On sale since 2016 since the "final fantasy world" with its fresh style and Q adorable people gain a lot of fans, and will be the day after tomorrow (November 22nd) on the Steam platform. The latest news is that the game will launch a mobile phone version

Final Fantasy: the "Final Fantasy" series launched so much, SE's attention to the plot makes the characters have a high popularity, impressive. How can manufacturers not have such a huge resource when they have such good resources? So we have the final fa

Nintendo announced today that the mobile game "the animal's Nest: the pocket camp" will be launched globally in November 22, 2017, with iOS and Android as the corresponding platforms. The first landing areas include Japan, the United States, the United Ki

Speech is the most primitive reflection of the industry ecology. In the game of grapes every weekend out of the vineyard of quotations, industry condition, judge characters, the game industry will touch, down to earth on one side of the feedback to the re

In November 19, 2017, the "mysterious sea" series ushered in its ten birthday, a series of video works of the past brought back the adventure memories of the players. Today, SONY and naughty dogs have brought new gifts to us: "the secret sea" theme and av

In the current domestic market Mobile Games NetEase, semi instant turn RPG "Yin and Yang" division, Tencent MOBA "king of glory", the most popular Mobile Games because of different types, different for the two different game player, can earn the money, do

[17173 reports, reprinted please indicate the source] November 18th, in the Korean game exhibition G-STAR2017 scene held "fairyland legend: ZERO" conference. In the game after the end of the link, the reporters on the game related issues, to the fairy - Z

Often stroll bar and BBS friends must pull out independent graphics card to enhance the performance of this sentence is very familiar with, say is that some graphics card performance may be less than CPU core display, that is, many friends Tucao bright ca

VG chat room has log on the FM platform, this program links: NetEase cloud music | litchi | koala (listening with |B) focus | station credits list this week game industry, is undoubtedly the "Star Wars: krypton gold system war front 2" in the game. The sy

SONY interactive entertainment (Shanghai) Limited today announced that Chinese Star program's four games officially confirmed the exhibition will be held in December 9th this year the PlayStation Experience 2017 Exhibition (PSX2017). Four - ZAKER, persona

Recently, EA is in dire straits and the game player condemnation, the reason is today (November 17th) officially launched the "Star Wars Battlefront 2" krypton gold purchase caused dissatisfaction, but on the other side, Blizzard announced the "StarCraft

"Star Wars Battlefront 2" (hereinafter referred to as the "Star Wars Battlefront 2") officially on sale today, enter the game game player found, EA has now removed the micro transaction content in the game, that game player in the game by now not actual m

The pursuit of limit is a kind of instinct and intuition of human beings. Higher, faster, stronger, has an attraction that we can't resist. Tirelessly to strengthen the body, hone the will, training skills, only to shorten the time of a second, and then b

The Jedi "survival" service to open a short test 1 test in the days before the official version, adding a new climbing action. The changes brought by the new action of the big jump out of the window, making the game way climbing and tactical is more abund

LOL, the "king of glory" and other MOBA games are often classified into different grades for the game player, users want to need to qualify through qualifying win promotion from silver to gold Dan, for most game player for platinum has been the bottleneck

You may remember that last year's "watch pioneer" how to roll "mysterious waters 4" became the biggest winner of TGA 2016, for this year's game market, the drama will only be more adequate. November 15th, known as the game of Oscar's The Game Award - ZAKE

In the game circle, a lot of people think that the game is good, only with reaction speed, hand speed and operating proficiency and other factors, but do not know when you play the game has found a lot of pig teammates? Now, the latest research, in additi

From November 6, 2017 to November 12th the Japanese game week sales chart / hardware has been released this week, the top three were: the old occupy second ranked "super Mario Odyssey" summit week sales list, sales of 73 thousand copies; the first "missio

Hello, this is a serious game. I'm a real brother. As one of the most popular annual game -- "survival" has many Jedi star game player, Lin update is one of them, often make a joke in the game recently to Lin update a Jedi marathon, 77 game player Kuangzh

A comment on "following the award after the legend of Zelda wilderness breath", "super Mario Odyssey" has become this year UCG gold eye second models out of the game. For these two models out of God who love you more? Give your opinion and reason, and we

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