In Mobile Games today officially announced that the official VR+ connection and provide interactive entertainment brand and theme park solutions reached OMAS global investment and business cooperation agreement, OMAS Global's VR+ is Asia's largest and the

"Star Wars Battlefront 2" has recently come to the forefront because of the high cost of unlocking heroes, and EA's response to this problem has not been accepted by players, and their replies have even become the most heavily ignored messages in Reddit h

Hello, this is a serious game. I'm a real brother. The game seems to have numerous stems, such as "2" and the horse bounced every year is expected for the year sale of the stem, "radiation 4" wife killed son missing husband addicted to picking up trash an

DLC is a common thing for current games, but the vampire game seems to have nothing to do with DLC since the beginning of the game. ZAKER, a semi open world action RPG game developed by developer Dontnod of the bizarre life, is released, featuring persona

Bloomberg quoted informed sources said, Razer backed by Intel and Hongkong's richest man Li Jiacheng game equipment manufacturers will Hongkong initial public offering (IPO) issue price of HK $3.88, issued a total of 1 billion 60 million ordinary shares i

Take-Two a few days ago announced last quarter earnings report shows that Take-Two's "GTA5" and "NBA 2K18" and several games have achieved good results, and repeated consumption in this game player a few games on the recurrent (con, ZAKER, personalized re

This week's "Fami" announced the game score, score in work, "VA-11 HALL-A" to get 34 points, this week to become the highest rated games, "the ark: survival evolution" landed in Japan, won the 32 points score. Here are the details of each game - ZAKER, pe

Last night (November 7th), the audit committee of the Commission announced the thirty-fifth and thirty-sixth meeting of the audit results created a record: when the sky will be 6 IPO companies, 5 were not, only one successful meeting. According to "Shangh

In order to let people feel the immersion of the real sense, VR vendors can be racking their brains, in order to meet the players' eyes and ears, a variety of meet the sense of the exotic equipment has come on stage. Today, the park geeks and everyone tog

In recent years, the era of MOBA games is hot, FPS games seem a little lonely. However, with the chicken hot everything changed, eat chicken also became the focus of most attention recently in the industry, the industry also have to guess who will be in t

Now, more and more manufacturers to buy into the market, making the competition in this field to the white hot stage. According to the hot cloud data show that as of 2017 June, on the market to buy the game number has reached 2946. Compared to the 1596 pa

In November 3rd, BiliBili formally exposed the 3D mobile hand tour "Taoyuan township" jointly developed with Japan Rejet Co., Ltd., the official website was synchronized online, and the game booking was opened simultaneously. "Taoyuan township" tells a st

Survival of the Jedi is undoubtedly one of the hottest games of the moment, and the astonishing data of 2 million 500 thousand Steam players online has left the original record holder "DOTA2" far behind. At the same time, the game plug-in is also rampant,

It's your misfortune to bet on me. My father, my brother, you and I, sitting, eating and watching TV, DVD, handle, game machine, this is the 00 year that time often appear in my sight. At that time people prefer watching movies like gambling, such as the

Hello, here is a serious game, my younger brother is a serious Jedi survive hot let domestic manufacturers see a big cake game market, after all, with the strong and unique game play, is to attract users the best magic game player. In turn, it can attract

Koei Tecmo announced the "Dynasty Warriors 8" latest information hiding (implied terms division). On the big map, there will be many empty houses for the players to buy, after paying a certain fee, you can buy. 30000 gold is sold to you, oh, these Tibetan

In the following "homecoming" landing PS4 beauty shops, Coconut Island officially announced today the domestic horror masterpiece will also visit the Switch platform. "Homecoming" at Steam in January 2017, the game is about to meet by chance in the Greenw

From October 23, 2017 to October 29th, Japan's game / hardware week sales list has been announced, and many new works this week, occupying the top five of the list. Switch's new super Mario Odyssey topped the list with 460 thousand sales, and Nintendo off

[17173 reports, reprinted please note the source] October 31st, "wonderland legend" developer Gravity Korea held a press conference, released the new works will be launched in 2018. There are four new public works, which are "ZAKER", "Zero", personalized

At the end of the PlayStation conference in Paris game week yesterday, the new trailer of "the last survivor second act" (hereinafter referred to as TLOU2) was unveiled. But to tell you the truth, before the end of the film infected people, you dare not s

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