Nintendo Joy-Con is designed for the new host Switch and create the handle, many people thought that this handle can only be used with this new host. Recently, Nintendo Actu broke the news, this handle can not only be used on the new host, the same can be

Data figure: thad system [news] Reference News Network March 8th reported recently on the Internet on China Lotte will talk Chinese boycott rumors thad, South Korea Lotte Group 6, said in a statement, the news is, out of thin air fabricated facts, contrar

Tomorrow is the "double 11" night of the battle, I believe that many people are eager for a fight, a treasure of a Dundian east. But AppSo (micro signal appsolu

Minor entry is prohibited! Minor entry is prohibited! Minor entry is prohibited! Important things are to be repeated for 3 times

In August 1st, the new Internet officially announced, the new Internet's new handle system

About Nintendo's next generation host, finally some picture. Authoritative game from Europe

Not long ago, we had a report, SONY officially announced the support of its VR device Pla

With the approaching of the VR PS offering, SONY recently announced a part of the PS

Mobile phone game industry since joining Nintendo became a "demon whirling, only treasure can dream

Many players know that in some games, the use of the handle to get the experience of the key

Often the appearance of the Microsoft Xbox department head Phil Spence

Intro: on June 26th, in the Youtube channel on an author

If only the traditional layout of the game handle, the standard should be One controller Xbox

Even if the future of E3, SONY has confirmed the enhanced version of Neo PS4 master

Although not published in the current E3 conference, but SONY executives have been before

For competitors in the VR market, the valve agency Valve has always looked special

One S Xbox version of the One Xbox handle will support the straight

Valve announced that more than 500 thousand units have been sold Steam handle

The United States has a variety show called "Off Face", a special effects makeup contest program

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