I will write down the immensity of Egypt, because there is no great wonder which country has so many incredible, no country has so many difficult words project. Aristotle, in contrast to the Crusades, the Renaissance, the American Revolution, the French R

Independent developer AREA 35 announced that the strategy war chess game "small alloy" scheduled for November 21, 2017 (tomorrow) will be postponed to December 21st, which will be landing on the PS4/Switch/PC platform. Familiar with chess game -- ZAKER, p

Compile, Tang everyone knows, "the candy legend" is a user selling game very much, but this work is recorded? Recently, in order to celebrate the legend of candy ushered in landing mobile platform 5th anniversary, developers King announced some data. Acco

Today, the Beijing Jiufeng in Unreal Engine 4 to create the domestic stand-alone game "God dance fantasy", released the latest story, this work will focus on the conflict between man and God. According to the official description, the originally peaceful

In the game player groups, the trophy is achievement of Party There are plenty of people who. The obsession with the cup is often due to love for the game, or simply to collect trophies. Now, there is a more practical reason -- the trophy can exchange mon

This week the "Fami" game score released Switch version of "dangerous time lover" to get 33 points, becoming the highest rated games this week, ".Hack//G.U. Last Recode" and "4 star girl style stylist" followed by ZAKER, personalized recommendation hot ne

Who says mosaic doesn't look good? In a world full of possibilities, the world of mosaic is equally beautiful. Player Consue is making a big project in my world, and he announced the current results - the terrain of the super huge "my world.". First look

Squaresoft AI Nicks restaurant (Square Enix Cafe, hereinafter referred to as the SE Square Enix opened the restaurant) is a real restaurant (coffee shop), in which customers can taste the delicacy (some of SE's games in the dish), hall also ZAKER, persona

Hello, I'm the great B god. It's hard to understand that many people have been worried about eating chicken recently. Although I can't eat, but my friend J God known as chicken king, I believe that as long as I ask for help, J God will satisfy my desire t

World of Warcraft will be updated and maintained in October 12th. This update will be on the line, new vacation activities, Pet Battles, and what updates will World of Warcraft have in October 12th? The following Xiaobian will bring you a detailed introdu

Half a month after the number of online hits exceeded 1 million 500 thousand, Jedi survival ushered in another milestone: the game was at its highest, with more than 2 million people online. "Survival of the Jedi", the official pushed in the first time ex

Hello everyone, let me introduce you, this is a serious game, I am a serious younger brother, I do not have a girlfriend. A micro-blog Luhan Hello, introduce to you, this is my girlfriend, Guan Xiaotong Torgovnik Torgovnik, published romance in news sudde

Blizzard in Losangeles's new arena will be officially opened on October 7th local time, the official also recently released a lot of pictures for the overseas game player and fans can be a feast for the eyes. The main stage, the auditorium, the surroundin

Capcom official today officially confirmed in its Facebook, the only Asian version of the "monster hunter world" will get Chinese subtitle updates, other countries such as Japan, the United States version, version and the European version, is not updated

According to well-known game industry analyst (also on twitter famous uncle) Daniel Ahmad revealed, "crash wolf madness Trilogy" global total sales have exceeded 2 million 500 thousand sets. The "crash wolf madness Trilogy" featured a series of top three

This week the "Fami" game score announced, PS4/Xbox One/PC platform game "car 2" plan to get 34 points, last week became the highest rated games, as a real racing game, this will bring real driving experience for the game player. The following are all: ZA

Microsoft and Turn 10 studios announced today that their latest racing game, extreme speed 7, has been completed and has been added to the factory's pressure plate. To celebrate the occasion, the official also announced the demo, Demo will be launched on

Recently, the "dragon of darkness" feel creed producer Matsugawa Mina went to Taiwan to attend a media briefing, the game features, share ideas and making series of future development at the same time, she also revealed that the "dragon" Steam McGregor cr

Not long ago, there was a YouTube in the main broadcast video posted that he played "Assassin's Creed" on the origin of able to run on the Xbox 1080p+60FPS One X, a time caused a lot of discussion in the game player groups, but did not provide any ZAKER p

As of September 4th, "Jedi Battle Royale" survival: 24 consecutive weeks on Steam hot commodity list, and in the peak number of online Steam once beyond the highest popularity game "Dota 2", the number of real-time online today from the list view, with se

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