Take a look at the aerospace research achievements named after ancient myths and feel the romance that is exclusive to us Chinese. On December 23, the first solar exoplanet discovered by Chinese astronomers and its parent star received mythical names: Wang Shu and Ping He, meaning the Moon Woman

I sincerely hope that SE will play its true role and launch a remake. Not long ago, SE released a special commemorative video. The protagonist of this video is the classic game-"Sideways Goddess". The first work in this series went on sale on December 22, 1999, and this year is exactly 20

When it comes to inventions, people often think of all kinds of tall things. Even small things should be useful. However, in recent years, some useless inventions have become more popular. In Japan across the ocean, the island girl Fujiwara Mari dish became popular on the Internet due to useless inventions. Recently, Fujiwara Mari dish

The following introduces the new ssr Chang'e attribute skills of the goddess Qiyuan. Lunar and Chang'e two ssr are the two new ssr recently launched by the goddess of origin. Qiyuan Goddess' new SSR Chang'e skill attributes are explained in detail

The German Cup female commentary and black history are revealed. The 2019 League of Legends De Marcia Cup officially started last week. After two days of battle, a total of eight teams entered the knockout round. The German Cup is also the first official event after the World Cup, and spectators who have not watched the game for a long time can also enjoy it.

Niang Pao, the three girlfriends gang gang insider said last time that the male star originally wanted to hype his depression, deliberately amplify his illness, but afraid of being scolded and did not do so. The male star has always been more self-loving. He has been mixed in circles by his family background in recent years, and has been scolded by netizens. He is indeed

[Global Times Special Correspondent in Japan Xu Dairu Lin Na] At the end of each year, when you see long queues on the streets or stations in Japan, there is no doubt that people who are eager to transfer at the end of the year are buying lottery tickets. Friends often start with a chat if you bought a lottery ticket

The end of the year is coming, one after another on the red carpet. Who can be the most outstanding star on the red carpet? On December 18th, the 8th Sohu Fashion Festival with the theme of paying tribute to stars was held in Beijing. Fan Bingbing, Zheng Shuang, Zhao Yazhi, Zhu Yin and other big players, Song Zuer, Chen Feiyu and other young actors

Text | Wu Junyu In the 1970s, a song called "Go West" was popular in the United States. Go West Go West Go West Go WestGo West Go West Go West Go W

Recently, Zhong Liti and her husband Zhang Lunshuo appeared in a public welfare event in Beijing, and goddesses such as Zhou Haimei and Liu Yan came to help out, forming an unusually beautiful landscape. Zhong Liti, now 49 years old, still walks the cool route without fear of the severe cold.

The following is a list of the rewards of Qiyuan Goddess Mystery Trial. Some players do n’t know how to play Qiyuan Goddess Mystery Trial. Let ’s take a look. Kaiyuan Goddess Mystery Trial Activity Gameplay Strategy Opening Conditions As long as the team level reaches level 23, you can start the Mystery Trial

Let ’s take a look at Qiyuan Goddess novice heroes. What role does Qiyuan Goddess novice use? What cards are the best value for newbies? Let ’s take a look. Kaiyuan goddess novice character recommendation 1. Poseidon is a strong tank, can be used in the early and late stages, can ridicule the enemy, but also purify

This article brings you the game of Genting 4 Swords 3 Spikes 2 The introduction of the Iron Mystery lineup, players who need it can learn about it. Game of Genting 4 Swordsman 3 Assassin 3 Yunxiao 2 Steel 2 Desert 2 Mystery Lineup

[Text / Observer Network Ruan Jiaqi] In the opening film of Columbia Pictures, there is a torch goddess who is no stranger to movie fans. She always wears a white skirt and a shawl and stands in the center of the stage with a torch, like a Greek goddess beautiful. But Tokyo Anime Japan opened on the 22nd

If you say that the dog has nothing to do at the end, then the goddess of the captivity should have everything. This is the sentiment that I got from the bottom of the fish. As the song sings, there is always no fear of being favored, and the goddesses never bogey of selling the hype. The original price of 650 Razer headphones is now 400, 40% off

Xinhua News Agency, Egyptian Cultural Relics Minister Khalid Anani announced on the 23rd in the Saqqara area about 30 kilometers south of the capital Cairo, where the archaeological team discovered dozens of animal mummies including statues and statues. Several, about 2,700 years old. Egypt's highest text

Recently, a Japanese man sang Tian Shi began to have a dramatic life, which attracted many netizens' attention on social media. Singer Shisuke was first laid off by the company, and fell to the bottom of the valley. He did not expect that he would buy a lottery ticket soon, and he was lucky enough to win the prize of 600 million yen. After only 3 years, he almost

The questioning session has come again. Let's take a look at the photos of the following beautiful women. The question is: What do they have in common? Guess, you can also turn back the photo and see, is there an answer? They all interacted with the same man! This looks … is not ugly, but not a handsome guy. Often holding a gift

Today, the familiar Columbia "Torch Lady" is on Weibo. The reason is that in the torch goddess video shown by Sony Pictures at the Tokyo Comic Con, the original dignified and elegant she played in the face of zombies. A handsome set of torches, the violent two cannon fodder. Logo

Egyptian Cultural Relics Minister Khalid Anani announced on the 23rd in the Segara area about 30 kilometers south of the capital Cairo. The archaeological team discovered dozens of animal mummies including statues and statues. It has a history of about 2,700 years. Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities

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