of "Ren Wang full version". The Steam version has been criticized by the players for not supporting the operation of the key mouse since its launch, and now the key

From the fire and colleagues began at the end of August this year, has received great acclaim in the interactive game story "singular life" launched a prequel "strange life:" on the eve of the storm. This biography "strange life" tells the girl Max who ha

Geek dad subscribe number 2017-11-26 share an article. Geek dad stone village children | trial trial Game Programming - ZAKER original intelligent building blocks, personalized recommendation and hot news, local media information authority

Eurogamer foreign media recently interviewed by the "Final Fantasy 14" supervision of Yoshida Naoki, in the interview, the success of the Switch host is not avoid the topic, Yoshida also did not deny the "Final Fantasy 14" -- the possibility of landing Sw

To promote the upcoming mobile phone game "final fantasy world" Meri-Mero, Square Enix in the day before the official broadcast, discloses the game a series of the latest information and conducted combat demonstration. A series of high Palace ZAKER, which

Sina official: micro-blog @ light weapons enthusiasts every day a tactical & firearms knowledge dry cargo 7*24 hours of uninterrupted 20 large tactical weapons testing "escape" firearms tarkov full evaluation (recommended viewing in WIFI) "escape" tar

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