Today (7) morning, good news came at last. The Ministry of environmental protection has been to the city and the surrounding areas of Beijing Tianjin Hebei issued "on please do bulk coal comprehensive management to ensure that the masses of warm winter wo

Seoul, South Korea over the past few days, the haze caused some people worried about the country, some people point to china. Yonhap said on the 5, known as the South Korean environmentalism pioneer green Korea Fund chairman Cui law and lawyer Ann Geng su

Jin Dong entertainment NetEase reported on March 21st the evening of March 20th, veteran Jin Dong lamented by micro-blog weather, wrote: two ears do not hear out of the window, but the spring equinox Mancheng haze! And drying out the window as the weather

This Sunday (15 days), Eastern China will usher in a wide range of 3 days of haze weather, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Henan, Shandong and other 10 provinces will appear moderate to severe haze, will have a greater impact on the spring festival. Central Mete

The haze swept across the north, under the dome, gestos cluster. Some people choose to remain silent, some people worry to where. For this problem, Ma Yun, Wang Jianlin, Pan Shiyi, Dong Mingzhu have to stand. 'we have no choice,' Mr. Ma Yun said. 'it's re

The stars with the rotation, the delivery of Zhao, in the blink of an eye has entered the end of 2016. That year, astronomical phenomena of many wonderful turns into our eyes: the Perseids in August to attract many photographers around the globe chase, 70

Recently, an article published articles prescription anti haze spread widely in the network. Xiao Yanling introduction, long-term exposure to fog and haze days, tracheal mucosa will be stimulated, cough and other symptoms, take this medicine can alleviate

Dear friends, don't stop this movie China Lai to score watercress body, in fact, the murderer may (can) is the haze! As for the current haze is more serious, orange Jun will not repeat, tired. Orange Jun first posted a netizen yesterday issued remarks: in

Beijing protracted haze let the star artist could not help but be always on tenterhooks, complain a few words. Huang Lei returned to Beijing in the blue sky and white clouds, and the results did not expect the plane that is such a picture, the sky overcas

"New year haze" three orange signal warning continues, from the sensory point of view, yesterday more overcast, but the pollutant concentration lower than the day before yesterday. The morning of January 1, 2017 to the morning, the lower atmosphere humidi

Fierce! Through a haze of high iron, is this haze days] scrub brush, I have to go home and take a shower, the shuttle in the haze in the high iron? @ People's railway network to tell you that Wuli high iron will wash! Professional bath water, bath towel,

In January 3rd, the Beijing University of Chemical Technology Laboratory of polymer nano composites by Professor Liu Yong desktop scanning electron microscope to observe the short-term after the use of nasal mask anti haze haze particles collected on the

According to voice of China reported that in January 4, 2016, Shandong, Ji'nan, Ji'nan airport and surrounding areas of fog continued to increase, the current airport does not have landing conditions. In this prompted the majority of passengers, before tr

Ministry of water resources retired cadres, senior engineer Li Chongxing said, burning natural gas will produce a large number of water vapor, the mixture of water and air pollutants will produce haze. Li Chongxing said that the high utilization of natura

December 21, 2016, a citizen in the fog and haze of the Taoranting Park park to play Tai chi. Xinhua News Agency issued the original title: engineer said natural gas heating intensified China North haze experts do not agree with the reference news network

Original title: haze lasted for many days now dissipated once covered nearly 1/5 of land in new network Beijing on 22 December, the latest forecast shows that this morning, affected by cold air, and more Chinese continue to grip the haze from the north to

Original title: haze lasted for many days now dissipated once covered nearly 1/5 of land in new network Beijing on 22 December, the latest forecast shows that this morning, affected by cold air, and more Chinese continue to grip the haze from the north to

Android China December 21st news, recently the northern region of the haze weather is a lot of people believe that, with the increase of anti haze haze, how to become more and more hot issues of concern. Yesterday, micro-blog has a millet air purifier wit

Handan Yongnian Yong Yang iron and steel factory iron furnace poured into the iron when the brown smoke. Du Liu Gucun villagers Han Jingcai Riza in vegetable dishes, only more than and 100 meters away from iron smelting furnace. His hands were covered wit

Chinese governance haze long way, maybe we can from the above management experience in these countries see only a small part, remarkable. In the process of governance, resistance is inevitable, the key depends on how big our determination. December 15, 20

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