A few days ago, I saw an interesting question in Zhihu: Does the action in the fighting game have practical value? In the highest praise under this question, the respondent used Standing as an example to link "The King of Fighters" with reality. As a player who has been exposed to European historical swordsmanship from "Glory of Honor" and a family of soldiers

The first domestic Gundam 3D action mobile game Gundam Battle Showdown will soon be linked with the Bandai METAL ROBOT soul (hereinafter referred to as MR soul) series model. During the second anniversary celebration event of Gundam Battle Show, Liu Bei Gunda (REAL TYPE V

Hanbok's four new routines recommend that you often only need to change the point of a small rune or a new equipment to greatly improve a hero's win rate. Today we will introduce the optimized high win rate hero of 9.24. Proximity rate ice is the version T1 ADC.

Hello everyone, here is the glory weekly update, which is updated every Sunday. I am your youngster. In a blink of an eye, Christmas, which is annoying to countless single dogs, is coming. I wonder if you have already found the object to accompany you for Christmas. Although the younger brother was not found, I am not worried. After all, there is a glorious event for the king waiting.

The head of the fist game Poland office distribution shared some data at the Polish All-Star Game. He said that League of Legends is currently the most popular game in Poland. League of Legends accounts for 50% of all PC games. Polish fans are eagerly waiting for LEC to consider bringing the final back to Cato, Poland

God of War comes to life, rebirth. The large-scale romantic martial arts online game "Shumen" released by Green Shore Network will open a new region on December 20th-the first service of the glory three districts [羽 落 苍穹]! At present, the new service reservation event has started, with nostalgic gameplay, return to the classic rivers and lakes, players who want to be the first to...

The battle between mobile phone manufacturers has never stopped under the fierce competition pressure in the domestic market. Recently, Xiaomi and Honor quarreled because of the power of the built-in speaker of the smart screen. Xiaomi believes that the 6x10W speaker built into the Honor Smart Screen Pro has

The following is an introduction to the treasure hunting tour of King Glory and Adventure. The mobile game of King Glory has a brand new gameplay. This is a treasure hunting tour called Qiyu Gutter. How does this mode play? Look at it. How to play the treasure hunt of the King's glory adventure Dear Summoner: Huan

[17173 News reports, please indicate the source for reprint] Contributors: Hanama Tanchi talks about playing games, which is estimated to be the only way of life after the 90s, especially those in the early 90s, which has witnessed the history of Chinese games , From the original spiritual opium to the ninth art now, it can be described as a bump.

Created by the original team of Giant Network, the "Green Journey" mobile game shows us a world of bloody wars with still feelings. In this world of ten nations hegemony, every player fights on the battlefield for the supreme glory, showing the passion and blood! However, on the battlefield of 10,000 people,

In the mobile phone industry in 2019, the overall market tone is still declining. Affected by the economic downturn and the prolongation of consumer replacement cycles, the domestic mobile phone market shipped 323 million units in the first ten months of this year, down 5.8% year-on-year. However, this trend will be improved in Q4.

Hanbok's unpopular high-scoring hero inventory has been greatly changed in the preseason version, and many unpopular heroes' winning percentage has gradually increased. Maybe they will become the mainstream in the next version. Shadow of WarHerekham was once very popular in the ordering position, but was subsequently weakened and disappeared from the road, but

This article brings you the introduction of the glory of the king, Shangguan Wan'er's flying tricks. How can Waner's flying tricks be combined? Let's take a look. King of Glory Shangguan Waner Solitary Flying Flying Stroke Teaching the first stroke: 2133333 Applicable scene: Close up in place. The second trick: 2333333 Applicable scene: remote

Hello everyone, here is the glory weekly update, which is updated every Sunday. I am your youngster. The first week of December has left quietly like this. I don't know if you have any gains this week, such as training a hero, being familiar with a series of tricks, etc. You must work hard to get the points. Not much to say, let's take a look

Legends and freshmen, blood and pinnacles! The first LPL All-Star Weekend and Annual Awards of the League of Legends will be held this weekend. All-star weekend, exciting and waiting for you! Official Doudou Live Broadcasting Room: https: //www.douyu.c

The top five wins of the version are recommended. The tanks have been on the road for a long time since the rune of the conqueror came out, but the new version of the conqueror has cancelled the real damage. The current version can see that the tanks have returned. The winning percentages of all five tanks have exceeded 50%. Mountain Hidden Flame Skill

Sina Technology The spray 5G terminal circuit is fiercely fighting, but Huawei Glory has fallen behind: After the domestic mainstream manufacturers have released more than 10 5G mobile phones, the first 5G belonging to Glory is too late. Yu Chengdong had publicly expected: Glory could be the top two in China and the top four in the world. It seems that in the group

The annual expansion of "Datang Wushuang" and the web-based hundred powerful gods Zhibai, the novel of the same name, "The Trend of the World", was launched on November 29th. The novel will be based on the background of the game story. Players will have the opportunity to become the protagonist of the novel while promoting the development of the server. This

A major event has recently occurred in Master Yipin! This matter involves a wide range, I believe many officials have heard and even experienced it personally, yes! It is the update of version 2.4 of "Yipinguan Master" we carried out yesterday! This update not only brings new gameplay to adults, but also proposes for adults

November 27th news (text / digital control), before the vice president of glory business department (product) Xiong Junmin forwarded a well-known digital blogger attacking Weibo equipped with Xiaomi CC9 Pro with 100 million pixels, said: Mobile phone circulating a word pixel this year Not the higher the better, the lens

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