After nearly 6 months of fierce competition, at the end of the year, the WESG 2019-2020 Greater China Finals, which brings together top e-sports players from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, will be announced at the Suzhou High-tech Zone Cultural Center on December 11-14 Held as WE

ESPN reporter Jacob published his thoughts on Sneaky's situation and believes that his current situation is his fault. The LCS2020 season roster has been finalized and Sneaky is out of work. But fans responded like C9 did something wrong, or put

Known as the Oscar of the gaming industry, the TGA held its 2019 awards ceremony at 10 am today, revealing the final winners of the major awards. Unfortunately, despite being on the shortlist for the annual esports game, Overwatch didn't make it to the fourth consecutive spot

The Game Awards (TGA) awards ceremony, which is known as the "Oscar" in the gaming industry, officially announced a series of award results in the morning of December 13th. Everyone's most concerned about the best game of the year, was awarded to "The Wolf: Shadows Twice". This is also producer Miyazaki

Hello everyone: Today, we want to share a very happy news with you. The eStar eSports Club has successfully won a seat bid in the League of Legends Professional League (LPL for short), and won the League of Legends League seats.

Recently, PUBG (Jedi Survival) announced the 2020 event plan, of which the PUBG Global Series (hereinafter referred to as PGS) is the highlight. It is reported that PUBG events will be reorganized and expand the e-sports ecosystem in 2020, and the launch of PGS draws on the

UZI ranked third on Weibo Night Voting List! The annual character vote of Weibo Night has always been the main battlefield of various star fans. For many e-sports players, they did not even know such a vote before. But after this year ’s Weibo Night opened, a large number of e-sports players were cast.

On December 7, local time, the International Olympic Committee issued the "Declaration of the Eighth Olympic Summit", saying that the summit agreed to adopt two speed cooperation methods for e-sports and games. For video games that simulate traditional sports, the summit believes that they have great potential for cooperation with traditional sports.

Recently, Sina Games conducted an exclusive interview with the former IG captain PDD. In the exclusive interview, PDD expressed his views on some changes in LPL in recent years. Let ’s take a look at what they all say ~ Q: This All-Star Meet the old teammates and opponents again on the field.

The newly promoted e-sports goddess in four languages ​​thank the fans for the majority of male players in the League of Legends competition. In the highest level of the league, almost no female players exist. Although a team of girls appeared in the summer game just past, the off-court rhythm continued to treat the league as a child's play. And just now

SNK Fighting World Championship (SNK WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP) is coming to China! The China Games will be held in conjunction with the game show WePlay on the second floor of the Putuo District International Purchasing Center in Shanghai. The competition will last for two days. The King of Fighters 14 project

In the past few years, the e-sports market has been extremely hot, which has indirectly brought the e-sports equipment to the fore. When you choose an e-sports equipment, you mainly focus on two points, one is configuration and the other is the screen. This is a common choice for game fans to choose a high configuration, and it seems that the screen has not always been unified. From real use

From hero League to King glory, to today's hot Jedi survival, the advent of a series of exploding Games has made the development of E-sports into the fast lane. Data show that in 2015 the scale of the domestic gaming market is 37 billion 460 million yuan,

From hero League to King glory, to today's hot Jedi survival, the advent of a series of exploding Games has made the development of E-sports into the fast lane. Data show that in 2015 the scale of the domestic gaming market is 37 billion 460 million yuan,

Yesterday, the official website of the Ministry of Education issued a message. The national language resource monitoring and Research Center issued ten major Internet terms in 2017. Ten network terminology in this release is as follows: call, a chat, your

On December 17th news IT home gaming topic, can be said to be a normal. Accept and love the people, willing to gaming as a sport, and has also launched a gaming professional colleges; on the other hand, because the gaming also involves the game, opium arg

In the eyes of different people, Lan Xiang has different meanings. I am in your opinion, the pan entertainment symbol Lan Xiang might just be a ghost, and a brainwashed animal advertising vice president pies has advised people to learn excavator Tang Guoq

Recently, a meter goods shelves of a lighting very cool gaming mouse fiery soul panoramic light effect professional gaming mouse, the price of 499 yuan. As can be seen from the name, in addition to the main gaming, or with a panoramic view of the optical

Tencent digital news (Du Jie) is located in the vicinity of Shanghai Nanjing road dahuchun the Bund area is a famous fried shop, in the public comment snacks in Huangpu District ranked the second, only 22 yuan per capita consumption of this store, did not

Yesterday, there was a controversy in the final of the ZCUP MASTERS Zotac cup StarCraft remanufactured Championship held in Losangeles. The final of the tournament was played by Chinese rohin, Larva. But Larva, the South Korean player, has been playing a

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